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Silverstar Ultra Vs Zxe

Sylvania Silverstar Ultra Vs Zxe: Let’s Compare!

All cars such as Audis, Ford, Mercedes, …. must be fully equipped with headlights. This product has the role of helping motorists see the road in the dark or ask for directions in an emergency. Thanks to this device, you can avoid tragic accidents at night.

Therefore, choosing a good-quality lamp is a necessity for your beloved car. Currently, there are many different types of products on the market. Among them, the most prominent ones are Silverstar ultra vs Zxe by Sylvania.

So out of these two, which one is better? In the article below, we will compare 2 products according to different characteristics to choose a quality product for you.

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Silver Ultra Vs Zxe Comparison

Silver Ultra Vs Zxe Comparison

To make the comparison as straightforward as possible, we have listed the different factors of both products. Here is a review of the aspects of these two types of headlight bulbs:


At first glance, Silver ultra and Zxe are not too different. Since both belong to the same Sylvania brand, the similarity is understandable. These two products have similar bulb sizes; only 1 difference lies in the wiring.

For Silver ultra, all parts are exposed. You can easily see the filament of the light bulb, the power transmission wire,… As for the Zxe, the manufacturer has installed thin metal pieces to cover those parts. It will help the design of the product become much cleaner.

Color temperature

Color temperature will help you determine the temperature of the lamp when observing the color. Depending on the amount of heat emitted, there will be a different color.

At a color temperature of 3500K to 40000K will produce a yellow-orange color. This amount of heat usually occurs in fluorescent lamps.

Both products have the same relative color temperature. Silver ultra has 4100K, and Zxe has 4200K. Although this heat level is high, it can still be on the regular road. Both are legal and approved by SAE/DOT. So you can safely use this device.

Color of lights

The color of the lamp will determine the brightness of the product. Brighter colors will help the lights become clearer.

For example, interior car lights will often use an orange-yellow color so that the lights are not too bright to match the car’s interior. As for the headlights, you will need to use very bright colors so that everyone on the road can see them.

Specifically, Silver ultra uses white lights and covers the outside with a proprietary blue coating. There are very few brands or even no one that uses this color for headlights. As for Zxe, the manufacturer only uses simple white to make your trip safe.

Manufacture technology

As we mentioned earlier, the Silver ultra and Zxe are both from the Sylvania brand. Therefore, the manufacturing technology of both is identical. Sylvania applies Xenon halogen gas to its products.

Thanks to this technology, the life of the headlight bulb will increase, and you will not spend too much money on replacement.

However, xenon halogen gas can be irritating to some people. Too much brightness will make the people around you dazzle. Therefore, you should be very careful when using these types of headlight bulbs.


The level of brightness from the 2 headlights has a marked difference. Silver ultra uses white light, so the light emitted will be considerable. You can easily observe and move at night or in locations without street lights.

As for Zxe, blue will give you moderate brightness. Although the light will still ensure your visibility, the brightness level is not enough compared to other lamps.

Silverstar Ultra Vs Zxe – Which Is Better?

Having considered the various factors, we can conclude. It is challenging to choose a better product as both are high-quality products. In our opinion, the Zxe is somewhat superior.

Simply because the brightness of this product is of better quality. Even at night, you can easily see all obstacles ahead.

However, this does not mean that the Silver Ultra is not a poor-quality headlight. The light level of this product is more significant but will cause some trouble for you. In addition, the price of Zxe is also suitable for many wallets.

Find The Right Headlight Bulb For You

Headlight bulbs are a pretty important part, so you need to choose carefully. Here are the factors that you need to pay attention to:

Light bulb type

Currently, on the market, there are 3 types of bulbs for sale: halogen, HID, and LED. These 3 products will give different light levels. Of the types, the bulb with the brightest luminance is halogen.

It would help if you considered where your most frequent activity is to choose a suitable product. If you often travel to remote places, the best headlight bulbs are halogen types. And if you only go in the city and usually win in densely populated areas, HID or LED is the right product.

Color temperature

As we said above, the higher the heat emitted from the bulb, the greater the light level.

However, the headlight bulb needs to be bright enough for everyone around to see it. If the heat level is too low like a brake light, some not paying attention will not know that you are approaching and may cause an unfortunate accident.

Therefore, you need to choose headlights with color temperatures from 3000K – 4000K. Some types can reach 5000K, but this brightness can be dazzling for some people. Some countries have even made it mandatory to turn off headlights when not needed to ensure safety.


Not all cars in the world have the same headlight size. Each type will use a different product. You should not arbitrarily install all kinds of light bulbs in your car because they may not fit the car.

To find the right product, look at products you’ve used before and find similar models. If you can’t find the information, the best way is to get the help of car experts. You need to know what type of car you are using, and they can find you a suitable product.


Choosing the correct type of headlight bulb will make it easier for you to see around and signal to people that you are on the opposite side. Both Silver ultra and Zxe are the best products available today. But to pick one that’s better in every way, the Zxe stands out a bit more.

Hopefully, the above article has helped you have more information about the 2 products and find the best quality headlight bulb for your beloved car.

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