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Who Makes Hankook Tires?

Who Makes Hankook Tires? Let’s Explore

Hankook tires are brands that consumers appreciate and choose for their cars. Not only for petrol and diesel vehicles, Hankook is also used for electric cars from Audi, Porsche and Volkswagen, thanks to its excellent design and quality.

However, not everyone knows the manufacturer of the type of tire that many customers and car companies trust.

This article will help you answer who makes Hankook tires and more information.

Who Makes Hankook Tires?

Hankook, originally named Chosun Tire, is the first and leading tire manufacturer in Korea, ranking 7th globally.

The company was established in 1941 and has experienced more than 80 years of development with the economy of the land. They create high-quality, durable products that are effective for various vehicles, including 4-seater cars, passenger cars, SUVs, buses, trucks, PKL.

Hankook’s mission is to bring emotions and excitement to drivers with the slogan “Driving Emotion. Therefore, they have supplied and distributed their products to many markets worldwide.

Moreover, Hankook is also a sponsor for many football teams and major sports tournaments such as hockey, motorsport.

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Why should I choose Hankook Tires?

The first reason when considering choosing a tire for your car is quality. Hankook provides quality and high-performance products made on Kontrol technology. At the same time, the company also emphasizes the relationship between the driver components, the car, and the road. Kontrol technology guarantees you stable performance, safety, comfort, and environmental friendliness. Therefore, you can use the product in many different conditions.

The second reason is performance when you move on diverse terrains. Hankook features Optimized Contact Patch (OCP) technology that ensures even pressure throughout the tire. Thus, the product will grip the road better, move quickly, and limit corrosion.

The third reason you need to consider is the price. Hankook offers good quality products at reasonable prices compared to other competitors. Besides, Stone Ejection technology’s production design helps you safely limit the stone clinging to even when the road is slippery.

Which Is Better, Hankook Or Kumho?

Kumho is also a manufacturer from Korea and was established in 1960, so it has less experience in tire manufacturing than Hankook.

Of these two brands, each has its outstanding advantages. While Hankook is famous for its sponsorship and participation in motorsport, Kumho offers quality products at lower prices.

To make the choice that works best for you, the most important thing is the price and the features you expect. You can choose Kumho if your budget is limited because Kumho’s design provides good traction, handling flexible situations, especially in winter.

Besides, Hankook’s price is higher than Kumho’s and has a high entry fee. Equal to the cost you need to spend, the quality received is indisputable. Hankook tires can even be on snow and ice for the best performance. At the same time, the brand also produces a broader range of models to suit many existing vehicle models on the market for optimal performance. However, Hankook’s price is not too different from Kumho’s.

You can thoroughly consider the option to suit your purposes and budget. Moreover, check them regularly for the most stable quality to patch a tire if there is a problem.

What Are The Types Of Hankook Tires Available?

Classification according to the purpose customers can use:

  • Automotive Tires: Passenger cars, light trucks, competition vehicles, performance cars, SUVs, and commercial vehicles.
  • By structure: Including Bias and Radial. In which, bias tires serve agricultural, industrial, and off-road vehicles, and radial tires provide passenger cars, light trucks, and buses.
  • Seasonal: Includes summer, winter, and all-season tires.
  • Flat tire: A tire that helps the car run better at higher altitudes than a standard tire. It is suitable for racing, even when the product is no longer available or has low tire pressure.

The Best Hankook Tires For Different Purposes

With different purposes, Hankook provides products that are also highly diverse and quality. In which, some typical types that many users and car manufacturers trust:

  • Best for Passenger Cars: Hankook Kinergy St is currently at dealers, stores, and Amazon e-commerce platform. Many experienced car repairers appreciate this tire’s durability and limited wear and tear when traveling. At the same time, it is also suitable for many different vehicles for individual and family customers on the market.
  • Best Performance Tire: Hankook Ventus S1 Evo2 is a design that manufacturers appreciate for performance while providing flexible and controllable handling at high speeds. Moreover, it is also environmentally friendly to reduce drag and has an optimal configuration.

After using it for more than a year and running about 15,000 miles, a customer has rated the Ventus S1 EVO2 as a great product. He used the size 215 and 225/45 / ZR17 XL to help the car grip well in many terrains and environmental conditions.

Besides, you can choose if your vehicle type and purpose of use match the following assessments:

  • Best SUV: Ventus ST RH06
  • Best Truck: Dynapro AT-USA
  • Best All-Season: Kinergy PT
  • Best Winter: Winter I Pike RW11
  • Best Off-Road: Dynapro AT2


Thus, the article has fully and answered the question about the manufacturer of Hankook tires and the quality and production technology.

You can consider tires from different brands with a variety of sizes. Keep in mind the quality, price, and expectations when choosing your vehicle.

At the same time, you need to check and maintain your car regularly to fix unfortunate incidents that may occur promptly. Therefore, good tires will make your journey safer and more efficient.

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