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What Is The Biggest Cam For Stock 350?

If the engine is considered the heart of the car, the cam is the blood vessel that supplies fuel for the engine to work. Cam works by rotating and creating torque to help open and close the energy supply and exhaust valve. A good Cam will provide enough fuel to help the engine run smoothly.

Moreover, the perfect cam can increase the horsepower of the machine many times over. This article will show you how to choose the biggest cam for stock 350 chevy engine.

Features of a perfect Cam For Stock 350

A perfect cam will help the engine operate at full capacity and ensure a long engine life. Not all expensive or featured cam sets are good for your camera. So, you must choose the right cam set according to the required parameters of the engine.

For the stock 350 chevy engine, you need to note the following characteristics of the cam set.

Operating range (RPM range)

RPM operating range is the most important indicator of the cam because they determine the amount of fuel injected and the power generated. In addition, the RPM range characterizes the rotational speed of the Cam.

Accordingly, if the RPM is too low, the engine will not operate at the right capacity and is easily damaged.

Conversely, too high RPM puts too much pressure on the engine and destroys it. So the suitable operating range for stock 350 is around 2000 – 6500 RPM.

Lobe separation angle and valve lift

Lobe separation angle and valve lift

Lobe’s angle helps to ensure smooth and continuous opening and closing of the fuel and exhaust valves. Streetcar engines need a wide lobe angle while racing cars need a narrow lobe angle for high speed.

For a 350 stock chevy engine, a suitable lobe separation angle is 107 – 108 degrees. In addition, the valve lift should be between 0.479” – 0.480”.

Size of Cam

The larger the size of the cam, the more energy is required to operate the valve lift. Obviously, the biggest cam for stock 350 will take more energy.

Each size will have its purpose, so choose the right sized cam for the potential and power of the engine. Cams that are too large will also harm the engine of the machine.

Torque requirement

Besides the size, you need to pay attention to the torque parameter of the cam. Torque is also the indicator that determines the horsepower of the engine. Therefore, you need to choose a set of cams with torque parameters suitable for the machine’s engine.

Overview Of 4 Best Biggest Camshaft For Stock 350

COMP Cams CL12-600-4: Best performance

COMP Cams is a famous and trusted brand in the world, born in 1976. For decades, COMP Cams CL12-600-4 or Thumper cam 350 has been the best performance cam for stock 350 chevy.

Specifically, it helps to open and close the valve smoothly and generate strong force by improving the torque. Therefore, the CL 12 600-4 cam is an excellent choice for heavy-duty vehicles.

The outstanding parameters of the CL 12 include an operating range of about 2000 – 5800 RPM, a Lobe separation angle of 107 degrees, and a valve lifting of 0.479″/0.465″. The product also comes with accessories such as a set of lifters, assembly lubricant, and an instruction manual.

Thumper cam 350 is suitable for most Chevrolet GEN 1 Small Blocks with all the above important parameters, including 262, 267, 305, 327, and 400. Furthermore, the CL 12-600- 4 up to a year warranty period gives you peace of mind about product quality.


  • Increase the power gain
  • Suitable for muscle cars.
  • Reduce engine noise


  • Need high-end aftermarket gears.

COMP Cams 12-602-4: Best for Rhythm

Another product with similar quality to the CL12-600-4 is the COMP Cams 12-602-4. This version is the best roller cam with Vortec head for stock 350 chevy.

Accordingly, it helps to convert rotational motion into reversible motion, supporting the motor operation. In addition, this cam will allow the fuel intake valve and the exhaust valve to work in a synchronized, rhythmic manner.

The parameters of COMP 12-602-4 are almost compatible with the requirements of chevy engine stock 350: Operating range from 2200-6100 RPM, Lobe Separation angle: 107° and Valve lifting: 0.500″/0.486″. In addition, the engine lines of Chevrolet GEN 1 small blocks such as 283, 265, 307, 305, and 307 are suitable for this best roller cam.


  • Increase engine power
  • Softly sound
  • Increase engine RPM


  • Not suitable for small block engines from 1986

COMP Cams CL12-212-2 Magnum: Best for boosting horsepower

The biggest cams for stock 350 on the list are all capable of enhancing horsepower. However, only the COMP Cam CL 12-212-2 Magnum is designed for stock 350 trucks and is the best boosting horsepower.

The special feature of this cam is the improved RPM and torque suitable for transporting large volumes. The engine of the machine still runs smoothly and stably despite operating at high power.

MAgnum Cams also satisfy many customers because of their durability and long service life. In addition, the kit has a warranty period of up to 1 year, so when there is any problem, you can contact the manufacturer.

The specifications of COMP Cams CL 12-212-2 include:
Lobe Separation angle: 108°
RPM: 2000-6000
Valve lifting: 0.480″/0.480″.
With the above parameters, Cams CL 12-212-2 is suitable for stock 350 Chevy engines and other Chevrolet GEN 1 small blocks such as 400, 267, 350, 283.


  • Increase engine performance
  • Improved engine operating range
  • Suitable for truck engines.


  • Not an up to date product

COMP Cams CL12-242-2 Xtreme Energy 224/230: Best for street riding

The final product on the list of best biggest for stock 350 is COMP Cams CL 12-242-2 Xtreme Energy.

Cam Xtreme Energy is the best cam for street-riding engines with an operating range of 1600 – 5800 RPM and a lobe separation angle of 110 degrees. The engine also works better thanks to the Valve lifting of the Cam, which is 0.477” / 0.480”.

In addition, COMP Cams CL 12-242-2 also helps increase power brakes, which has not been mentioned in previous products. Plus, durability and a warranty period of up to one year also create confidence in the product.


  • The operating range can be up to 5800 RPM.
  • Suitable for many types of engines.
  • 1-year warranty


  • The lifters are easily damaged.


There are many best biggest cam for stock 350 Chevy engine. We have just learned the details of the top 4 best biggest cams with their specifications and pros and cons. As you know, each product has its requirements and purposes. So choose the products that suit your needs as well as the engine requirements!

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