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How To Fix Sagging Headliner In Car Without Removing?

After using the car for a few years, the quality of some parts inside the car will tend to degrade. Maybe some engine is having problems, or the car’s interior is not as beautiful as before. One of the problems that cause many car owners headaches is the sagging headliner.

When the headliner has problems, you will have to pay a lot of money to replace it. So before this part becomes more serious, how to fix them? You can use glue, double-sided tape, and staples to fix it.
Below, we’ll take a closer look at specific ways on how to fix sagging headliner.

What Are Headers?

Basically, the headliner is the cover that is installed inside the car. This part is located on the roof of the car and has 3 different layers of material. The inner layer is made of foam, then a layer of cardboard is applied, and finally, leather or soft fabric matches the car interior. Of course, all models from SUV, Coupe have this part.

The headliner is an essential part of the car. This soft fabric can insulate the temperature inside the car and outside. You can use the air conditioner or heater efficiently. In addition, this unit will also reduce the maximum noise when you drive.

What Is A Sagging Headliner And Why Does It Happen?

What Is A Sagging Headliner And Why Does It Happen

For older cars, a sagging headliner is not an uncommon phenomenon. This phenomenon occurs when the fabric is gradually separating from the base layer on the car’s roof.

You can quickly tell when the soft fabric is gradually falling down. You can also notice when the quality of the air conditioner or heater is slowly deteriorating. When the headliner is sagging, the car’s soundproofing ability also decreases. These phenomena will seriously affect your vehicle use experience.

The main reason for this phenomenon is due to long time use. Parts will usually have a certain lifespan. So, as your media gets too old, the quality of the headliner will degrade.

In addition, the soft fabric overlaps there are a few other reasons. For example, this part is constantly in contact with water. Soaking in water for too long will cause the glue to come off. If you don’t fix it in time, the headliner will ultimately come off the roof.

Not only that, a sagging headliner can also occur due to careless interior installation. When the part doesn’t fit properly and has a thick enough adhesive to hold onto the car’s roof, the soft fabric will fall off in the long run.

How To Fix Sagging Headliner

How To Fix Sagging Headliner

Instead of spending a fortune to replace this part, you need to find ways to restore the headliner. Basically, fixing a sagging headliner is like how to fix a blown head gasket; you can do it at home. Here are some simple ways for you:

# Glue

The easiest way when you see the sagging headliner for the first time is to use glue. You can find this product at auto parts stores. They will give you the suitable glue for you.

The repair is straightforward. First, you need to determine the overlapping location. Usually, there will be places exposed to a lot of sunlight. You can then start applying layers of glue on top of the headliner.

Note that in each implementation, you should wait about 2-3 minutes for the glue to fix. On the last application of the adhesive, you need to wait 5 minutes. Finally, carefully attach the headliner to the roof.

# Pushpins

Using staples is the fastest temporary method for you. This will often make the roof of the car less aesthetically pleasing.

This method does not require you to use too many tools. You need to synthesize all the pins so far and attach them to the roof of the car. If you want the headliner to be a little more eye-catching, you can arrange the pins in a style you like.

While this is quick and easy, it won’t last long. Therefore, you should use these methods or seek the help of auto maintenance specialists.

# Twist nail

Another method that is also very quick, like a pin, is to use a twist nail. However, this product will have a longer-lasting effect.

Specifically, the deformed nail has an easy twist pin. First, you need to find the location that is slagging and then proceed to install this product. You can twist them deep inside the headliner. The twist nail is like a specialized cork that helps you lock the soft cloth to the roof of the car.

This method will not take too much time and money. You can find twist studs on websites or in auto furniture stores.

# Steam machine

One of the reasons for the sagging headliner is because the glue on this part has dried and no longer adheres. So you can use a steam iron to melt that glue.

To make this work, try melting a small amount of glue on the headliner. If it is still sticky after melting, do it with other parts of the soft cloth. You can also do this method with a dryer.

After the glue has melted, you should use a paint roller to spread it evenly over the entire headliner. This way will also help the soft fabric not appear as an unsightly gas layer.

# 2-sided adhesive tape

Double-sided tape is easy to find. Almost everyone has used this product.

The repair is straightforward.

You just need to determine the location of where the sagging is.

Next, stick them to the roof of the car and then tear off the tape. You should press firmly so that the glue from the tape can connect the headliner to the top of the car.

However, this method cannot be applied to all cases. It would help if you determined where the sagging is located.
If they are located near the edge or torn, you can do this as for the cases where the sagging is in the middle of the car’s roof, using tape is not possible. You can consider the methods above.


Sagging a headliner is not an uncommon phenomenon. Vehicles that are too old to be used for too long can appear in this condition. So, don’t worry too much and calmly find a solution to fix it in time.

The above methods are all ways that can be done at home. You can easily find tools to repair your car. I hope the above article on how to fix sagging headliner in car without removing has helped you find the proper remedy for a sagging headliner.

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