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ls3 and ls6

Ls3 Vs Ls6: Which One Is The Hyper Engine?

The engine is one of the factors that we need to consider first when evaluating or choosing a specific car model.
Whether the vehicle you intend to buy is expensive or cheap, belongs to a well-known brand or an emerging brand, looking at the engine’s performance allows us to know the true power of the product.

Because this part has a significant influence on the entire operation of each car and deciding how the product is suitable for the users. If you are looking for sports cars or high-performance cars, perhaps ls3 vs ls6 are names that are not unfamiliar.

About The Ls Engine

In fact, LS is not an independent name. Still, it stands for Luxury Sports, a high-power engine designed and manufactured by General Motors, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious automobile manufacturers.

As the name implies, LS engine models are often reserved for luxury sports cars or expensive cars with high-performance requirements.

More than 23 years since General Motors introduced the first LS engine model called the LS1 V8 in the C5 Corvette sports car.

From 1997 to now, this manufacturer has continuously researched and developed many different variations of the LS engine, of which LS3 and LS6 are the two most prominent names. In addition, we cannot ignore other famous products such as LS2, LS9 supercharged, LSA supercharged, and LS7.

About Ls3

LS3 is one of the most successful and receiving the most positive reviews of the LS engine line. This product officially appeared on the market in 2008 on the 2008 Corvette line. But this is also the last engine model of the Gen 4 before General Motors announced the 5th generation of their developed engine.

However, this Gen 4 engine model is still one of the quality and performance options this manufacturer has ever introduced.

Besides possessing many outstanding features of its predecessors, the LS3 also includes many exceptional improvements that enhance performance to unbelievable levels. This power is also why the LS3 was the most potent base Corvette engine in history up to that point.

About Ls6

Like the LS3, the LS6 was a huge step forward in performance and built quality at its release. The iconic product of the 3rd generation in this LS engine line was introduced to users in 2001 in the Corvette Z06 series with many outstanding improvements compared to its predecessors.

The LS3 later appeared more commonly in the first generation of the Cadillac CTS-V.

The unique monolithic construction and many quality characteristics inherited from Gen 1 and Gen 2 give this product an awe-inspiring performance.

The most obvious is that the LS6 has the same basic architecture as the LS1, but the essential features that directly affect performance have a completely different design.

The changes in the head, intake manifold, and camshaft also significantly impact the success of this luxury car engine model.

Similarities Between Ls3 vs Ls6

Ls3 vs Ls6

In fact, there are not too many similarities between the two iconic General Motors engine models. However, there are still some aspects that we can consider.

Same engine architecture

The LS3 and LS6 share the same basic engine architecture as the LS1, the first product of this famous line of engines manufactured by GM. Of course, each product has its customizations to suit its use and design.

But inheriting the basic features of the prototype allows us to identify problems more efficiently. From there, they soon come up with practical solutions when encountering situations such as engine knocking when accelerating.

High performance

The LS3 and LS6 are both high-performance engines. With the primary purpose of equipping expensive models, it is not too difficult to understand when both these products have superior capacity compared to many other engine models on the market at that time.

Difference Between Ls3 And Ls6

Not too many people can know the difference between these two engine lines to make a reasonable choice. If you do not see this information, please refer to the section below for the correct answer.

In fact, a product that ends the glory days of the 4th generation of engines and a product that represents the 3rd generation, besides the time difference, has some critical differences.


It would help if you remembered that the LS3 is one of the most potent LS models with horsepower levels up to 415-430, while the number in LS6 is only from 385 to 405. So one can quickly conclude the more powerful LS3.

Not only that, the maximum speed-generating capacity of this Gen 4 product is 190mph, while its Gen 3 brother, the LS6, has only 162 mph. In addition, the time taken to reach the top speed of the LS3 is only half of the time required for the LS6. So in terms of speed, the LS7 is a rival to the LS3.


People often have a subjective comment that the product that works with lower capacity will usually be more durable. In the case of LS3 and LS6, this statement is quite reasonable.

According to some studies, the LS6 can maintain stability for about 150-200.00 miles without too many problems leading to phenomena such as car deaths while driving. While this figure in the LS3 is only 100,000 miles even though both are in the same maintenance condition.

Energy saving

In terms of fuel consumption, the LS3 is much more dominant. With about 26-30 MPG compared to 23 MPG on an average travel distance of the LS6, you will save a lot of money. And this is also one of the factors affecting the choice of users.


Hopefully, the information we have just provided above will help you quickly decide between ls3 and ls6, which is the type of engine that has the characteristics suitable for your needs and help you make the right choices.

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