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Monroe Roadmatic Vs Quick Strut

Monroe Roadmatic Vs Quick Strut: Which one is better?

The shock absorber is one of the essential parts that significantly affects the vehicle’s operation and the safety of the vehicle driver. Because the roads you move will never be completely flat. This surface roughness will result in the car being subjected to a constant impact force. 

Without a component such as a shock absorber to mitigate it, sooner or later, the car will suffer severe damage. Among the popular shockproof products, Monroe Roadmatic Vs Quick Strut are the two most prominent names. So what is the difference between these two shockproof models? Let’s find out in today’s article.

About Shock Absorber

Shock absorbers in general and automobile shock absorbers are specialized devices and play a significant role in the vehicle’s operation. Because even using quality wheel models like the 215 or 225 tires ( 215 vs 225 tires), eliminating the shock is not possible.

Depending on the designer, this part usually has an operating structure based on mechanical or hydraulic principles. But no matter how it is operated, the task of the shock absorber is always to absorb and reduce the shock pulses coming from the external environment.

The working principle of these parts is not complicated at all. Based on the laws of energy conversion, the shock absorber absorbs the kinetic energy that each impact shock occurs and converts this force into another form of energy to limit the impact on the vehicle. The most common is converting kinetic energy into heat and then dissipating it into the environment.

About Monroe Roadmatic

Monroe is one of the most famous auto accessory brands today, especially in the production of details for the shock absorption of the car. With over 30 years of experience manufacturing this type of accessory, its products in general and Monroe Roadmatic consistently achieve impressive finishing. So we can feel secure in using these products for our car.

Like many other shock absorbers, the Monroe Roadmatic has a design connecting the strut and spring. However, thanks to its solid structure, this detail possesses impressive performance in protecting vehicles and highly durable items. So Monroe roadmate will be the right choice if you are looking for a durable and sturdy product.

About Quick Strut

Like the Roadmatic Monroe, the quick strut is a shock absorber that converts kinetic energy into other types of energy to cancel the forces that are harmful to the vehicle. Besides producing Roadmatics, Monroe is also the brand responsible for creating quality quick strut devices.

It can be that the quick strut is a typical representative of mechanical shock absorbers with thick springs and solid struts. This product is also famous for its reasonable price but still ensures performance for users without sacrificing. Like its brother, the Monroe Roadmatic, the quick strut can also assemble easily.

Similarities Between Monroe Roadmatic Vs Quick Strut

Assembling ability

Assembling or replacing essential parts such as shock absorbers used to be an obsession because of the difficulty of access and the need for many different operations. However, with Monroe rd Matic vs quick strut, you won’t need to worry about this problem anymore. Because the manufacturer has replaced many mechanisms to simplify the assembly steps, thereby saving us a considerable amount of time and cost.


Both Monroe rd Matic vs quick strut maintains their PSI level at 150 to optimize the performance of absorbing kinetic energy on the vehicle. When combined with Tires Load Range C vs D, the transport performance will increase significantly.

No need for Spring

We can use it directly without spring attached, whether it’s Monroe Roadmatic or quick strut. This ability allows us to simplify the process of using and installing these shock absorbers and save a certain amount of costs.


In addition to the apparent similarities, there are specific differences between Monroe rd Matic vs quick strut. These are also the key points that you need to pay attention to if you choose a suitable product.

Weight and size

We can see the difference in size and weight between Monroe rd Matic and Quick strut.

In which Roadmatic owns a much more compact size than the bulky quick strut. Besides, with the nature of a mechanical product, the quick strut has a thicker spring ring and more rings than its brother, which leads to a big difference in weight. If the Roadmatic weighs only 5.75 pounds, that number in the quick strut is 22 pounds.

Basic structure

One of the biggest and most significant differences between these two products is the basic construction.

With the Monroe Roadmatic, the Monroe brand used air pressure technology to create this product. That is also why the Roadmatic, despite its impressive performance, is relatively light and not too bulky like many other products.

Meanwhile, the quick strut remains faithful to the traditional mechanical design with a large shaft and thick springs with many turns. So it is pretty understandable that this type of shock absorber is quite heavy and its a large size.


In fact, the Monroe Roadmatic is somewhat superior to the quick strut in terms of durability when operating continuously in high-pressure conditions. 

Some studies have shown that the Roadmatic shock absorber line will maintain stable performance constantly for about 100,000 km. In another aspect, a quick strut can only keep the kinetic energy conversion efficiency stable over a long distance of 80,000km.

While quality warranties back both, you’ll probably have to consider replacing the shock absorbers sooner when using a quick strut.


There is always a price difference between Monroe Roadmatic and quick strut because of many factors. 

There are times when these two products are close to each other in terms of price, But in the end, the Roadmatic still has a higher selling price than the quick strut.

Basically, although it is bigger and heavier than the Roadmatic, the quick strut becomes a bit cheaper than its brother because of the difference in manufacturing technology.

Which One Should I Use?

Just like when we choose ls3 or ls7 ( ls3 vs ls), the choice of Monroe Roadmatic or quick strut depends mainly on your preferences, usage needs as well as financial ability. But if I had to choose one more outstanding product, it would be the Monroe Roadmatic. In comparison, a quick strut will be suitable if you are a nostalgic person or have limited affordability.


Choosing a good shock absorber model for the car is indeed not an easy thing. We hope that the information we have just provided above will help you quickly decide between Monroe Roadmatic and quick strut, which is the right product for your needs.

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