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Complete Guide On How To Stop A Transmission Leak

Like the blood vessels in our body, fluid transmission plays a vital role during the vehicle’s operation. Because of the significant influence on the vehicle’s stability, any damage that leads to the overflow of substances inside the transmission is a natural disaster.

So in today’s article, I will guide you on how to stop a transmission leak and provide many other practical related knowledge. Indeed the information below will help you a lot.

What Is The Transmission Leak Phenomenon?

What Is The Transmission Leak Phenomenon

A transmission leak is the phenomenon of cracks appearing inside or outside the transmission pipes of the vehicle, thereby leading to the loss of transmission material.

Similar to many other failures, transmission leaks will create unnecessary problems for us during vehicle operation.

However, one slight difference that makes this problem a lot more annoying is that leaking liquids can spread and cause damage to components adjacent to the pipes. Thereby it makes seemingly simple injury much more complicated and expensive.

Often, many types of pipes carry out the transmission of dozens of different fluids, from engine oil and coolant to the transmission fluid and even fuel.

But no matter what color, nature, or use, these substances play a significant role in the car. Therefore, leakage incidents in general and leakage of transmitters always bring terrible consequences.

Causes Of Transmission Leak

Causes Of Transmission Leak

Many harmful factors lead to transmission leaks. However, a few reasons appear more than usual, and we will need to keep an eye on those unusual factors. Here are the five most common causes of transmitter leaks.

Transmission Pan or Drain Plug

The transmission pan is the element that helps keep the liquid in one position and prevents the leakage of these substances. However, the transmission pan will also begin to be damaged and degraded by many different factors over time. And of course, when damaged too much, this part cannot prevent the transmission fluid from spilling out.

In addition, even the latest transmission pans can have problems if they are not handled and maintained correctly.

Seals are Broken

There are many types of transmission seals scattered throughout the transmission distance to keep the pressure and stability of the fluid inside. But just like the drive pan, these seals will also begin to degrade after a period of continuous operation. And as a result, a pressure drop or leak will occur to the contents inside.

Transmission Pan Gasket Fails

The gasket also plays a vital role in keeping the transmitters from leaking out along with the drive pan. So if this part cannot do its job, then surely the solvents inside will not be able to move stably.

Usually, gasket problems come from quite a few reasons, both subjective and objective. Cracks caused by physical impact or injuries caused by excessive exposure to heat sources can cause damage. However, the manufacturer’s poor quality of gasket processing will also be the answer to the problem in this part.

Torque Converter Leakage

The Torque converter functions as a pump to help guide the fluid into the system. So if there is any damage to this part, the leak will appear immediately.

Fluid Line is Cracked

Of course, we cannot ignore the problems from the pipeline, one of the most exposed places and the main route for the transmission of solutions.

Consequences Of Transmission Leak

Consequences Of Transmission Leak

The most obvious consequence that the leak creates is an abnormality in the operation of the gearbox. Because this part very much needs the presence of conductive fluids. But if a large amount of solvent has disappeared due to a leak, the small amount of liquid remaining is not enough for the transmission to use. Maintaining the correct speed or shifting will be extremely difficult.

In some cases, the leak has even worse consequences, rendering the vehicle inoperable and completely stopped. In addition, some related departments will also be negatively affected by this incident.

How To Recognize Transmission Leak

How To Recognize Transmission Leak

One of the easiest ways to detect leaks is to check the area underneath your car. Since the transmission fluid is usually pink or green, two colors stand out from the other solvents your vehicle uses. So if the stains on the floor are green or red, there is a high chance that a transmission leak has occurred.

In the case of yellow or amber liquid, you need to be careful, and it is very likely to be confused with a machine oil leak. However, with the same leak, the treatment for these two phenomena is not the same.

In addition, the transmission leak also produces some types of smoke with an unpleasant smell and a strange color.

How To Stop A Transmission Leak

How To Stop A Transmission Leak

There are two ways you can deal with a transmission leak. Depending on the needs and situations encountered, you can choose the fastest and most suitable way to handle it.

Use anti-leak solutions

These types of anti-leak agents are capable of preventing and filling the holes caused by cracks quite effectively and quickly. Besides, using these special chemicals is also extremely easy because the manufacturers have created them to be suitable for many different types of gearboxes. All you need to do is put the anti-leak agent in the correct position indicated on the instructions.

However, this method is not a long-term option because the ability to fill the openings is only temporary. The patches are often very shallow and quickly disappear after a while.

Take it to a professional repairman

If you want to make sure the damaged spots don’t happen again, you can ask a professional repairman in the store. Although the fee may be higher than using anti-leak agents, in return, the durability and stability will be much higher.

Is It Safe To Drive A Vehicle With A Transmission Leak?

Safe To Drive A Vehicle With A Transmission Leak

In theory, a slight lack of transmitters will only bring discomfort when driving. Driving a vehicle experiencing a transmission leak is not as bad as one might imagine. However, you will also need to repair this damage as soon as possible. Because to some extent, the car will not work without solvent.

Transmission Leak Repair Cost

If the answer to the question how much does it cost to fix an oil leak is more than $1,000, then a transmitter-related leak will only cost you between $150 and $200. If using anti-leak agents, the cost will be even cheaper.

A Tip To Prevent Transmission Leak

Of course, regular maintenance and inspection of the gearbox will help you prevent and predict damage in the future. In addition, the addition of some special chemicals will also help prevent transmission leaks.


A transmission leak or any other damage will also bring us potential risks, thereby endangering ourselves. So hopefully, today’s article has provided you with the knowledge on how to stop a transmission leak most appropriately.

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