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How To Fix A Cracked Rim

Some Tips On How To Fix A Cracked Rim

When traveling on the road, the rims can encounter some problems such as scratches, distortion, or even cracks. Many people will feel nervous and unable to calm down when faced with this situation.

At the same time, they will ask many questions about the fix, the cost of repair and replacement, and the steps to deal with the problem.

The following article will be the most detailed and complete answer for those having trouble solving a cracked rim.

How To Fix A Cracked Rim?

If you detect sudden and violent noises or vibrations with your car, pull over to the side and check the condition of low pressures. The cause of the sign can come from potholes or bumpy roads, when you are backing up, driving on the curb, or most noticeable are car accidents.

In case your tire is torn or punctured, you need to take it to patch. However, if the problem occurs with the rim with scratches or cracks, you need to take temporary measures to return the product to its original condition.

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The next thing is to take the car to the nearest repair facility, and the mechanic will check the condition of your car and take corrective measures.

If the crack is small, it will be welded again. However, if you notice a large cracked or bent rim, it should be replaced to avoid causing an accident to you and other road users.

how to fix a cracked rim that leaks air

Can You Repair A Cracked Rim?

The non-fixed answer can be yes or no, depending on several technical factors and the condition of the crack you have.

If the product has large cracks, is difficult to weld, and takes time, you should replace them instead of repairing them. Conversely, you can improve the damages when visiting a repairer and specialist if the damages are minor.

Factors to help you know if you need to replace or repair:

  • Crack location: If the condition occurs on the inside or back of the wheel, it is a repairable crack. Furthermore, the spot on the back can be up for easier soldering.
  • At the same time, cracks in positions such as in the barrel or the front should not be welded because it will affect the wheel’s structure.
  • Typically, the damages will be in the base of the pins and the lug area, which you cannot repair.
  • Crack Direction: Y-cracks or side-turning and parallel cracks, you can’t completely fix them. It would help if you replaced the rim in time.
  • Welder’s skill: The method welder needs to use is TIG if the edging is derived from an aluminum alloy. The reason is that the welding operation will not burn the surrounding area. Furthermore, you should seek an experienced, reputable, and skilled professional in cracking repair. Also, you should not use inert metal gas (MIG) for welding as it can burn the aluminum alloy and weaken the rim further.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Cracked Rim?

Rims are usually made of alloy, and you will be challenging to repair, even if it happens to a professional mechanic. Therefore, the safest measure for you is to replace the bent part with a new one.

Furthermore, when the rims are damaged or cracked, you need to replace them as soon as possible and immediately if eligible. The cost for a replacement repair is from 200 and will go up to 500 dollars when a job requires a lot of experience and professional machinery and equipment.


What happens if your rim is cracked? 

The causes of cracked rims are very diverse, and most occur when your vehicle is moving. If you continue to drive with a cracked rim, the potentially dangerous consequence is that it has a high chance of a damaged or blown tire. At the same time, your vehicle may be disabled, making it impossible for you to drive and possibly have an accident while traveling.

Lesser consequences affect other vehicle functions when the parts are all interconnected. At that time, tire wear increases or is uneven between sides; even failure of the suspension system makes it difficult to control the vehicle.

Therefore, the cracking of the rim needs to be resolved immediately.

How long does it take to fix a cracked rim?

Wheels are usually made from alloy, the time to repair it is about the same. Therefore, the average time a rim repair will take from 1 to 2 hours.

Before that, a repairer or specialist will analyze and offer replacement or repair options for you. If the condition is terrible, you should replace them to make your car safer to travel.

Can you drive with a cracked rim?

You need to avoid driving on cracked rims as it can cause a car fire and lead to an unfortunate accident.

If you detect any noise or vibration related to your vehicle, especially moving parts such as tires or rims, pull over as quickly as possible. Then you need to contact a maintenance specialist to come and help you. They will make sure repair or replacement is possible with the crack in the rim.


Thus, the article has provided information when you encounter a cracked tire and repair solutions. We hope you can fix it in time to return the car to its original state.

It will be difficult or impossible for you to solve it yourself due to limitations in tools and conditions. Therefore, you need to take your car to specialists, repair shops with professional car mechanics at a reasonable cost.


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