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TR6060 Vs T56

To distinguish the real TR6060 vs T56 because the original manufacturer of both these products made a fatal mistake in naming that led to misleading user perception.

In fact, although both TR6060 and T56 have the same role as transmission, the internal structure and design of the two products are very different.

And it is these differences that create a clear difference in their performance. So what are the key points that make the difference between these two actuators? Today’s article will help you get the most appropriate answer.

History of T56

The T56 is a 6-speed gearbox model with a long life, manufactured and distributed by the TREMEC brand. But this brand is not the creator of the T56, and it is BorgWarner, another reputable component manufacturer.

Around the end of 1990, when TREMEC began to expand its market share into developing other transmission products, it acquired BorgWarner’s transmission and transmission business. Among the things transferred to TREMEC was the basic design of the T56.

Thanks to the assembly system, TREMEC has launched the T56 and quickly received the attention of many car manufacturers.

Gradually the T56 gearbox model became more popular thanks to several outstanding features and high compatibility.

However, after a long time since its official launch, this product began to show some limitations, leading to the manufacturer researching a new replacement device, which is also TR6060.

History TR6060

The TR6060 is a comprehensive upgrade to overcome most of the disadvantages of the predecessor, the T56. Thanks to these outstanding improvements, by 2008, TR6060 had gradually replaced the T56 in almost all vehicles using TREMEC transmission.

Although it has been around since the 90s, it was not until 2004 that the first idea of ​​a new gearbox replacing the T56 began to appear. After researching the errors and defects of the old generation, the designers started the testing process and first launched it in 2007. Up to now, TR6060 still retains its popularity as one of the best quality 6-speed gearbox options.

TR6060 Vs T56: Which Will Be More Powerful?

TR6060 Vs T56

One of the most frequently asked questions about TR6060, T56 alone, or when referring to both products simultaneously, is whether the transmission will be more powerful. However, the answer is much more straightforward than people imagine.

But as mentioned above, the main reason for TREMEC to manufacture the TR6060 is to replace the T56 models, which has revealed too many disadvantages after a long time of existence.

So we can understand that TR6060 is an ultimately improved version of the T56 with many valuable upgrades. In other words, TR6060 will be much more potent than T56.

Does The TR6060 Have Any Similarities With The T56?

Basically, TR6060 and T56 and 3057 vs 3157 have some similarities, though few, quite evident in the operating mechanism. Typically, both products use the exact gear shift mechanism with a simple rail inside. Every time we act on the lever to change gears, this rail will move into the fork to affect the gearbox below.


There are many differences that we can point out when comparing TR6060 and T56. But there will be some differences that will significantly impact the operability and performance of TR6060 compared to T56.


The first difference between TR6060 and T56 in terms of design is the synchronization cluster. Compared to its predecessor, this part on the TR6060 has a much smaller cross-section, allowing more gears to appear. Even the speed gear section has received notable innovations as it no longer has to compete for space with the clutch teeth.

Thanks to this unique 2-piece design, one no longer sees too much of a motor difference between rack and pinion vs steering box.

In addition, the retaining joints are also a big difference between these two products. Using an arc to apply pressure at three points to balance the pressure, the retainer joint on the T56 can work very well in some cases.

However, many reports noted an erratic movement of the arc, which seriously affected the operation of the entire gearbox. And one of them is that the car struggles to start after putting gas in. But fortunately, TR6060 has overcome this dangerous drawback.

Another advantage of the TR6060 is that its design allows you to discharge power steering fluid more quickly than other standard versions. And, for machine repair professionals, this feature is a great advantage.


Compared to the T56, the TR6060 has a much better performance advantage, typically in the density of transmission gears in general and clutch gears in particular.

The denser the gears, the smoother the operation will be, thereby enhancing performance and avoiding the phenomenon of car died while driving due to transmission jams.

Not only will the operation be more robust, but the control mechanisms of the TR6060 will also be more efficient, thereby creating comfort in each operation.

Typically, the fork has a much higher sensitivity thanks to the parts’ direct casting that links with other components into the same block. Thereby it limits the problem of deflection, causing difficulties when changing gears.


The most obvious thing is that some details of the TR6060 use structural materials that are superior to the T56 in terms of both resistance to friction and physical changes through force application. So the durability of the TR6060 is relatively much better than the previous product.

In addition, the gasket details such as bearings or springs on the new gearbox model also have a superior design and structure. Thereby it provides better lubrication as well as force absorption and motion support.

With a device that always has to work at high intensity like a gearbox, even a slight change will have a significant effect, let alone a comprehensive upgrade like in TR6060.


With the increase in gear face width thanks to a change in the general design, the TR6060 can increase the torque output significantly. And the benefit of this change is that it provides impressive smoothness every time we change gears.

The manufacturer has further machined the shaft to make this position stronger and have more space to meet the increased torque. As a result, the gearbox can comfortably operate at higher performance without fear of errors.


Another advantage of the TR6060 over its predecessor is its impressive built-in features to optimize performance and user experience. Among them, the most typical is the dual speedometer using both electronic and mechanical devices.


Above is all the information you need to know to distinguish and make accurate comments about both TR6060 and T56.

It can be that determining gearbox products is not easy when there is so much different information with vague and confusing accuracy.

So hope that the knowledge in today’s article can help your manipulation become more transparent and more manageable.

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