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Transmission fluid color

Transmission Fluid Color ( EASY 5 STEPS )

Transmission fluid is essential to the powertrain of x cars. Currently, the problem that most users are very interested in is the color of this liquid.

In particular, the moving liquid has a variety of colors showing each quality state. Let’s learn more about transmission fluid color palettes and how to test them.

What Is Transmission Fluid?

Motion fluid is a liquid that helps protect components in the transmission system of an automobile engine. This type of fluid helps lubricate parts so that they work more smoothly.

In particular, the transmission fluid helps to lubricate the gear surfaces to operate faster, more sensitively, and the car runs smoothly, and the engine is less hot. As a result, the car’s engine works more efficiently and contributes to increasing the life of these parts.

What Is Transmission Fluid

Usually, the transmission fluid will have a dark red color, so you can distinguish it from other oils and lubricants to pass into the vehicle.

However, after a period of use, the transmission fluid may change to a different color. Therefore, determining this color is important because it contributes to the quality of the liquid.

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Meaning Of Transmission Fluid Color

In fact, these liquids may turn darker after a period of use because they now contain some of the other molecules in the engine. When – the reason is that the oil cleans the engine of sludge and deposits created by high-temperature combustion, keeping these molecules in the oil to prevent them from accumulating on the surface of the machine.

The dark color of the used fluid is caused by deposits of abrasive particles in the engine, smoke, and viscous residue after the oil is heated. After a while, they also age in the machine.

Therefore, based on the color of the transmission fluid, you can determine the quality of the oil and the condition of your car’s Transmission. Some of the primary colors of this liquid are:

# Red

The new and best-condition transmission fluid is usually a deep red color. This liquid has a red tint to help users distinguish it from other liquids for Transmission into cars.

Also, when you check your car’s fluid and find it dark red, you don’t need to worry. Because, at this time, the liquid is in the best state, and it will undoubtedly support your car’s transmission system effectively.

# Light brown

After a period of use, the transmission fluid may turn from red to light brown. Then rest assured because the transmission fluid is still in a pretty good state at this point.

Your job is to check the color of this liquid and maintain regular maintenance to keep the car in top condition.

# Brown

When checked and found that the transmission fluid is dark brown, it means it is old, has a lot of dirt, and is contaminated. At this time, the ability to lubricate the gears in the transmission system is much worse.

In addition, when the liquid has this dark brown color, the car engine also heats up quickly and is more susceptible to wear. It is better to change the filter and transfer another transmission fluid to the vehicle to solve this problem.

# Dark brown to black

Old and heavily contaminated transmission fluid is usually a dark brown color that gradually turns black. At this point, they cannot support effective lubrication and cause the engine to heat up faster.

In particular, if you keep using this type of liquid for the car, the gears can be worn more, and the engine heats up quickly.

At this point, change the fluid and check your powertrain components.

# Pink

When it detects that the transmission fluid turns light pink, it means that the car engine has a pretty severe problem with the Transmission. The best solution for you is to check and replace the transmission system to fix the problem thoroughly.

How To Check Transmission Fluid Color

How To Check Transmission Fluid Color

To ensure that the drive motor is always performing at its best, you should regularly check the color of the transmission fluid. Because, based on this color, you can effectively determine the engine condition and replace the new fluid for the car.

In fact, you can thoroughly check for yourself how your transmission fluid is based on its color as follows:

# Step 1: Park and open the hood

First, you need to choose a location with flat terrain to park your car. After stopping the vehicle, you must check and turn on the ignition system to make sure the car is always warm, then turn off the engine.

Next, open the hood and prepare to check the transmission fluid color.

# Step 2: Locate the drive fluid dipstick

In-car engines, there are many different oil dipsticks, such as transmission dipsticks and engine oil dipsticks. Therefore, you need to check and determine the correct type of liquid lipstick.

Its location is in part around the engine bay towards the igniter. Besides, the manufacturer marks the oil dipstick in red in some vehicles or uses its logo for easy identification.

# Step 3: Pull out the oil dipstick to check

Once you have correctly identified your dipstick, you need to pull it out directly to check. Try to do it carefully because it’s pretty hard to pull out at first.

It would help if you did this slowly to avoid damaging or breaking your drive fluid dipstick.

# Step 4: Use a paper towel to wipe the dipstick

After pulling out the dipstick, you can use a piece of paper or a white towel to wipe it. When you’re done, you can plug the dipstick back into your car.

When inserting, make sure to insert your dipstick firmly and correctly as before withdrawing to avoid liquid leakage.

# Step 5: Determine the color of the transmission fluid

Based on the color of the driving fluid in the towel, you can accurately determine the color of the liquid with the naked eye. Alternatively, you can use the palette to check the best transmission fluid color and quality more professionally.

Transmission fluid color

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition, to better understand the color of the transmission fluid, you can learn more about some of the most common questions on this topic. Please refer to the following immediately:

What color should transmission fluid be?

Usually, the transmission fluid should be clear red. Therefore, when buying, you should check the color of the transmission fluid to determine the condition before transferring it to the car.

In case your fluid has a different color, it means your car’s engine is having problems, and you should check and fix it soon.

What is Bad transmission fluid color?

If the transmission fluid is dark brown, iridescent, or pink, it means there is a problem with your Transmission. At that time, you need to check the engine condition and even need to replace the system.

The most severe wrong transmission fluid color is pale pink and dark brown. At that time, you need to immediately replace your transmission line to ensure the car’s efficient operation and quickly and promptly fix problems arising with the system.

What color is CVT transmission fluid?

The CVT transmission fluid will generally be red. In its new state, the clean oil can be dark red or semi-transparent. CVT transmission fluid is essential for the operation of the transmission system in cars
In particular, pay attention to the color of the moving fluid before transferring it to the car because this color represents its quality.


It can be seen that transmission fluid plays a vital role in the operation of a car. Therefore, checking the color of the transmission fluid regularly will help.

Hopefully, through this article, you can better understand the meanings of the colors of the car’s transmission fluids. Take the time to check the fluid color regularly to ensure your car’s engine is running at its best.

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