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How to Remove Bumper Stickers?

How to Remove Bumper Stickers? Tips For Newbies!

Currently, one of the most commonly used car decoration methods is cushioning. The stickers are full of different colors and designs, suitable for all car models. 

However, the disadvantage of these pads is that they are easily scratched and torn upon impact or after use. It will make your car ugly. 

So, how can I remove cushion stickers at home without affecting the car paint? The following article will help you answer that question.

Can You Remove The Bumper Sticker?

Certainly yes. In essence, cushion stickers will only keep a high level of stickiness for a certain amount of time. After the recommended time, the color and grip will be significantly reduced. However, the feature of these stickers is that the investment cost is quite cheap. Therefore, users can easily replace it at any time.

However, removing the mattress pad will be difficult for you to do at room temperature. Because of the adhesion of this product, it is especially for car paint. If you only use force or sharp objects to remove the night image, it can affect the car’s paint. At that time, your vehicle will become ugly, losing its inherent luxury.

So, is there any method to remove the padding stickers other than using force? The answer is yes. There are many sticker cleaning solutions available that can remove any sticker with just a few simple steps. Alternatively, you can use high heat to remove old stickers. If you are wondering about choosing the most effective method of eliminating cushion stickers at home, you can refer to 1 of the 4 ways below.

Also, are car cleaners like seafoam vs Lucas capable of removing the adhesive of the bumper stickers? The answer is no. Because both of these solutions can only be available for engines, it is not to remove adhesives.

How to Remove Bumper Stickers?

How to Remove Bumper Stickers?

Use white vinegar

Using white vinegar is one of the most effective mattress removal methods available today. This substance can be available for all stickers in different sizes and designs. The advantage of white vinegar is that it is cheap and can be at home. However, it would help if you considered using a moderate amount of vinegar. Because using too much vinegar will cause the paint to peel off, significantly affecting the car’s aesthetics. To do this, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Dip a tissue in white vinegar or use a spray bottle
  • Step 2: Apply vinegar evenly on the surface of the mattress pad
  • Step 3: Use force to be able to remove the sticker

But, does white vinegar affect tires when it gets stuck? 

The answer is no. White vinegar only affects car paint when you use too much. In addition, during use, if vinegar gets on your tire with low pressures, you will not need to worry because it is completely harmless.

Use spray WD-40

In addition to using white vinegar, you can use Wd-40 spray to get rid of the night stickers. This type of cleaner can remove all cushion-shaped stickers with efficiency up to >99%. To proceed, you will need to follow the recommendations printed on the body of the spray. Spray sufficiently so as not to affect the car paint and details around the sticker.

So, what kind of vehicle is WD-40 spray used for? This cleaner is used for cars like jeep grand Cherokee. Users will not need to worry too much about how the car paint can be affected, like white vinegar.

Use heat eraser to remove stickers.

Using heat is the most cost-effective way for users. With this method, you will not need to spend any money to remove the car bumper stickers. To generate heat, you can use boiling water or a hairdryer.

With boiling water, you will pour it directly onto the gasket. Then, use a sharp, low-thick object to remove the panel’s corners gradually. As for the hairdryer, the procedure will be similar to boiling water. You will need to slowly peel off the corner of the tape before attempting to remove the entire backing.

Get help from the service center.

With small-sized cushion stickers, you can completely treat yourself at home. However, with large images, it will be difficult for you to remove them. At this point, one of the best methods for you is to get help from a service center.

When coming here, the technical staff will assist in removing the mattress pad by various methods. Surely, you will be committed to the quality of service. Cars will be guaranteed to be intact after removing the cushion stickers.

Scratches will rarely appear, the color and gloss of the car’s paint will be preserved. At the same time, the cost for 1 time using the service is quite low, and it is suitable for all types of customers. Therefore, users will not need to worry too much about the large number of mattress pads that will cause processing costs to increase too high.

In addition, in-car manuals like Chilton vs Haynes will detail how you can clean all stains on your car. Users can rely on that to choose the most effective method of cleaning the cushion sticker.

how to remove old bumper stickers


How do you remove stickers from car without damaging paint?

There are currently many methods by which you can remove the bumper stickers from your car without damaging the paint: using heat and detergents. Besides, a note for those of you. Using white vinegar determines the amount of vinegar suitable for the size of the mattress pad. Because using too much vinegar can affect the paint color.

Is it hard to take off bumper stickers?

The decals will be much more durable than the regular mattress pads. Therefore, it will be more difficult to handle. Users will only be advised to use glue remover for high base plate use because the temperature will not be able to affect too much on the decal. At the same time, the use of sharp objects will affect the paint layer if you apply too much force.

How do you remove a bumper sticker that won’t come off?

Using temperature will be a great choice for you. You can generate heat from various sources, including boiling water, a hairdryer, etc. Work slowly through each corner of the mattress pad. Then use force to be able to remove them. Do not pour water or dry continuously for too long at one location because it will affect the car’s paint layer.

Does boiling water remove sticker residue?

You can use boiling water to remove the cushion. This method is quite commonly available today. It costs nothing, and you can completely do it at home. However, boiling water will only be suitable for small and medium-sized mattress pads. Boiling water will work less efficiently with high adhesive pads and large sizes.


Thereby, to remove the cushion sticker, you can use 2 main methods: using glue remover and heat effect. You can do this work at home without spending too much. In the case of large size and high complexity, you should take your car to a car maintenance center. At that time, the staff will assist you in removing the gasket with a commitment to guarantee the integrity of the car’s paint.

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