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Interior Car Lights Won't Turn Off

Interior Car Lights Won’t Turn Off [Causes & Fix]

The problem of car lights not turning off is the most concerning by many drivers today. It comes from two sides: Objective and subjective. The Subject is due to the driver turning on during use.

Objectively, it is expected that 1 or a few parts of the lighting system have problems. You should not be too worried about this situation because all have solutions. The following article will help you determine what causes the interior car lights won’t turn off and how to fix them.

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Uses Of Interior Lighting Systems

The main feature of car interior lights is to provide light for the vehicle at night and during the day.

Currently, the light system will connect to switches or a central control system using touch. In addition, for some modern cars, the entire lighting system will be controlled automatically.

Therefore, when the processing center has specific details: sensors, connection wires, the light may stay on even if you have turned it off. You can test the system yourself through the Chilton or Haynes manual.

However, this work is quite tricky and time-consuming. To fix the problem quickly, you should take your car to an auto repair center.

Main Reason For The Interior Car Lights Won’t Turn Off

Interior Car Lights Won't Turn Off

The reason why the lights in the car do not turn off will be divided into two cases: subjective and objective. It may be because the driver did not close the door properly or forgot to turn off the lights for personal circumstances.

The objective point is that the switch or some customer details are broken. Here are 3 common causes that many cars have encountered:

Users do not close the car door properly

Usually, most lights on cars will be linked to the car door or trunk. When you close the door or open the box, the lights will turn on.

Therefore, if you detect that the light is still on when the door is closed, you can check the condition of the car door. When closed, the light does not turn off, then the cause will originate from another detail.

Broken switch

In some current cars, the lights will connect directly to a control switch. When this switch fails, the light can always be on or always off.

For the case where the light is always on, the switch, even though you’ve turned it off, is still on. At this point, you need to check the quality of the controller and the entire surrounding wiring.

Dimmable switch in the highest position

In addition to the light-emitting feature, many manufacturers have integrated the car light dimming mode into the interior lighting system. This mod is made possible by a setting located on the left side of the control wheel.

When the setting adjusts to the furthest position, it will affect the lights inside your car. Therefore, if you detect that the lights inside the vehicle are always ON, you need to check the dimming mode of the car lights; it is most likely a problem.

The Car Lights Won’t Turn Off: How To Fix?

The Car Lights Won't Turn Off: How To Fix

Calibrate the light switch

Calibrating the light switch is the first fix that you need to know. To do this, you need to turn on the lights using the roof light switch or the dashboard. With this method, you will check whether there is any confusion on the subjective side. If true, turn it off.

Check the light switches on the doors

This door light switch test is intended to control all lights on the automotive system, including the door and trunk lights.

First, locate the manual switches on each door and turn it off. At this point, you will hear the switch sound when you press it. If you can’t listen to it, the light switch is most likely faulty. Try to fix it yourself or ask a technician.

Check the correct headlight settings

If the car’s interior lights are set to the highest setting, it can affect the interior lights and cause the lights to stay on. Therefore, if the interior lights are at their highest level, change and fix the situation as soon as possible.

Check the connection wiring

After the inspection, if all else is not why the lights are always on, you will need to do a closer inspection.

That’s the wiring connection. Try to test each wire one by one to make sure they are all working correctly. This job is not easy and requires people with high technical skills.

Usually, the wiring of a car’s lights runs from the switch in the side door to the car’s dashboard. You will need an auto technician manual to do this. Because it is the best way for you to know precisely where each connection wire is.

A common problem related to connecting wires is due to broken connections or uncertain connectors. At this point, you will need to replace that connection cord.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How to turn off the dome lights in the car?

To turn off the dome lights in a car, you will use a manual control switch. That switch is on the left-hand control panel of the steering wheel or the headlight switch.

In addition, there are additional switches on the door of your car and some in the trunk. To turn off the lights, you will need to do the following 3 steps:

Step 1: Adjust the dome light switch
Step 2: Locate each switch by opening and closing the door in turn
Step 3: Start your car and let it run for about 3-5 minutes.

How long can interior lights be used?

It will take 4 to 8 hours for your car battery to completely drain from leaving the interior lights on for a long time. Average car battery life is between 50 and 100 amp-hours, especially for new vehicles. Most car interior lights are around 0.5 to 1 ampere.

Therefore, the battery will power the lights for about 50 to 200 hours. In addition, for some modern cars using higher wattage lights will consume more electricity. Therefore, the time will be reduced.

Do interior lights turn off automatically?

Auto-off interior lights will depend on the vehicle type. Modern cars will integrate a sensor system that allows accurate situational identification to help the lights work smoothly.


Hopefully, through the article, you can find out why the lights inside the car are always on. The cause can come from two sides: subjective and objective.

Therefore, you should double-check all cases to ensure that every detail in the lighting system is working stably. That detail will help you figure out why the lights are always on quickly.

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