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How To Find Lost Car Keys

Some Useful Tips On How To Find Lost Car Keys

When technology developed, people created many different types of keys: electronic locks, magnetic locks, metal locks, etc… Usually, there are rows of keys in a family.

Therefore, sometimes during use, it is difficult for us to classify or forget the location of the key. The following article will guide you on how to find lost car keys of all kinds quickly and effectively to overcome that difficulty.

The story of finding car keys or any key has gradually become familiar to us. In general, there will be some familiar places in the home or office where you often leave your keys in that location.

Common Places Where You Usually Lose Your Keys

Common Places Where You Usually Lose Your Keys

When we can’t find our car keys, don’t worry too much. Because chances are you forgot them somewhere in your room. Start with familiar places first, for example, the location of your or your family’s key hangers.

If you can’t find them, find the places where you often use your keys. Most likely, you have them hanging on the door handle or in the car’s storage compartment.

In case you still can’t find the key, move to places you go less often. Look under the papers, inside a pocket on a wall, or next to a drawer. This is where you will find it harder to find your keys; most likely, your keys accidentally slipped deep into a drawer or mixed into a file.

In addition, if your family has small children or pets, it will happen that these two objects take the key. Because children and animals often tend to hold and gnaw on small things. At this point, the areas you need to look for are under the table, under the chair, or the place where children often play.

Currently, there are 2 ways you can find your lost keys: The manual method and using the Tile app. These are two standard methods that many people choose when they lose their keys. However, for the Tile app, you will find the key faster and more accurately than usual.

How To Find Lost Car Keys

How To Find Lost Car Keys

Using the Tile app

The Tile app allows you to find keys based on your Bluetooth connection and personal phone. The system will locate the exact location of the lost key. Your task is to track the phone and move it to the key place.

To use the Tile app, it takes about 1 minute to download the app to your phone. Next, you need to prepare 2 of the following devices: Sticker or Mate locator.

  • You need to stick it on the device for Sticker, and the key needs to be tracked. Stickers have a range of up to 150 feet with a battery life of up to 2 years. The device is compatible with Android IOS and Windows platforms.
  • For Mate, you will hang the machine directly with the car key. You can use it for decoration and positioning purposes. Currently, the Mate has a range of up to 200 ft, outstanding water resistance, and a battery replacement after 1 year of use. In addition, Mate locator is compatible with a variety of platforms: Android, IOS, and Windows.

Find the key manually

For this method, you will prioritize the search order. First, you will find the places where you often leave your car keys. If you can’t see it, try moving to the places you usually go: the bathroom, the dining table, …

5 Other Tips To Find Simple Keys

Tips To Find Simple Keys

Here are 5 tips for finding and keeping practical keys that you should know. In it, there are 4 methods for you to find car keys quickly. In addition, to minimize the loss of car keys, you should mark the location and create a habit of regularly storing the keys in a fixed place.

  • Calmly looking for the key
  • Search in the messiest places
  • Use a smart key finder
  • Focus your thoughts on the places where you often put your keys
  • Mark the location of the fixed key

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Do car keys have tracking devices?

Currently, only a few automakers integrate the locator function into the car key. For the rest, most cars will have to add an extra foreign device such as a Sticker or Mate to locate. In addition, the manufacturer has developed an electronic key system directly on the car using fingerprints. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing your car keys.

Is there an app for finding lost car keys?

The answer is yes. You can use 2 devices: Sticker and Mate, to locate the car key at a maximum possible detection distance of up to 200 ft. In addition, both appliances have outstanding water resistance, extended use time of up to 2 years.

In particular, they can all work on many different platforms: iOS, Android, or Windows. Besides, you can also use the ZUS Car Key Finder application combined with its navigation device. This device is used not only for car keys but also for many other gadgets: phones, IPAD, etc…

What do you do if you lose your car keys?

You can find car keys in 2 ways: manual or automatic. Category” How to find lost keys will help you answer this question.

You can refer to the “how to tune a car” to understand better operating and moving cars effectively.


Hopefully through the article will help you have valuable information in finding lost car keys. There are 2 methods to find the key: Use the Tile app and find it manually. It would help if you used the Tile locator because it will shorten the search time a lot.

At the same time, the cost of investing in equipment is relatively cheap. For only $ 25, you can own the product. Also, keep in mind 5 fast and straightforward key-finding tips.

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