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How To Troubleshoot Toyota Bluetooth Greyed Out?

You’re having a little bit of trouble with the Bluetooth connectivity on your Toyota car, aren’t you? Toyota Motor Corporation has won a lot of resounding victories in the car manufacturing industry.

However, it is not uncommon for us to encounter a few problems with Toyota car’s features like Toyota Bluetooth greyed out.

How to troubleshoot it? Is it easy to fix? We will show you right now!

Causes of Toyota Bluetooth greyed out.
Sometimes Toyota Bluetooth greyed out will make you panic and confused to find a proper solution. It won’t be easy, however, to know why this occurs. Some drivers look for the causes on some online forums and often get no satisfactory response. After some researches and synthesis, I can show you a few reasons below:

– Bluetooth features on your phone or the car’s audio system are not enabled yet.
– Bluetooth Versions on both the devices are incompatible with each other or sometimes outdated.
– The car’s audio system has accepted enough connected devices, usually five ones.
– Your phone is on a low battery to make a Bluetooth connection.
– Sources of interference like Bluetooth apps on your phone make the connection unaccepted.
– And many more

Bluetooth greyed out in Toyota Prado
These are some common causes that make your Toyota Bluetooth greyed out. The failure of the Bluetooth connection may result from your incorrect connection operations, the incompatibility of technical failure of the devices. Whatever the cause is, you all find a way to deal with it.

How to troubleshoot Toyota Bluetooth greyed out

Bluetooth connection failure is not difficult to deal with, especially once you have found the reason. Here are a few ways to handle them directly:

Check Bluetooth settings in your phone and vehicle.
Please check if you connect the Bluetooth properly? One of the common mistakes is that the driver forgets to turn on the car’s Bluetooth or even the phone’s Bluetooth mode correctly.

To check the feature in your car, select Menu> Setup> Bluetooth®> Detailed settings. It would be best to ensure that the Bluetooth function is working and there is no error message on the screen.

Check currently connected devices.
Normally, the Toyota car’s Bluetooth feature only accepts to record five connecting devices in its history. If the car’s audio system already has five devices recorded, it will not connect to the new one. It’s essential to remove the ones that are not frequently used or unfamiliar.

Check compatibility and update the feature.
The Bluetooth versions on both devices need to be compatible to connect. Most recent cars and phones ensure high compatibility with other devices, but there might be a certain mismatch.

You need to check the car’s audio system’s compatibility by looking at the Toyota official website. You should also update the system regularly to ensure the connection is not outdated.

Reset your phone or the Bluetooth feature on the vehicle
In case you have no other solution, try resetting your phone and the car’s audio system. To turn it off, you need to press and hold the audio knob to make it power off and restart automatically. This action helps the machine eliminate sources of interference to the Bluetooth connection and, at the same time, refresh failed operations.

Contact the customer care center.
It would be the worst-case when you are unable to fix the Bluetooth connection problem yourself. Please contact customer support to get appropriate advice and even arrange the warranty if necessary.


Toyota Bluetooth greyed out is an issue that more or fewer drivers have experienced. The above article has outlined common causes, and some recommended troubleshoots when you encounter this situation. We hope that this article will make your experience as best as possible.

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