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How To Remove A Stripped Spark Plug

How To Remove A Stripped Spark Plug? [ 8 Easy Steps ]

Spark plugs are an essential part of every car. Therefore, when it crashes, it will cause a lot of trouble for the driver. Most people will feel awkward when dealing with a broken spark plug. There are 2 main reasons car spark plugs are stripped.

The first is because the spark plugs work when the engine is at a high temperature. And, the second cause is a broken plug due to corrosion.

So, once you’ve checked and discovered why the spark plugs are stripped, the repair task will become a lot easier. The following article will guide you on how to remove a stripped spark plug from your car.

Tools Needed To Remove Spark Plugs

First, to be able to remove the spark plugs easily, you need to prepare all the necessary tools, including:

  • Glove
  • Goggles
  • Spark plug socket
  • Penetrating oil
  • Dielectric grease
  • Spark plug extractor
  • Underhood work light
  • New plug set
  • Spark plug starter remover
  • Air gun

It would help if you prepared all the necessary equipment because missing a few details will affect your spark plug removal process. Sometimes this process will require the assistance of one more person.

To disassemble a stripped spark plug from a car, you need to perform 8 steps in turn.

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How To Remove A Stripped Spark Plug?

How To Remove A Stripped Spark Plug

Step 1: Select the process

The choice of process is critical, deciding up to 80% of your work efficiency. If you choose the wrong one, you can damage your car or spend a lot of time fixing it. The simplest way to sell and avoid mistakes is to use a Chilton or Haynes auto manual. There you can search for any information related to engine design.

Step 2: Locate the spark plugs

After completing step 1, you will move on to step 2 to locate the bad spark plugs. In most cars, the spark plug will be near the engine position. However, at one car manufacturer, you will need to remove the ignition coil first to facilitate the removal of the spark plugs.

Step 3: Clean the dirt

To clean the dirt, you can use an air gun. This way, almost all the dirt will fly out of the socket. From there, you can prevent debris from going back into the cylinder when you remove the spark plug.

Step 4: Remove the sparks

In step 4, you will use a tractor, one ratchet wheel, and one spark plug socket to remove the spark. When doing so, you need to pay special attention to the following:

You only remove one spark plug / 1 disassembly because each spark plug will have a different position.

Removing many spark plugs simultaneously will make it difficult for you to put them back in place. However, there is still a way for you to draw 2 spark plugs at the same time. You can use the pen to mark the order and position of each spark plug. From there, you will minimize the possibility of confusion when assembling.

Step 5: Check the plug

Checking the plug will help you determine the condition of the motor. If the motor is operating correctly, the plug will be gray or brown. When the plug appears dirty or changes color, that’s when your engine is having problems.

Step 6: Use an anti-seborrheic compound

Before replacing the plug with a new one, you will need to use an anti-seize compound for the threads. Because it will help prevent the fibers from sticking together during the replacement process. You should do this step slowly for the best results.

Step 7: Replace the new plug

After applying the anti-scratch compound to the wires, you can replace the plug with a new one. At this point, you will need to insert the plug into the socket until you can no longer rotate it by hand. Next, you need to use a wrench to tighten it to a predetermined specification level.

Step 8: Finishing

After you have completed the 7 steps above, this step will become a lot easier. Because you will only need to attach the spark plug wire and ignition coil to the new spark plug.

You need to note that the correct position to place the spark plug is entirely on the plug.

Some Notes When Removing Stripped Spark Plugs

When Removing Stripped Spark Plugs

To make the job of removing stripped spark plugs as easy as possible, you need to note a few tips below:

Before you disassemble the spark plug, you need to clean the socket position. Because it will prevent dirt from entering the cylinder, causing engine problems. In addition, contaminated threads will reduce the compatibility of the new plug.

When unplugging, you should use a hand tool to feel the force of the interaction clearly. From there, the plug and cylinder head will not have breakage or distortion during installation.

You need to use an oil penetrating lubricant for the plug. Next, you need to soak them for 5 minutes with water.

You will then need to tighten the plug back and remove it again. You need to repeat this process several times until the plug is completely removed.

Always check the new spark plug gap when installing it in the engine. Because the wrong installation will cause poor performance and can even damage your car’s engine.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What tool do I need to remove spark plugs?

To remove spark plugs, you need to prepare all the necessary tools. You will need to prepare to include: gloves, goggles, dielectric grease, spark plug extractor, etc. A lack of dismantling tools can result in a longer spark plug removal time.

Can you remove spark plugs by hand?

You can remove the spark plugs manually. However, to ensure the safety of spark plugs and cylinders, you need to use a specialized spark plug removal tool. Because then you will control the force of interaction between them, avoiding possible unfortunate risks.

Is there a difference between a spark plug socket and a regular socket?

The spark plug socket is a specialized device for removing and installing spark plugs inside the engine. Typically, this socket will be much longer than a standard socket.

At the same time, the spark plug socket will come with a rubber gasket to prevent the spark plug from failing. It would be best not to use a regular socket to replace spark plugs because it can damage parts during installation.


Hopefully, the article will make it possible to remove stripped spark plugs at home. This job requires you to have time and prepare enough tools before dismantling.

In addition, before removing any spark plugs from your car, you need to determine the working process. You can use your car’s manual to do this.

Besides, only 1 spark plug should be removed at a time. Because it will help minimize the possibility of misplacement through new spark plug installations.

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