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Pennzoil Platinum vs Ultra Platinum

Pennzoil Platinum vs Ultra Platinum: Perfect Answer

In addition to using fuel such as gasoline to keep the car running correctly, you must also use engine oil. This oil will help the operation of the car become smoother. You need to change this fuel periodically as directed so that the engine does not have problems.

Currently, there are two types of oil on the market, Pennzoil platinum, and ultra platinum. Vehicle repairers regularly use these 2 types of fuel to lubricate the engine. So what is the difference between Pennzoil Platinum Vs Ultra Platinum? Let us distinguish these 2 oils to see which one will be better to use.

About Pennzoil Platinum

Pennzoil Platinum

Pennzoil is one of the most famous oil companies today. Its main product is platinum Pennzoil oil for car engines. Below, we will outline the uses and advantages, and disadvantages of this fuel:


The manufacturer has used Pureplus technology to create Pennzoil oil. This technology is capable of removing all impurities outside the environment. So you can rest assured that you choose to use it.

The primary purpose of Pennzoil is to protect the internal engines from contamination. This oil will help the car’s internal components avoid damage by dirt outside the environment. Thanks to this, the engine will always be secure and can operate for a long time.

In addition, this oil can withstand heat very well. Whether the weather is hot or cold, Pennzoil will protect your engine and reduce the risk of stalling due to extreme temperatures.

Pros and cons


  • Clean 40% pistons.
  • Good protection of the engine from contaminants.
  • High cleanliness.
  • Can withstand the heat emitted by the engine.
  • Able to reduce engine noise.


  • Compatible with few vehicles.
  • Not suitable for the environment.

About Ultra Platinum

Another product also from the Pennzoil brand is Ultra platinum. Here are the outstanding uses that this fuel brings:


Just like Pennzoil platinum, Ultra platinum also uses Pureplus technology. Thanks to this, the product’s oil is always in a pure state and does not leave any impurities.

Besides, this type of fuel can always stay in a liquid state. Regardless of the temperature, you can quickly transfer oil to the engine to keep the car running smoothly. Even in hot weather, ultra platinum will not evaporate, and you can save fuel.

In particular, Ultra platinum has received SN/GF-5 certification. This certificate shows that the oil is of good purity, with almost no volatility. As a result, you can maximize fuel savings and significantly reduce consumption.

Pros and cons


  • Suitable for luxury cars and sports cars.
  • Good anti-rust ability.
  • Good heat resistance.
  • Always make sure the vehicle has a stable viscosity.
  • Energy-saving.


  • Contains substances harmful to the environment.

Difference Between Pennzoil Platinum vs Ultra Platinum

Pennzoil Platinum vs Ultra Platinum

Basically, these two product lines have quite a lot of similarities. Although manufactured by the same brand, Pennzoil platinum, and ultra platinum have some differences:

Compatibility with each vehicle type

Both oils are compatible with everyday vehicles. You can use these fuels for personal cars, trucks, and SUVs.

However, if you own a high-end car or a sports car, you should choose ultra platinum. This fuel line helps boost the turbocharger and the engine. At the same time, it will help the components work at total capacity so your car can reach speed faster.

If you are using conventional vehicles, you can choose Pennzoil platinum oil. This type of fuel plays a fundamental role in making the internal engines run smoothly. Not only that, the cost to buy Pennzoil platinum is cheaper than ultra platinum.

The performance when using these two oils in the exact vehicle will also be different. As for Pennzoil platinum, its performance is only guaranteed to provide primary power for cars used every day.

As for ultra platinum, the ability to supply the vehicle will be higher because this fuel is suitable for high-performance vehicles.

Oil’s ability to clean pistons

Both Pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum are much better at cleaning pistons than other industrial oils. Because both can withstand heat very well, they will not lose the essence of protecting the engine even in extreme weather.

For Pennzoil platinum, this fuel can clean car pistons 40% more than conventional oils. Thanks to Pureplus technology, platinum is always pure, so the ability to protect the engine is excellent.

As for ultra platinum, the manufacturer has upgraded the new version compared to the regular platinum line.
Specifically, the company has added more detergents to this product to improve the piston cleaning ability significantly. Of all the oils on the market, ultra platinum is the best at keeping pistons clean and running smoothly.


There are many questions regarding these 2 oils. They wonder “which oil is better?”, or “can you mix regular and premium gas?”,….. So we have compiled and answered questions on this topic:

How many miles can Pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum run?

Both oils have a very long shelf life. In particular, Pennzoil platinum can run for 300000 miles continuously, and ultra platinum can operate about 100000 miles.

Vehicles always use oil to help the car operate more smoothly. However, you also need to change the oil periodically as prescribed by experts so that your car does not have problems.

If you do not regularly check and change the oil according to the instructions, your car will have technical problems. The engines will make a loud noise, and worse, it will be challenging to start your car.

Can I mix 2 oils together?

You can mix these two oils. But it would help if you made sure the viscosity of the 2 types is the same.

However, we do not recommend mixing Pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum. Although they are from the same manufacturer, they still have some different features. If you use a mix that is not suitable for the engine, your vehicle can fail at any time.

Therefore, if possible, you should only use 1 type of oil for your engines. You can consult with the auto repairers to see which oil is suitable for your vehicle.


Pennzoil platinum and ultra platinum are both the best oils available today. Choosing the right fuel for your car will help you keep your engines well-maintained, and your car will run more smoothly.

Hopefully, the above article has helped you find out the difference between the two oils and choose for yourself a suitable fuel.

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