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How To Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy

How To Reset Transmission Control Module (TCM) Chevy?

The transmission control module (TCM) is the part that connects the engine and transmission. It helps to calculate the exact position and timing of the gear lever to reach the desired speed. So when TCM has problems, it becomes more difficult to control your car.

Most drivers will choose to replace the TCM. But replacement will be very expensive and not necessary in many cases. So, how to reset transmission control module chevy? There is a simpler and more economical way to reset the vehicle’s TCM.

  • Unlock vehicle to 2nd position (ON position)
  • Press and hold the gas pedal for 13 seconds
  • Turn off the car lock (put to OFF position)
  • Release the gas pedal and wait 5 minutes
  • Test drive the car

    For more details, you can refer to this article!

4 Signs indicating a problem in the transmission control module

The transmission control module in particular and the car’s parts, in general, are very durable and of good quality. However, over time, the TCM can no longer function properly due to overuse or the effects of the engine heat that builds up day by day.

To recognize the abnormality of the Transmission control module, you can rely on the following 4 common signs.

Incorrect shifting

Incorrect shifting

TCM is the part that calculates the time and returns the gear lever to the right position to reach a certain speed. If the TCM fails, the gear lever will not return to the desired position.

A common sign is that your vehicle is stuck in neutral. You won’t see any gear shifting warning on the screen. Therefore, it makes it unsafe to control the car when the speed is not maintained.

Cannot perform Upshifting or Downshifting

When the TCM has a problem, you will have difficulty moving the gear lever up and down to change the speed. If you can’t move the gear to a higher gear when you want to accelerate, then the car’s TCM has a problem.

Or, in case you want to slow down but can’t move the gear down to a small number, the car’s TCM is also having issues.

Jerk when changing gear lever

For automatic transmission vehicles, if you feel a sudden jerk or shock at every gear lever shift, it may be a TCM problem. To better understand this issue, you can refer to what does it mean when your car jerks while driving.

Fuel loss

Fuel loss
Vehicles with Automatic transmission systems use TCM to control the engine and calculate the amount of fuel needed. Therefore, accurate calculations will optimize energy use and save fuel.

Therefore, when a problem occurs in TCM, you will find that the time between 2 full tank refills is shortened, which means that power is wasted.

5 Simple Steps On How To Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy

5 Simple Steps On How To Reset Transmission Control Module Chevy
When car parts have problems, you need to check, repair, and replace them in time to avoid unwanted consequences. For the Transmission control module problem, try resetting it at home by following these 5 easy steps!

Unlock vehicle to 2nd position (ON position)

The first step to reset is to insert the car key and adjust it to position 2 (ON position). Pay attention to listen for 2 “clicks” because it indicates that the key is in position 2. When it is in the ON position, the car’s screen will light up.

Press and hold the gas pedal for 13 seconds

When the key is in the right position, and the car screen also lights up, the next thing is to hold down the gas pedal. Here, gently press the gas pedal until the kick-down switch is activated. Then, hold the gas pedal in that position for about 13 seconds and proceed to the next step.

Turn off the car lock (put to OFF position)

After 13 seconds of holding the gas pedal, return the lock to the OFF position (zero position). The previously bright screen will also turn off.

Remember that this time your foot is still on the gas pedal! Do not rush to remove the car key from the socket; just leave it there and take the next step.

Release the gas pedal and wait 5 minutes

When the key is in the zero position, and the display is off, slowly release the gas pedal. Then relax for 5 minutes while the engine rests and complete the reset process.

Test drive the car

It is done! You have just reset the vehicle’s transmission control module (TCM) and Engine Control Unit (ECU). After optimizing the ECU and TCM, the first thing to do is to test drive the car for about 20 minutes.

After the reset process, the TCM will reset to its exact mission. The gear lever will be in the right place and at the right time, giving you a smooth driving experience.

Notes When Resetting Transmission Control Module Chevy

  • In step 1, carefully return the key to the 2nd position, avoiding moving the key to the Start button.
  • The maximum time to press the gas pedal is 15 seconds. You must practice the next step immediately.
  • Remember that when turning off the car lock to the OFF position, the foot still holds the gas pedal.
  • Release the gas pedal only when the key is in the zero position.
  • The reset process will require patience. You have to wait a full 13 seconds at the step of holding down the gas pedal and wait about 5 more minutes after releasing the pedal. But these waits will pay off for you.


We gathered and answered a few frequently asked questions related to this topic. Check it out for details!

Why is TCM important for a vehicle?

TCM is the part that connects the engine and transmission. It calculates exactly when and where the gear lever is to reach the desired speed. TCM also sends an OCB code to the car’s display to warn of transmission malfunction or problems. Obviously, this is the part that ensures you have a safe and comfortable ride.

What causes the vehicle’s TCM to have problems?

TCM problems are often secondary problems caused by malfunctioning other parts of the vehicle. A few reasons can include:

  • Current overload through the TCM.
  • Thermal overload.
  • Parameter errors in transmission and engine parts.
  • Strong shaking: The cause may be due to under-inflated tires. You can refer to how to fix low tire pressure for more details.

Does disconnecting the battery help reset the TCM?

Disconnecting the car battery does not reset the TCM. If you simply disconnect the battery, the reset will not complete, and the factory defaults will not be set.


Just detailed steps and notes to reset the transmission control module for chevy. Hope you understand and understand the steps and successfully practice this RESET process. I hope you always have safe and comfortable cars on your trips.

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