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How to use Soap to Fix a Squeaky Fan Belt

How to use Soap to Fix a Squeaky Fan Belt?

Fan belts are one of the important sections that connect other essential parts of a vehicle such as a crankshaft pulley, and the engine cooling system’s alternator.

This fan belt may get squeaky over time as it becomes old and may have underlying defects. Several car owners made use of soap as an alternative regimen to fix the fan belt.

Hence, we will talk over How to Use a Soap to Fix a Squeaky Fan Belt, and this is perfect for those individuals who opt to use the soap method rather than any other else.

What is a fan belt?

A fan belt is represented as a rubber that connects and powers certain engine partitions. These are namely the crankshaft pulleys, alternator from the cooling fan, AC compressor, water, and steering pump, etc.

As the fan belt begins to squeak due to neglect of repairs or frequent exposure to floods, muds, sands, saltwater, rainwater, or other extreme weather conditions, the car engine will primarily be affected.

Any build-up of foreign substances to the belt slows it from circulating the pulley and consequently produces unwanted noises.

This is why regular maintenance should be implemented to keep the fan belt functional.

Why do fan belts make squeaking noise?

Why do fan belts make squeaking noise

As the fan rubber rotates, it tends to slip on the metal pulley which creates a squeaking sound.

Aside from that, a flapping sound is produced when the belt breaks. And a ticking sound is also produced when parts of the belt hit foreign objects. These sounds commonly occur most especially when the fan belt is in worse condition.

However, these noises do not develop unless the vehicle’s internal parts experienced some of these factors.

Contaminated Belts. When other parts of the engine start to leak fluids and the heat of the engine gets in touch with the rubbers, it harms the fan belt as time goes by. Resulting in creating unusual noises.

Extreme weather conditions. This phenomenon distresses the quality of the rubber. Exposure to harmful substances including dirt from floods, muds, and heat worn out the fan belt.

Inaccurate Setup. Make checking some of the car parts before driving a habit. The pulley or belt may not be properly aligned and attached to its position, thus making it squeak.

Aside from that, the belt might not be properly installed. It should be accurately tensioned during installation and re-tensioned minutes later of turning on the engine.

If the technique is ineffective, the belt requires replacement unless you want to hear it squeak.

Out of Date. Fan belts have an expiration date. Sooner or later the belt will start to become outstretched, brittle, show some cracks, and produce unnecessary noise. Have them repaired or replaced immediately to avoid disturbances.

How to use soap to fix a squeaky fan belt?

How to use soap to fix a squeaky fan belt
Originally, local auto shops have a product called “Belt Dressing” that solves the squeaking noise on the fan belt. However, if you are in an urgent situation and are far from a car shop, just grab a soap to fix your problem.

To start, turn off your engine before touching and applying soap onto the belt.

It was stated that engines and fan belts are connected, in consequence, the surrounding surface might be hot and you should be careful of further damages while doing the procedure.

The next step is to grab your preferred soap bar. As you have recognized the fan belt, simply rub the soap on easy-to-reach areas of the belt.

An extra tip for those who have no soap, you can utilize other materials like grease or oil.

Take note that this technique only temporarily smoothens the fan belt and pulleys surface, thus getting rid of the squeaky noise.

In the end, the fan belt should be maintained or replaced by mechanics to have a permanent evasion of those unwanted sounds.

When to change my car’s fan belt?

If the soap method is already hopeless, you should change the fan belt. Here are some scenarios where you can recognize the need for replacing the fan belt.

The first thing to observe is when the steering wheel is hard to maneuver. Although not all problems with the steering wheel direct to the fan belt, it still presents one of the many reasons.

Eventually, the belt will lose its grip and slide from its place. After difficulty in controlling the water pump.
Secondly, if the belt is impaired, it overheats your car. So, when the car engine overheats, the fan belt could be the main source of the problem.

Thirdly, since the alternator is run by the fan belt, and when it is worn out you can notice that your car doesn’t start right away unlike before. Plus, there might be dim lights once the car is turned on.

Lastly, after applying some soap onto the belt and the car still screams, it is a sign to purchase a new fan belt now.


Learning how to use soap to fix a squeaky fan belt was easy and only takes a few minutes to perform. Once you hear a squeaking noise brought by the fan belt, remember the idea of applying soap. Although it won’t guarantee a lifetime effect, it could temporarily help especially when you are alone.

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