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Who Makes Supertech Oil

Who Makes Supertech Oil? What Are Its Pros And Cons

The secret to a car with a strong engine is adequate lubrication. So the type of oil you choose exceptionally affects the ride quality. Currently, Supertech is the first choice of many people because of its prestige, quality, and affordable price. With those achievements, are you curious “Who makes Supertech oil?” Let’s find the answer together in this article.

Who Makes Supertech Oil?

Warren Oil Company International manufactures Supertech oil. Tennessean William K. Warren owned the company formed in the twentieth century during the oil boom. Today, it is the largest independent oil company in the United States.

The company has six manufacturing and packaging facilities in states like Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, Arkansas, Alabama, and North Carolina. Their products include synthetic and conventional lubricants. After completing the production and packaging process, they will be exported to domestic and international markets.

Supertech has the license of the Dexos 1 brand. In addition, the product is very diverse, and there are many types to meet the different requirements of each vehicle. As a result, it guarantees your car not to be invalidated when in use.

Warren is a reputable company, and the price is much more affordable than similar products of the same quality. When buying, look at the WPP (Warren Performance Product) label on the bottle to identify natural oil.

This label is proof that Supertech oils exported to the market meet the company’s criteria, and of course, they are responsible for that. Above all, it is also the only feature to know that the oil you buy is not fake.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Supertech Oil

Who Makes Supertech Oil

Why are my check engine lights flashing and the car shaking? You won’t be able to answer this question without knowing the cause.

Similarly, you will not explain why the car engine is suddenly sluggish when you do not know that oil is the primary cause of this phenomenon. Therefore, you need to learn more about the components in the car and the type of fuel used.

So when learning about a specific type of oil, namely Supertech oil, you need to know its strengths and points to overcome. From there, flexibly use it so as not to be left in a force majeure position.


The most significant advantage of Supertech oil is its good resistance to extremely high temperatures. It does not have adverse reactions that damage the vehicle’s engine like those derived from natural petroleum.

The most apparent manifestation you can see is that it does not thicken when the temperature is low. When the temperature is too high, it still works properly. Besides that characteristic, this oil also does not evaporate quickly. Therefore, it can be used longer.

Not stopping there, Supertech continues to score points thanks to its ability to reduce acid buildup and deposits. Because of that, this liquid lasts quite a long time. Not only is it strong, but it also helps the engine to operate more powerfully by reducing friction in engine parts.

The next highlight of oil from Warren is fuel economy and reduced maintenance costs. It promotes better engine performance and reduces wear and tear, so minor damage will occur.

With such a wide range of outstanding characteristics, Supertech is classified as a high-quality oil worth using. However, its price is very affordable for the vast majority of people. Best of all, similar quality oils from other brands will cost twice as much as Warren oil.


Basically, natural petroleum is very easy to pollute the environment. Synthetic oils are even more damaging to the environment. Therefore, after each use, you must have a proper treatment not to harm the natural world.

Besides, Supertech is not recommended for use on new vehicles. New cars need friction to make the breakthrough that keeps them working properly. Petroleum-based lubricants can only fulfill this requirement.

Alternatives To Supertech Oil

Alternatives To Supertech Oil
In addition to Warren, there are many other lubricant manufacturers, so Supertech oil has many competitors. With so many oils on the market, the following 3 names are probably the most mentioned and deserve Supertech’s caution.


One of Supertech’s formidable competitors is Castrol. The two companies are both SAE certified and have a lot in common. For example, both fish perform well in extreme conditions, they also prevent oxidation well.

However, they also have a few fundamental differences as Supertech works well for 7000 miles. Meanwhile, Castrol can serve you 15,000 miles, which can be considered twice as Supertech. Because of that, Castrol is more expensive.


Amazonbasics ranks on par with other leading companies such as Red Line, Castrol. They have an SN rating which is the highest-rated oil you can buy in the US. Similar to Supertech, this oil can save fuel and make the engine more powerful.

However, in the rainy season, the SN index does not show its ability well. As a result, you should see Warren oil perform a little better.


To operate at total capacity and use it for a long time, you need to pay more attention to the type of oil used for the car. Supertech is a well-known and frugal brand that you might be interested in.

Is Supertech oil good quality?

Supertech Synthetic Oil provides good service for 7 miles with a duration of 6 to 7 months. It is a high-quality lubricant that makes your engine safer and more powerful. To maintain this, you should change the oil on time.

How many miles is Supertech full synthetic oil suitable for?

How many miles is Supertech full synthetic oil suitable for?
The oils from Supertech all work very well. In particular, 5W-30 Super Tech High Mileage Full synthetic oil is much more active. This oil resists wear for up to 10,000 miles. It is in a convenient 5 liter barrel for the rider’s use.

Is name brand oil better?

The unbranded oils on the market are full of substances that are not good for the engine in the long run. Besides, they can affect human health. Branded lubricants have transparent production origins, so they provide more peace of mind for users.

Above all, to have a brand and last a long time, their products must be quality and recognized by users. In addition, when using well-known lubricants, encountering adverse problems, the community can speak up to protect you.


Warren, who makes Supertech oil, has done a great job as an oil company with really quality products for the market. This oil meets most vehicle engine requirements. So you can use them for your car.

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