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How to fix a fuel pump without replacing it

Complete Instruction On How to fix a fuel pump without replacing it?

Currently, most of the vehicles that we are using operate by burning fuel. The introduction of gasoline and oil from the tank into the combustion cylinder will be thanks to the fuel pump. Therefore, the pump system plays a very important role.

If, unfortunately, the fuel pump stops working, your car cannot move. Before that, you can replace the pump system or repair it. However, replacing the entire pump will be very costly and sometimes impossible in some locations.

So, with this article, we will guide you on how to fix a fuel pump without replacing it.

The whole process consists of 12 steps, in which all possible cases for the pump are mentioned and the most precise repair method.

If you want to know more, please refer to the sections below!

Before Repairing The Fuel Pump, What Do You Need To Check?

The pump consists of many parts that combine to form a fuel pump system for the vehicle to operate.

To make the repair faster and more convenient. Please check each part of the pump. Only then will you conclude that the pump is damaged to repair it.

Here are some points that you need to fit in the engine.

Fuel level

Fuel level
First, you need to check the fuel in the car to determine if the pump has a problem or not.

If your car is still full of gas, the meter still shows normal gas, but the car can not run, the fuel pump is likely faulty.

Therefore, the piston has no fuel to ignite, resulting in your car not starting. Make sure the vehicle has plenty of gas left to pressurize before repairing.


The next is the noise emitted in the car engine, which determines the fuel pump.

Because abnormal noise when the raw material pump is not working properly or a sign of poor pump. In particular, when starting the car and turning off the engine, the sound is often like explosions.

If gasoline is not pumped into the cylinder, the car’s engine will not start.


One very important thing that you cannot ignore in checking is the fuel filter.

Normally, if the fuel has too many impurities, the filter is easy to clog. Accordingly, gasoline cannot feed the engine’s combustion process; the pump system will stop working.

Pressure regulator

Pressure regulator
Finally, check the pressure regulator in your car’s engine.

If the regulator doesn’t have water, then the problem is not here. On the contrary, you need to fix the regulator if moisture is present and fuel is seen inside.

We invite you to the next section to learn, analyze, and fix it in a clear and detailed way.

How To Fix A Fuel Pump Without Replacing It?

How To Fix A Fuel Pump Without Replacing It
With this method, you will go through 12 steps. In fact, we’ve covered the full range of possible scenarios for a failed pump.

If your car has only one problem, you should focus on solving that problem the way we guide you; No need to go through all 12 steps.

To make the pump repair easier and more convenient, prepare a fuel pressure gauge and a cotton towel in advance. Besides, you should brake firmly, turn off the engine, and put the car on flat terrain so that the car cannot move.
After everything is ready, you will come to 12 specific steps as follows:

Step 1
First, open the car’s fuel pressure regulator, then you start to look and find the vacuum line connected to the previous regulator. If you take the time to learn in the manual, the search will not take too much of your time and effort.

Step 2
Next, you start opening that vacuum line and see if there is any problem inside the line. If you detect fuel, the regulator has a serious problem. After determining, you connect the original line.

Step 3
You open the prepared pressure gauge to attach to the regulator. Note, to avoid fuel splashing, you need to prepare the protective cap.

Step 4
After you have fitted the safety cap, you begin to remove the vacuum line to attach the meter tube to the pressure unit.

Step 5
Install the meter according to the following criteria:

  • The machine must be properly adjusted
  • The wire must be fixed to the test port.
  • If your car doesn’t have a check port, look for a fuel filter adapter.

Step 6
When the mounted gauge is ready, you turn on the car’s ignition system. Then you observe the pressure readings on the meter.

If no pressure appears, the problem lies in the fuses and relays in the power distribution center of the machine. You only need to change one or two of those parts.

Step 7
If the pressure is obvious, then you start the car engine. The turbocharger works fine when you see a reading of 52 PSI during warm-up and about 57 PSI when you accelerate.

Step 8
Let the engine continue to operate for a while longer. If you observe that the PSI level remains steadily at 52, then the fuel is working at its best and does not cause any problems.

Step 9
If you see a fuel pressure lower than 52, the filter is likely clogged.

Accordingly, you need to repair the filter by pushing or sucking out impurities by increasing the internal pressure through the previously connected hose. Or you will choose to replace the filter separately if you are short on time.

Step 10
When everything is done, you take a cotton towel underneath the test gate. Then you suck the excess fuel at the nozzle by removing the hose. At this point, the power will seep into that towel, not flowing everywhere.

Step 11
To continue, you just put one end of the hose in the towel until the fuel in the tube runs out. Note, choosing a thick towel will help absorb more gasoline.

Step 12

Once the measuring tube is removed, close the dust cap tightly and wipe everything off with a cloth. Before finishing, you need to pay attention to whether fuel is leaking or flowing outside the area.

That’s 12 steps to help you through the end-to-end inspection and repair of the fuel pump without having to replace it with a new one.


In summary, we hope that this article will help you have the skills and experience to practice the way to fix a fuel pump without replacing it. In some cases, such as going far away from residential areas, knowing how to repair the fuel pump.

If you find this article interesting, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. Or if you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them below in the comments section; We will respond as quickly as possible.

Thank you for reading!

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