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What Are Fuel Injectors

What Are Fuel Injectors & How It Works

A lot of newbies often ask questions about what are fuel Injectors. Fuel injectors are one of the indispensable engines of automobile engines. However, not everyone who uses cars knows this engine.

So this article will help you understand the concept of a fuel injector, how it works, and the most common types of fuel injection. Let’s explore and discover now:

What Are Fuel Injectors?

First, let’s find out what a fuel injector is.

In terms of origin, the first fuel injection exclusively for cars was introduced by Bosch and Goliath in 1920.

As mentioned earlier, the fuel injector is an essential part of the car engine. To ensure your car always has enough fuel to burn cleanly and efficiently, the fuel injection requirement needs to create enough air mixture to supply it with the right amount and at the right time.

What Are Fuel Injectors

Moreover, an essential task of the nozzle is to distribute enough pressure and a spray pattern for its nest.

Depending on the vehicle’s characteristics, the fuel injection will be in separate fixed positions. However, the fuel injection will usually be at the top of the engine through the combustion pipe and internal nozzles.

At each fuel injector, there are injectors, so it is generally connected to a guide rod to ensure that the injectors deliver the same amount of fuel.

How The Fuel Injector Works

How The Fuel Injector Works

Once you understand the concept of fuel injection and its common location in a car, continue reading the article to discover how the fuel injector works.

The fuel injector is responsible for bringing the fuel through the injector, and then the injector will transfer the power to the battery. Thus, your fuel will be temporarily stored in the tank until it passes through the distributor.

Next, after being injected into the air intake, the fuel flow will be managed by the cap valve after being transported into the engine. Thus, when you accelerate, the air will quickly pass through when the reversing valve is open.

Besides, if fuel is not injected through the intake port, the valve will close due to the tension on the spring mechanism. However, thanks to the pressure, the intake valve opens when the fuel has mixed with the air.

In general, a fuel injector controls the fuel mixture, manages ignition timing, and controls valve timing.

Sometimes, some users will confuse the fuel injector and the mechanical fuel injection system when. However, these two parts are entirely different.

The Most Common Types Of Fuel Injection

The Most Common Types Of Fuel Injection

Depending on the type of vehicle, your vehicle will be equipped with different types of fuel injection. The following are some common types of fuel injection on the market:

Single point fuel injection

The first is single-point fuel injection. Single-point fuel injection is the simplest type of injection and is present almost the earliest on the market today.

Moreover, the operation of this type of fuel injection is also effortless and convenient. And yet, it also adds an exact amount of fuel before leading to individual fuel needles.

An advantage to mention of this single-point fuel injection is that the flow rate of the injectors is very high. This is the reason why it very rarely clogs during spraying.

In addition, if you have a problem and need to repair it, replacing it is also very easy, and the spray price is also very affordable.

Multipoint fuel injection

As opposed to single-point fuel injection, multipoint fuel injection offers multipoint nozzles with different ports. So each cylinder in your car has a separate injector. Thanks to the multipoint design of the nozzle, clean air enters the central duct and leads to each cylinder.

In general, multipoint fuel injection helps to maintain the fuel ratio through full suction into the cylinder. Not only that, this injection form helps to balance fuel and air with the best ratio.

Sequential fuel injection

Sequential fuel injectors also have a few other names, such as multi-port injection and indirect injection.

First, it must be confirmed that sequential fuel injection is much cleaner than other injectors even though the fuel stays in the needle for a long time.

Another advantage is that sequential fuel injection is potent and effective, but the repair for this type of injection is quite complicated.

However, one feature of this form of sequential fuel injection is to keep fuel to a minimum and increase your vehicle’s performance.

Direct fuel injection

Finally, direct fuel injection is simply understood that the fuel will lead directly to the cylinder. The cylinders are all filled with enough compressed air, and the fuel gas is sprayed directly on it, which will automatically ignite. It is also the newest and most fashionable spray style. This direct injection set is one of the recent trends and is favored and trusted by many famous brands.

How To Tell If The Nozzle Is Not Working?

One of the problems and questions that many users face during their car use, besides what causes no injector pulse, is how to recognize a poorly functioning fuel injector?

Here are a few signs that will help you identify a poorly functioning fuel injector:

Delayed accelerator: if your car has a delayed accelerator pedal, the injector may have been affected. The injector may be faulty, clogged at the injector. The cause usually comes from the injector not providing enough fuel to the combustion chamber and the injector not being clean.

Raw noise: If you notice a change from engine noise, the injectors aren’t fueling as they should, or the spark plugs or air filter are damp. But according to our experience, the leading cause of the coarse noise is the clogged injector.

Poor fuel economy: when the injector fails, it will waste a lot of your fuel. The injector is clogged or leaking, making it impossible for the ECU to receive it in the combustion chamber.

Engine suddenly stops: your car used to start the engine but then shut down again. This is partly due to the heavy blockage of the injectors, which causes a lack of fuel to be distributed to the injectors, leading to sudden engine shutdown.


Finally, before ending, hopefully, you have found yourself the answer to the question of what are fuel injectors.

Besides, the article has also provided you with a large amount of information on recognizing when your nozzle is malfunctioning. If you have any questions, leave your comment below this article, and we will get it soon.

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