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Where Are Subarus Made

Where Are Subarus Made & Reason To Buy One

When learning about famous car manufacturers, Which brand do you usually think of? Many people will answer that Audi, Volvo, Subaru, …. All of them have their advantages to help their cars stand out in the eyes of consumers.

However, very few people know where the production of this car is. So, where are Subaru made? The company set up a factory in Japan and then expanded to many other countries. Join us to learn about where Subaru cars are made and information related to this car company.

Where Are Subarus Made

As we said above, Subaru’s main manufacturing plant is located in Japan. The company has been very successful from the very beginning of creating the first cars. Now, Subaru is the world’s leading major car manufacturer.

Where Are Subarus Made

Realizing the high demand of consumers, the company has expanded many factories in Japan and other countries worldwide. Currently, the company has a total of 5 leading factories. In which, 4 facilities are in the hometown of this brand, and a factory located in Lafayette, Indiana.

As Subaru users in the US increased dramatically, the company partnered with Isuzu to increase production numbers. Thanks to that, this brand was able to produce 4 million more cars in 1 year.

Reasons To Buy A Subaru Car

When learning about a specific car, people will often wonder, are Subarus good cars? Here are the reasons why you should own a Subaru:


The first factor when choosing a car for yourself is to ensure safety. That car must ensure that there are measures to protect you from unnecessary accidents. A vehicle will be called safe when it has a solid chassis, equipped with items to help you avoid problems when participating in traffic.

Therefore, Subaru always tries to install a full range of safety devices. This brand uses many technologies such as VDC, Subaru Eyesight,… You can rest assured when using the car because it is the first choice of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.


Subaru has an exclusive design that is the Boxer Engine. This part can help the car operate more smoothly and does not make any noise when starting. As a result, you can drive smoothly over long distances.

The company also always ensures that every car released to the market is of absolute quality. Subaru uses only the finest materials to create products. Therefore, every year, there are very few company cars that have problems and must return goods for repair.

Good price

Usually, car brands with good quality are often costly. There are cars up to 50,000$ to 70000$. But for Subaru, its products are often very reasonably priced.

Specifically, almost every model of the company’s car costs about $ 20,000 to $ 30000. You can easily afford a car with a moderate budget. If you’re looking for a car that’s reasonably priced and can go long distances, Subaru is the way to go.

4-wheel drive system

The 4-wheel drive system is not a new device. There are already several car brands that have used this part.

However, Subaru has combined this system with its proprietary Boxer engine to deliver absolute power to each wheel. You will feel the car operate very smoothly when using it.

Even this system can prevent slipping when traveling on rough roads. Whether the terrain is uneven or the weather is harsh, you will not have too much difficulty moving thanks to a Subaru car.

Some Outstanding Models Of Subarus

Some Outstanding Models Of Subarus

Subaru vehicles always ensure safety and reliability for users. Here are the most prominent models of this brand:


Impreza is probably the most famous model of the company. This car is a compact sedan. Inside, the car is complete with furniture and safety tools to create the most comfortable space for users.

Regarding the car’s structure, Impreza also has a 4-wheel drive system design that helps you quickly move in rugged terrain. This model has been in production since 1992 but has always been Subaru’s top-known product.


The Outback is Subaru’s best-selling model, and professionals or car enthusiasts appreciate this product very much.
This car is an SUV with 5 seats. Instead of focusing on producing large cars, Subaru focused on design.

Specifically, the Outback has a spacious and comfortable cabin. You can store a lot of stuff inside. In addition, the inside of the car has a screen installed like a miniature computer to help you perform operations quickly.


Crosstrek is also a line of small SUVs. This product has also been equipped with a 4-wheel drive system so you can travel long distances. The interior of the car has a relatively simple design but is still beautiful and comfortable for users.

Not only that, this model has ranked as one of the most popular small SUVs in the world market. The price of Crosstrek is also very reasonable. So if you are looking for a compact SUV that is cheap, this product is the right choice.


When it comes to Subaru SUVs, people will immediately think of the Forester. This car line is the stepping stone to help the brand become famous worldwide.

Forester first appeared in 1995, and then the company opened for sale in 1997. As soon as it hit the market, this model received a lot of compliments about the structure and the engine inside. The 4-wheel drive system or the interior is of absolute quality in every way.


Legacy is Subaru’s mid-size sedan. Compared to an Impreza, you will have more space inside. If Impreza is a bit small for your needs, Legacy is the right choice.

This car line has a complete radio system, wifi, luxurious and modern interior. Subaru has also used a 4-wheel drive system for this product.


Subaru is one of the most famous car brands today. The company’s vehicles always feel safe and reliable. Hopefully, the above article has helped you answer the question of where are Subarus made and choose a Subaru that is right for you.

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