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How To Rev A Car

How To Rev A Car: Ultimate Guides & Tips

Renting a car is an operation that brings an exciting experience to the driver. At the same time, this action also brings many benefits, such as helping the oil circulate more efficiently in this weather.

Besides, some argue that rev a car is not suitable for your engine.

To help you better understand the topic, here’s a guide to how to rev a car and a few things to keep in mind to protect your car’s engine.

What Does Rev A Car Mean?

First of all, we will clarify what the rev action means for the performance of a car. To put it simply, rev is your best friend when the car is in a parked state or when moving steadily. At that time, you will suddenly increase the engine rpm of the car engine.

Most people do rev a car to show off a car with an extensive exhaust system. And usually, it will help you increase your speed quickly and suddenly. Therefore, the prominent racers are the ones who often perform this rev operation.

Besides, this action also contributes to heating the engine to help oil circulate easily. Thanks to this, your car always works well, even in cold weather.

How To Rev A Car – 4 Steps

How To Rev A Car
On winter days, you want to rev a car so that the oil can circulate easily to keep the engine running efficiently. However, you do not know the simplest way to accelerate a vehicle.

Then, immediately refer to our guide below. Indeed, you will know how to do this straightforward operation.

Step 1: Startup

First, you need to turn on the car, start your engine.

Of course, you should never leave your car in place for too long; check out “how often should you start your car” for more details.

Step 2: Wait for oil circulation

In fact, immediately after starting, the oil cannot directly circulate to all parts. Therefore, wait about 20-30 seconds until the positions are lubricated for the car to work effectively.

This preparatory step is necessary because revving will cause engine wear. This lubrication will help limit the breakdown and damage of the engine.

Step 3: Press the button and control the accelerator

First, press the accelerator pedal slowly and then adjust the shift lever to the neutral position. At this point, you will feel the engine running smoothly if the oil has circulated all the parts before.

Next, observe the tachometer needle on display. When you press the accelerator pedal harder, it will point to a higher value.

However, note that only the dial shows your RPM, and remember not to let them reach the red line. At the same time, you should adjust the state from center to rotation in a stable manner.

Step 4: Release the accelerator

When you release the accelerator, the engine will return to its original state. So you have done your rev a car process.

In addition, you can also refer to how to rev your engine to understand the operation of your car better.

How To Rev A Car When Parking

How To Rev A Car When Parking
In addition, people are also interested in another case: How to rev a car when Parking. Please refer to the following instructions to better understand this operation.

Step 1: Startup

First, you also need to start your car by turning on the engine to start running.

Step 2: Wait for the oil to circulate

To limit the risk of engine trouble, wait for about 30 seconds for the oil to circulate. As a result, the oil will lubricate the components to help the engine operate more efficiently.

Step 3: Put the car in parking modeStep 4: Step on the gas

To turn the car, you press the accelerator pedal evenly. However, keep an eye out for the velocity pointer on your indicator. Your task is to step on the gas evenly and keep it, so the needle does not touch the red line.

At the same time, you can also press the accelerator pedal harder and then slowly release the accelerator and shift gears.


To help you better understand the issues related to rev a car, we’ve put together some frequently asked questions. Surely, the information below will be helpful to you.

Is it bad to rev your car?

Many people wonder if turning the car is a wrong action or not? Because when you turn your vehicle around, you put unnecessary pressure on your car and engine. Therefore, it can cause the vehicle to wear out and have several other effects.

However, in cold weather, you must warm-up before running. As a result, the car engine will gradually heat up, and the oil will also circulate more easily.

Therefore, turning the car is not bad, but you should not do it many times. By the fact, it still generates unnecessary wear and tears on the car.

Does revving the engine in neutral damage it?

Yes, of course. Because when you do rev a car, action will cause engine wear.

That is, this action caused the motor to rotate faster than the manufacturer’s design speed. Therefore, the risk of engine trouble increases when you rev ​​in a neutral state.

Can you rev ​​a car in the park?

Another issue that people are pretty concerned about is that you can turn the car while in the parking lot or not? The simple answer is yes.

Note, you should only rev a car in the park when the weather is cold and try to keep the car’s speed limit.

However, you should limit rev a car in the park because it can cause your engine to crash. Performing free revolutions adversely affects and causes engine wear.


As such, the rev a whole action provides an enjoyable experience, especially for speed enthusiasts. Hopefully, through this article, you can better understand how to rev a car most simply.

However, this action is not beneficial, so you should not do it with constant frequency. Please rev only when necessary, for example in winter, cold weather, to make the engine work better.

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