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Who Makes Autozone Batteries?

Who Makes Autozone Batteries? You Should Know

Choosing a suitable battery will significantly impact the performance of the vehicle. When it comes to quality batteries, we must mention products from the Autozone brand. 

So what is the difference between these two products and which should you use? Let’s find out right in the article below. So, who makes Autozone Batteries? Please refer to the article below.

What Is an Autozone Battery?

First of all, we need to know that Autozone is the brand name representing battery products from Autozone. Like many battery models from other brands such as Valucraft or Duralast, Autozone batteries provide specialized secondary power not only for cars but also suitable for use for several other devices.

Besides the primary fuel, gasoline or oil, these batteries provide necessary components based on energy conversion into electricity as an auxiliary energy source. In addition, the Autozone battery is also an energy storage device, so you can use the product to supply power to other external devices if needed.

In addition to the typical common points, Autozone batteries also possess several unique advantages worth paying attention to, such as large capacity, high output amperage, and are suitable for moving in snowy environments.

Who Makes Autozone Batteries?

Who Makes Autozone Batteries?

In fact, there is not only one manufacturer of Autozone batteries. On the contrary, many companies are responsible for the production and testing of these car batteries. 

Of course, different manufacturers will have other manufacturing methods and apply different types of patent technology. That’s why Autozone batteries have many classes with a distinct structure, quality, and design. It is also the reason why the price of Autozone batteries has a very high differentiation.

Brief History of the Manufacturers

While Autozone batteries are nominally a product of AutoZone, the auto parts company that sells various vehicle parts from these different brands is not the leading manufacturer. Instead, the names below are the units in charge of making the products to use.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls is the unit most often mentioned because the company is responsible for producing many Autozone battery models, especially the high-end product line.

This unit is inherently a multinational corporation with a rather large scale and is not inferior to other manufacturing units. Johnson Controls is headquartered in Ireland. They operate at 2000 locations spread across 6 continents with a large workforce of approximately 105,000 employees worldwide.

Later, Johnson Controls changed its name to Clarios, but the production quality did not vary. Even the merger and acquisition of other brands enhances modern technology that this unit applies to each Autozone product.

East Penn

East Penn is also not inferior to Johnson Controls in producing Autozone products in both quality and market share. 

This privately held company currently holds the record for the world’s largest single-point lead-acid battery production facility. That is why many people do not hesitate to spend a large amount of money to own products.


Although a less well-known manufacturer, Exide still has a firm place in the minds of a part of consumers. Because the Autozone battery line produced by Exide is quite cheap compared to the common ground.

Where Are Autozone Made?

Most Autozone battery products are sourced from the United States, whether from Johnson Control, East Penn, or Exide. 

Made in the US, these batteries not only possess good build quality but are always ready for us to buy without having to wait too long. In addition, it is easier to replace a damaged product through a warranty.

Autozone Battery Classification

Autozone battery models possess impressive quality and very high compatibility with various electromagnetic systems, which makes it possible to flexibly use Motorcraft oil in a variety of vehicles with different engine generations. But in short, the manufacturer gives us three main product groups, respectively, Autozone, Autozone Gold, and Autozone Platinum.


Autozone is a primary battery line with functions that balance the price you have to spend to own a product. Although only in the mid-range and low-end segments, this battery line still retains the basic options and is very resistant to vibration.

In addition, this battery is a perfect choice for many car owners who can afford to pay less, and it is also a suitable product for those who do not like to wait too long. Because the basic Autozone has many quick-start features along with a worthwhile CCA. However, the Autozone battery warranty of this battery line seems to be less than that of other product lines.

Autozone Gold

More advanced than the primary line is Autozone Gold products. Products with the word Gold in the name have a high-capacity grid and plate design that helps provide maximum energy during the ignition process to help the car start in the fastest time. 

In addition, this 12-volt battery ensures that you rarely encounter problems such as battery failure even after a long period of inactivity. Besides, we cannot ignore the fact that the battery can work effectively even in the presence of vibrations. 

So it is not difficult to understand that these products have a long operating time of up to 5 years.

Autozone Platinum

Autozone Platinum is the most advanced battery line in Autozone branded products. With a higher price than the common ground and owning the primary and Gold lines’ features, Platinum also integrates many other modern technologies. 

Some familiar names can be collected and attract many users’ attention as AGM improves vibration resistance and has a good sealing ability. 

In addition, the flexible adaptability of the ka2 allows you to ultimately start the car in extreme weather conditions at negative temperatures, thereby helping to prevent car struggles to start after putting gas in.


So, we have learned together through the information and characteristics of Autozone battery products. Hopefully, through this article, you can accumulate more knowledge and experience about batteries in general and Autozone batteries in particular. To make the most appropriate judgments as well as the most accurate perspective

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