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How To Start A Car With A Bad Ignition Switch

How To Start A Car With A Bad Ignition Switch?

There are many reasons why a car cannot start. So how to start a car with a bad ignition switch? The information below will be beneficial that you should not ignore because there will be times when you need to use it!

5 Signs Of A Bad Ignition Switch

# Difficult to turn the key

If suddenly, when turning the key but not seeing it, it works smoothly every time you try to start the car.

You can feel the key wobbling inside the lock, or it’s stuck there, and it’s hard to get out. It means that the ignition switch is seriously damaged and needs to be fixed before things get worse.

# Car can’t start

Your car’s inability to start is also one of the very first signs of a bad ignition switch.

The cause may be due to the wear of the internal contacts of the ignition switch, which should be replaced immediately.

# No engine start sound

The next ubiquitous sign is when you no longer hear the engine start when turning the key.

A small trick to distinguish between a lousy engine start or a damaged ignition switch is on which part the click is coming from.

# The Stalled car

In many cases, a car died while driving suddenly without any prior warning means that the ignition switch is having problems.

# The steering wheel is stuck

In the ignition switch, there will be a steering wheel mechanical lock. This lock is responsible for stopping the steering wheel from ensuring the vehicle’s safety when it is stopped. So, if you get stuck on the steering wheel, it means it’s time to have the ignition cylinder checked for maintenance.

How To Start A Car With A Bad Ignition Switch?

How To Start A Car With A Bad Ignition Switch

# Hotwiring

For cars made before the 90s, you can apply this method to restart your car.

First, locate the handlebar column and then remove the plastic cover and secure all the internal components.

Then locate the harness connector by observation. But usually, it is located in the center of the steering column.

Then find the other wires, cables, and connectors in turn that are related to the light control wipers and accessories.

The next important step is to locate the battery, igniter, and starter connectors. Hints for easy identification are that the yellow and brown wires will be related to the ignition. The red wire is for the battery.

Proceed to separate the battery wires down from the insulation one and twist them together. Then connect the cables to the battery wires, and they will light up, and the other electrical components will also start working again.

Finally, to restart your car, pull down the starter cord and touch the battery wires to connect them. When the car is back in operation, wait patiently for it to start up again for a while and then roll.

# Drill and screwdriver

I suggest one more trick that can work but be very careful because it can ultimately damage the ignition switch.
First, you must make sure that you have located the correct keyhole.

Then take a metal drill bit and drill into the keyhole the length of the key to destroy the internal pins.

Finally, use a screwdriver and put it inside the keyhole instead of the key and turn it, the car will start.

# Jumper cable

Start by opening the hood and locating the ignition coil and battery. Then use a jumper cable to connect the battery’s positive terminal to the coil’s positive terminal. This action supplies power to the instrument panel instantly to start the vehicle’s engine.

The next step is to locate the starter solenoid and connect it to the battery’s positive terminal. Then unplug the ignition switch wire from the solenoid unit.

When finished, use a screwdriver to attach the positive end of the solenoid to the ignition switch connection post, which will activate the electrical system to help the car start again.

How To Test An Ignition Switch

How To Test An Ignition Switch

# Use a multimeter

Please switch to “Off” mode. Connect the positive end of the multimeter to the power switch cable and the negative probe to any unpainted metal in the car.

And then put the key to the “On” position and set the multimeter to measure the voltage. If the battery voltage is below 90%, the ignition switch is faulty.

# Using the check light

In addition to the above test, you can observe with a 12V test light. First, do not turn on the key and then disconnect the cable of the module. Also, disconnect the solenoid south terminal to prevent the motor from starting when it switches to the “On” position.

Put the key and position “Open” and connect the red wire to the voltage for testing. Then do the same for the battery of the ignition coil, put the key in the “Open” position and connect the white wire of the ignition switch.

If the light is on, the control is stable. Otherwise, it is disabled.

How To Fix A Bad Ignition Switch?

To overcome the situation of a car dying while driving because of a poor ignition switch, you need to pay attention to the safety lock of the steering wheel.

As the above causes are known, the solution, in this case, is to release the steering wheel lock by turning the steering wheel and turning the ignition at the same time.

You need to avoid allowing dirt and debris to get inside the ignition switch because it may cause the key to get stuck and not rotate.

If the lock is stuck and cannot release the steering wheel, you can use some rust removal products or a pressure nozzle through the keyhole.

Besides, you can try using a hammer to tap a few times on the key. But pay attention to be gentle so as not to break the key in the switch.

After trying all the above solutions, nothing can fix it, and it’s time to replace the ignition lock cylinder with a new one.


How to start the car with a bad ignition switch? After reading through this article, apply the tips and tricks like in this guide to know exactly where the error lies, thereby finding the proper fix.

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