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What Damage Can A Faulty EGR Valve Cause?

What Damage Can A Faulty EGR Valve Cause?

Exhaust gasses from industrial vehicles always contain many harmful substances that are nitrogen oxides. This part of exhaust smoke causes discomfort to road users and dramatically affects the environment’s air quality.

Today, when industrial air filters are increasingly strict, car manufacturers are also gradually improving the car air recirculation system. The EGR valve plays a crucial role in operating the whole process, So if the above part fails, what damage will it cause to the vehicle?. The following article will analyze in detail.

What Does An EGR Valve Do? 

To better understand the task to be done in the gas system, first need to know thoroughly about the nature of the EGR valve.

Theoretically, the EGR valve is the exhaust gas recirculation valve in gasoline and diesel engine units, located on the engine’s exhaust manifold. Through the process of air conditioning. NOx is produced, and finally, what isdischarged to the outside affects the environment, especially humans.

Therefore, EGR exhaust valves or air filters like Mobil 1  were born, responsible for managing emissions or controlling engine temperature. Over an extended period, the maintenance of vehicle movement is governed by EGR.

The operation of the EGR is quite simple, and it seems that just opening and closing the valve cover to control the amount of gas coming in and out, but from such a simple thing, it helps a lot in managing Nitrous Oxide and Nitrous Oxide gas. From there, the vehicle burns materials by circulating the exhaust gas, reducing a large part of the toxins escaping.

What Damage Can A Faulty EGR Valve Cause

What Damage Can A Faulty EGR Valve Cause?

Indeed this is a question that many people wonder. Usually, when the EGR valves fail, the entire system in the car’s front heats up. First, when the heat occurs for a long time, the engine oil has a problem, causing the bearings to be damaged and significantly affecting the turbocharger. If not carefully repaired, the above process will continuously repeat.

 Next is the leakage of lubricating oil into the combustion chamber. It, of course, causes the engine to run on oil instead of fuel. In the end, the most prominent harm is driving the car to stop working.

What Are The Symptoms And Causes Of A Non-Functioning Egr Valve?

If you regularly bring your car in for maintenance, the problem of valve damage will soon be through a technician’s survey. But put in the opposite case, through the following expressions, you can ultimately judge where the problem comes from.

Unstable movement speed

Operating continuously for a long time, discharging non-stop air can cause pipeline or air valve trouble in the unstable transmission line.

One of the most common versions of this problem is the chevy 6.0 engine.

The car is underperforming.

Opening and closing the air valve decreases the internal pressure, especially when the EGR has problems; it is not convenient to move the vehicle.

It consumes a lot of materials

When the air valve opens, exhaust gas enters, forcing the filter system to use fuel to push the air in. In the case of low temperatures, the power does not burn, resulting in poor performance.

Frequent shutdowns while on the go

The above phenomenon is the leading cause of the system overload error. Depending on different types of vehicles, the quality of installed equipment is not uniform. When traveling for long distances, the machine must operate at total capacity to meet the demand, so a lot of gas overloading the system is inevitable.

Smell the gasoline clearly

The clear explanation for the above is that a lot of fuel is secreted into the air intake manifold. It is similar to the gas from the exhaust being released a lot, interfering with the smell of gasoline.

The engine management light stays on

Once you have determined the problem is related to the EGR valve system, based on the system that identifies the engine light flashing continuously, the cause is undoubtedly clear from the pain of opening and closing the air valve.

Emissions more waste

As we said before, in the case of a valve clamped at the opening or closing point, the air is not circulated, preventing the fuel’s combustion. If the situation persists for a long time, the carbon dioxide gas will be produced and released through the exhaust pipe.

Making noise while moving

When the EGR valve is closed indefinitely, a knock is heard when starting the engine. The main reason is that the fuel meets the heat of disagreement, causing fire and explosion. Usually, this happens quite often because the fire will soon appear after the first contact.


Can I Drive With A Bad EGR Valve?

The answer is no. You should not drive a vehicle when it is clear that the EGR valve is faulty. Why?

When you drive a car with a faulty valve, you contribute to an increased chance of engine failure. We all understand that the EGR gas valve can exhaust air to cool the combustion chamber. 

Once the part malfunctions, the exhaust gas is forced to increase heat. In this case, heating will cause engine failure proportional to time. In addition, the piston can stretch when exposed to hot heat, which also destroys the structure of the valve and crankshaft. So the best advice is to be patient and fix it completely.

Can a bad EGR valve cause overheating?

Of course, yes, if you pay attention, you will see that this is one of the first symptoms to identify a faulty part. EGR restricts airflow through the intercooler so that the engine will experience a large amount of heat. Limiting the accumulation of a large amount of carbon gas makes the more excellent unable to dissipate heat, overheating the part. Therefore, a car running hot but not overheating is quite common.


The above article is information related to the EGR department. We hope that you will have a better overview from which to correctly judge and analyze the problem caused by this part through this article. If you have any questions, please leave a comment, and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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