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Wix Vs Mobil 1 Oil Filter

Wix Vs Mobil 1 Oil Filter: Similarities & Differences

The presence of an oil filter will help the lubricating oils move throughout the vehicle’s engine to become much more stable, thereby maintaining comprehensive lubrication performance. By removing these types of dirt, this part also helps to increase the life of the details in the vehicle and limit unfortunate damage. 

When it comes to the best quality oil filter models that we can choose today, it will be products from two brands, Wix vs Mobil 1 Oil Filter. Because both of these oil filter lines have the same features and advantages, in today’s article, we will help you find out which is the most suitable product.

What Is Mobil1?

Mobil 1 or Mobil is the common name of lubricant products such as engine oils, lubricants, and oil filters originating from the Mobil brand of the corporation of the same name.

In the field of manufacturing greases, lubricants and additives, and lubrication equipment, Mobil 1 is certainly not an unfamiliar name. With more than 100 years, this brand has created a lot of reputation through the perfect combination of modern technologies with long-term manufacturing experience. 

Since then, Mobil 1 branded products have always enjoyed impressive performance and gained the trust and confidence of generations of customers.

Features of Mobil1

The most impressive feature of the oil filter products from the Mobil 1 brand is the remarkable durability that makes the device able to operate stably even in harsh conditions. It is all thanks to modern materials and modern manufacturing technology that new products achieve long-term performance.

It’s also a significant omission if we don’t mention the synthetic blend filter that keeps the oil cleaner and holds more dirt than conventional eco-filters. That’s why these products often achieve impressive filtration efficiency of up to 99.6% of harmful agents at the 25-micron size. More specifically, this product also has an O-ring to minimize dirt leakage.

What is Wix?

Compared to other leading brands in oil filter manufacturing, Wix is ​​still a relatively young name with no more than 100 years of operation but only about 75 years. 

But not so that the products from this brand become inferior to the predecessors. Many filters from the Wix brand are far superior, thanks to modern improvements from a dynamic team of engineers.

Another impressive advantage of Wix products is the stability of the products that can be maintained over many generations. In other words, if you change a Wix oil filter, the new product will still be of the same quality or even better than the old product. So replacing the oil filter will no longer be a long-term obsession.

Features of Wix

Wix brand multi-filters such as Wix vs Wix XP can filter various oils from conventional oils to expensive fully synthetic lubricants. So when it comes to Wix, we have to mention the impressive versatility of these products. In addition, these filters also show no signs of degradation when operating in high-temperature environments.

The Wix oil filter also has metal parts to make it easier to stick to the end of the pipe inside the engine while minimizing leakage. More specifically, these devices also have a silicone valve to prevent oil from re-entering the pan and ensure a stable start in cold conditions.

Similarities Of Wix Vs Mobile 1 Oil Filter

Between Wix vs Mobile 1, oil filters still have similarities in some aspects.

Minimizing leakage incidents

Leaking oil, dirt or allowing solvents to flow back into the pipeline is one of the significant problems that older generation oil refining products have to deal with. 

Even if it’s just a little bit of oil leaking, if it’s not fixed, the consequences it leaves will be enormous. In addition, oil leaks are also difficult to clean because they are located deep inside the engine.

But if you use Wix or Mobil 1 oil filters, you won’t need to worry about these dangerous problems anymore, even if you use oil samples like Pennzoil vs Valvoline. Because two manufacturers, Wix and Mobil, have added to the details of their products to help prevent this process. With Mobil it’s quality O-rings, Wix relies on silicone valves and metal locking elements.

Long life

In fact, the working life of these filters is relatively high and has impressive durability even when operating in many different harsh conditions, especially high-temperature places. So you can rest assured that these tools can work reliably for a long time without the constant effort of replacing them.

Difference Between Wix Vs Mobil 1 Oil Filter

Wix Vs Mobil 1 Oil Filter

Of course, there are still some pretty noticeable differences between these two types of the oil filter. And we can rely on these characteristics to decide which is the right choice for our own use.


Wix and Mobil 1 oil filters can be with many different engine oils, but that is another matter to work perfectly. 

According to many tests, the Mobil 1 filter has achieved the best performance when used with Mobil 1 or Mobil 1 Extended engine oils. Meanwhile, Wix products tend to be compatible with many different engine oils.

What Type Of Vehicle Is It Suitable For?

Another difference between Wix and Mobil 1 oil filters is the primary user. Of course, there will be exceptions, but here we will look at the general view to get a reasonable judgment. With Mobil 1, this filter appears in many different models, from low-cost products to expensive sports cars with ls3 vs ls6 engines and even pickups and trucks.

Meanwhile, filter models under the Wix brand are more commonly found in medium and heavy-duty trucks than in conventional products.

Which One Should I Choose?

Both filters do not have too much structure and features, so you can entirely rely on more subjective factors such as preferences and usage needs to decide the right one. In addition, other factors such as price also deserve attention.


How long can an oil filter be used?

There will be no definite answer about how long an oil filter can be available because the answer depends on many different factors from your driving condition and the quality of the oil filter. Therefore, you need to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations before using any product.

How much does it cost to replace an oil filter?

Synthetic oil filters are usually available at stores with an average price of $8 for simple products to $13 for more advanced ones. Meanwhile, a paper oil filter is cheaper, only about 5 to 8 dollars.

How do you know if your oil filter is broken?

If your car’s oil is brown and straightforward, it’s a sign that the oil has begun to accumulate various contaminants and that the filter is damaged and needs to be replaced.


At the end of today’s article, I hope you can apply the collected knowledge to understand more about the two models Wix and Mobil 1 oil filter. But most importantly, you will find out which product is right for your needs.

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