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Silverstar vs Silverstar Ultra

Silverstar vs Silverstar Ultra [Let’s Compare]

Sylvania is known as a company that produces the best quality headlight bulbs today. They have released many headlights with outstanding lighting capabilities, knocking out other headlight manufacturers on the market.

Currently, Sylvania owns 2 versions of the best-selling bulbs, Silverstar and Silverstar Ultra. The following article will give you an overview of these two types of headlight bulbs.

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Silverstar Overview

Silverstar headlights are the standard version of this bulb. It will have a difference in lighting ability and projection angle compared to the Ultra version. Basically, Silverstar still owns the outstanding features of Silverstar Ultra.

The color and range of Silverstar headlights are the same as those of Silverstar Ultra. It still provides light with extremely high power, which can illuminate dozens of miles. Natural light color, giving you a comfortable feeling when driving at night.

In addition, Silverstar’s illumination helps drivers avoid the risk of accidents as the lighting angle allows a full view of the download, side, and periphery.

Silverstar Ultra Overview

Silverstar Ultra is another version of Silverstar Basic. Since this type of headlight has no blue color, it has a more pronounced effect on brightness.

Silverstar Ultra’s color range is quite broad, stretching from white to yellow, similar to the daylight effect.

From there, users will have a more natural feeling when driving at night. You will no longer feel uncomfortable driving at night with an inappropriate blue light.

In addition, Silverstar Ultra headlights have incredibly high light output, and their service life is 30-50% longer than conventional headlights. The ability to heat up due to too long use will not occur with Silverstar Ultra lamps.

In order for Silverstar Ultra to work effectively, you should use good-quality battery packs. For example, the Everstar battery pack. With the ability to provide a stable current and long service life, Everstar will be an indispensable device for every car.

Comparison Between Silverstar And Silverstar Ultra

Silverstar And Silverstar Ultra

To compare Silverstar and Silverstar Ultra, you can rely on the following 6 characteristics:

  • Composition
  • Purchase costs
  • Average life expectancy
  • Light color
  • Operating conditions
  • Lighting space


The composition of both Silverstar and Silverstar Ultra is quite similar. They are halogen bulbs, and the Lumen is about 1000. Currently, most manufacturers will give priority to using the above components to create quality headlight bulbs.

Purchase costs

The price to buy a set of Silverstar Ultra headlights will be about 40-50% higher than conventional bulbs. As for the basic version, the Silverstar will cost less than later versions but higher than other headlights.

Average life expectancy

Since the price of 2 types of Silverstar bulbs is higher than other bulbs, their quality is guaranteed. The proof is that the life of Silverstar Ultra bulbs is 30-50% longer than conventional headlights. As for the Silverstar basic, their lifespan is lower than the Ultra version.

Light color

The color range of these two headlight bulbs is quite similar, from white to yellow. It will create a more natural and comfortable feeling for the driver. They will not feel blinded, eye strain when moving because the light color is similar to sunlight, quite pleasant.

Operating conditions

Silverstar Ultra headlights work well in all different weather conditions. It can shine through dense fog. From there, drivers can quickly move in difficult weather conditions, minimizing the risk of accidents. As for the Silverstar Basic, it is pretty similar to the Silverstar Ultra. You can use both of these balls to move effectively with all types of weather.

Lighting space

The illuminating space of the Silverstar Ultra headlights provides superior visibility in descents and sideways. As for Silverstar, this type of headlight is more about frontal lighting, limiting the illumination of the space next to it. Therefore, sometimes it will be a little difficult for you to observe objects next to the road.


Silverstar Ultra

For this type of headlight, you won’t have any essential advantages for you to care about. It only has the disadvantage of the product cost. The price to buy a set of Silverstar headlights is more expensive than other standard bulbs. Compared to the basic version, the Ultra costs more than twice as much.

Silverstar Basic

In addition to the white to the yellow color range, the Silverstar Basic version is also available in blue. The blue color is the drawback that this version is suffering from.

Because light cannot penetrate layers of fog, light rain, etc., sometimes you will find moving difficult. From there, there are potential risks of traffic insecurity when traveling at night.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Does Silverstar have a long lifespan?

The answer is yes. Silverstar has a reasonably long service life compared to other headlights. For Silverstar Ultra versions, their lifespan can be 30-50% longer than different versions. It leads to an increase in the cost of buying a set of headlights.

When broken, should I replace Silverstar or Silverstar Ultra?

The replacement also depends on the type of vehicle used. Overall, Silverstar only has the disadvantage of cost.

Therefore, if you want to invest in equipment with long service life and good quality, Ultra is a great choice.

In order for car headlights to work with stable capacity and the quality of the bulbs, the manufacturer comes to the car generator. A good battery pack will help increase the stability and life of the headlights.

For example, Dl2032 vs Cr2032 batteries, manufactured by companies Duracell and Panasonic, are typical examples of today’s number 1 quality battery supplier. Customers always appreciate all battery products from these two businesses for their stability and longevity.

Is it cheaper to buy Silverstar than Silverstar Ultra?

The answer is yes. Because the basic version will have a specific limitation compared to the Ultra version. At the same time, because the useful life of Silverstar Ultra is 30-50% higher than other types of balls, their cost will be more expensive.

In addition, the lighting space of Silverstar headlights is quite ample, covering the entire area, capable of penetrating through thick layers of fog. So, choosing Slicer Star will be suitable for your car.


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand the two popular headlight bulbs today, SilverStar and Silverstar Ultra. Overall, the Ultra version will be more dominant in terms of advantages and longevity.

However, for any headlights to work stably, the power source is also a factor that you need to care about. If you wonder about a good quality one, Napa is a perfect choice.

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