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How To Disable Check Engine Light Permanently

How To Disable Check Engine Light Permanently?- Useful Tips

How to disable check engine light permanently? “Check engine” light indicates your engine needs a quick look before starting the journey, which is quite useful for you to detect any malfunctions and keep track of its health.

Still, sometimes, things can go wrong when the light doesn’t go off after you have fixed all the errors. That’s when you need to give it a shutdown for good and all. Keep reading for four easy ways to disconnect the light.

Why Is My “Check Engine” Light On?

A Failing Oxygen Sensor

Your oxygen sensor helps you keep track of the amount of unburned oxygen exiting your car’s exhaust pipe, making it extremely crucial to your car’s operation. Oxygen burns the fuel that your vehicle runs on, so it reflects how your vehicle consumes energy as well.

If your sensor does not work as it is intended to, your car will lose its efficiency, posing potential threats to ignition-related components like spark plugs and the catalytic converter. Thus, the “check engine” light is activated to let you know.

Falling Modules And Sensors (Electronic Powertrain Controls)

Like the oxygen sensors: If any other modules and sensors in charge of monitoring your car’s efficiency fail to do their job, your “check engine” light will have no choice but to alert you.

A Loose Gas Cap

Riding off the theme of gas efficiency, your “check engine” light will let you know if your gas cap has become loose after you stop at the gas station. When the cap does not cover your tank fully, it loses pressure and allows gas to evaporate.

Air/Fuel Delivery Problems

In order for ignition to take place, a balance of air and fuel has to be present for the process. If the delivery of either of these elements fails to show up, the control module will take note of the situation and switch on your “check engine” light.

Problems With Your Catalytic Converter

As cars become a larger source of emission in the modern world, the catalytic converter has been of importance. Carbon monoxide heads through the converter to become carbon dioxide – a much less dangerous gas for the environment.

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Without a converter, your car will not qualify for registering with your state’s department of transportation. Your car will also run at a higher temperature, posing threats of deformations and cracks in a few more fragile parts of the engine.

Ignition System Problems

Other difficulties in ignition will also cause the “check engine” light to light up since it is an essential part of the working mechanism of any car.

How to Disable Check Engine Light Permanently?

How to Disable Check Engine Light Permanently

1. Drive Your Car and Let the Light Go Off by Itself

The logic behind this is quite simple: When you keep on driving, the onboard computers will check the problem again, update on your car’s efficiency on the road, and disable the notification when it spots no errors.

However, if you have to ignore the light for several days after the first incident, you might need to have a second look at the original problem yourself. The error’s not fixed yet, or the problem has resided in other places of your engine.

2. Turn the Car On and Off Three Times

A number of smart cars will attempt to reset the embedded trouble codes to solve the original alert once you have switched the car on and off three times in a row.

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Put your key into the ignition, switch the car on for a second, then turn it off. Do it three consecutive times. If you finish this, your car will reset itself by disabling the “check engine” light.

3. Disconnect and Reconnect the Battery

This task requires a wrench from your car’s toolbox. Follow these steps:

  • Open your engine hood and start to look for the car’s battery.
  • Use the wrench (and a bit of elbow strength) to disconnect the positive cable of the battery.
  • Take a 15-minute break for your car to settle on the situation.
  • Put your key into the ignition and start it up three times. Doing this should cause your onboard computer’s emissions records to reset, clearing the alert of your “check engine” light.
  • Your positive cable is ready to be reconnected again in this step.
  • Start up your car and give it a minute, and your “check engine” light will switch itself off.

4. Use an OBD Code Reader

This method also uses the wrench alongside an OBD (onboard diagnostic) reader. The readers are quite cheap and readily available at any hardware store. Here’s how to carry on this method:

  • Plug the reader into its intended port.
  • Press “Enter” on the device to activate it. It will automatically start to scan your onboard computers to spot the problematic codes if any.
  • Press “Scroll,” and a list of commands will appear. Choose the option that allows you to erase the faulty codes by hitting “Enter” again.

Why Did My Check Engine Light Come On After I Replaced Some Fuses?

Why Did My Check Engine Light Come On After I Replaced Some Fuses
If the most recent thing you’ve done is replacing your fuses, here are the reasons why your “check engine” light comes on:

  • Your new fuse isn’t compatible with the system. It may have an incorrect value or burst immediately after insertion. In this case, you should pull out the new fuse and examine it carefully if you have bought the wrong type or a low-quality one.
  • Replacing the fuse may activate some parts previously not working, and the “check engine” light is on.

The easiest way to identify any issues with your car is to use an OBD reader, as we have mentioned.

Final Thoughts

The “check engine” light can be a great way for you to keep track of your engine problems without having to take a complete diagnosis, but it can be misleading too.

After knowing how to disable check engine light permanently, we hope that you know how to eliminate the internal and external threats that impose on your car to keep it safe! To solve other problems such as how to turn off service control light, folow our page for more information!

If you have any problems regarding your vehicle and its functions, please let us know, and we’ll figure it out together.

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