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How To Disable A Car

How To Disable A Car? Tips To Follow

Thanks to modern technology, owning a car will make traveling a lot easier. You can be proactive about the time and place you want. However, very few people have the skills to handle technical errors when having problems on the road.

Therefore, experts often recommend that you stop your car and proceed to disable your car, which is straightforward to do. However, the number of car owners who know how to disable it is deficient. So, how to disable a car? You can disconnect the battery cable or turn off the car’s air filter.

In addition, there are many other ways. Let us learn more methods to disable the car in the article below.

When Should The Car Be Disabled?

Disabling a car can mean that you are shutting off all internal power and fuel sources. Your vehicle will completely stop working.

So, when to perform car disabling? It would help if you did this in the following cases:

  • The engine has serious problems.
  • Mechanical error.
  • Prepare to repair car engines.
  • The vehicle is showing signs of fire.

In addition, there are many cases where it is necessary to disable the car to ensure safety. You should pay attention to the unusual expressions of the vehicle to avoid unnecessary accidents.

How To Disable A Car

How To Disable A Car

Disabling a car is the same as how to reset miles on a car. Once you’ve determined your vehicle needs deactivation, you can do the following:

Disconnect the battery

Disconnecting the battery is the most effective way for any vehicle. This part is responsible for transmitting power to the entire engine of the car. So, your vehicle will stop working as soon as the battery is no longer connected to the car’s wiring.

Usually, this unit will be installed on the bottom of the hood. The battery will connect to the main engine. Therefore, you can disconnect the cathode cables and remove them from the vehicle. A small note is that you should wear insulating gloves to ensure your safety.

Turn off the air filter

In addition to conventional fuel, cars also need to use gas to create sparks. When gasoline or oil enters the igniter, the air filter sends a certain amount of air to ignite the fuel. This part needs to provide enough gas for the car to work correctly. Otherwise, the air filter will prevent the vehicle from starting.

So to disable your car, you can turn off the air filter completely. From there, the vehicle will lead to congestion. You will see the car completely immobile.

Remove the fuse

Just like the battery, the fuse is also an essential part of the car. It’s like the brains of every vehicle. This part is responsible for controlling the entire operation of the engine. At the same time, the fuse will also keep the equipment inside the car clean.

Therefore, you should also reset the fuse from time to time to maintain the car’s life. In addition, you can also disassemble this unit to disable your vehicle. You need to remove the fuse cover and then slowly disassemble it.

This work involves electrical contact, so we recommend that you wear insulating gloves before doing so.

Steam the wheels

Removing the air inside the wheel is not easy. However, this work will be safe and completely compelling.

To perform a steam injection, you first need to determine the position of the wheel valve. This part has the role of sealing the air so that the tire becomes inflated and easy to move. You can then turn the valve counter-clockwise and disassemble the unit.

You can do the same with the other wheels. Waiting time for the tires to fully inflate will be about 5-7 minutes. After that, the car will not be able to operate.

Block the exhaust system

Blocking the exhaust system is the most common disabling action. Many people have applied this method right on the road.

Specifically, when the car is operating, it will generate an exhaust gas and transmit it out by the exhaust pipe.

If you block this system, that amount of air will lodge in the combustion chamber and clog the ignition system. As a result, your car will completely stop working.

However, you should not do this work too much. Because disabling by blocking the exhaust system will affect the engines inside. If not repaired in time, the car will be completely damaged.

Turn off the fuel system

The fuel system is the part capable of transferring gasoline and oil into the engine cylinders. So this part plays a vital role in your vehicle. If this system fails, fuel will not be able to get in to run the car.

To disable your vehicle, you can turn off the fuel system. After disconnecting, parts such as the fuel tank and fuel injector will not receive gasoline and oil from the outside. From there, you won’t be able to start the car anymore.

Remove the spark plug wire

Spark plugs are responsible for creating sparks to ignite the fuel. This part is essential for the car engine.

Therefore, with only one faulty spark plug, your car will not be able to work. When a car has a problem, repairers will usually check this part first.

If you unplug this unit, your vehicle will be completely disabled. In addition, you can also wet the spark plugs to stop the car from working.

How To Disable The Car Without Opening The Hood

How To Disable The Car Without Opening The Hood

In addition to the methods above, you can also disable the car without opening the hood. This task is straightforward; you just follow the steps below:

Identify the fuse box:

This part is inside the car cabin, and then you need to disable the fuel system, battery,… After determining where the fuse box is located, you can slowly remove the fuse from the box to perform disabling chemicals.

Blocking the exhaust:

You can use any item to block the exhaust. Obstacles will prevent exhaust gases from escaping to the outside. From there, the car will no longer be able to operate.

Bend the fuel line:

This part has the effect of transferring fuel to the inside of the engine. If you bend the wires, gasoline will not be able to get inside the ignition system. As a result, your media will be completely disabled.

The above methods are pretty easy to do. However, frequently disabling these methods will cause some problems related to your engine.


Disabling a car is something that shouldn’t be done too often. Unless necessary, such as engine failure and repair, you should proceed to do this work. Hopefully, the above article on how to disable a car will help you gain more knowledge about cars and how to disable your vehicle.

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