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How To Change Battery In Prius Key

How To Change Battery In Prius Key ( DIY )

Your car’s Prius key suddenly doesn’t work correctly. You can’t push open or lock the car door continuously, and sometimes it won’t work even when you try… This is one of the signs your Prius key has run out of battery.

So How to change battery in Prius Key properly? The answer will be for you right in the article below. Keep reading carefully for more information!

What Is Smart Key?

In a word, a Prius key or smart key is a more advanced version than a regular key.

This type of key allows you to control your car with just a few simple buttons easily. You can close the car door, open the car, find the car right when standing far away instead of approaching and unlocking.

Not only that, when using the smart key, you will not have to worry about forgetting the key in the locked car.

Your vehicle will detect the key in the car and prevent you from performing this lock operation.

How Does Smart Key Work?

A smart key is equipped with a radio pulse generator that will transmit signals to the antennas in the body of the vehicle so that you can perform operations such as opening the car, locking the car, starting the car quickly.

Most smart keys will come into play when it senses the sensor is active or when a button is pressed. However, others will loosen the immobilizer in the car and activate the ignition system in it to work.

Some pressed the start button for this operation, while others used the knob on the ignition switch.

Things You Need To Prepare

To replace the battery for the car’s Prius key, you need to prepare a few things first.

The first thing you need is a replacement battery. It would help if you used the 2023 node mobile battery because it is being evaluated quite well in the market and comes from a big brand. You will only need to spend $ 7 to own this battery.

What you need to prepare next is a Phillips micro screwdriver. If you don’t have one, you can buy it on Amazon for less than $7. The screwdriver is magnetic so that it will stick to the battery in your car’s smart key.

The third item you may not need, but it will be beneficial for a battery replacement if you have it is the magnetic tray. Also, at a very reasonable price, just $7 on Amazon, you won’t drop or lose any crucial screws or small accessories.

How To Change The Battery In A Prius Key Fob

How To Change Battery In Prius Key

There are a total of 6 steps for you to change the battery in the Prius key.

# Step 1

To be able to change the battery, you need to remove the key cover first. Slide the tab at the bottom to the left and drag the key. That way, you can easily pull the attachments apart from the base.

# Step 2

Once the key is out, slide a tab over and hold it while also pulling the slide off its back. It may take a little effort for you to slide it, possibly because your key has been used for a long time.

If it is still challenging to slide, you can use the screwdriver prepared above and gently pry it. Do not pull too hard, or the key cover may be damaged.

# Step 3

After removing the case, the next thing you need to do is remove the four small screws on the battery panel. Use a micro Phillips screwdriver to do this.

Once that’s removed, you’ll need to pry up the cover using a plastic tool or a small flathead screwdriver. When removing the small screw, you should also consider to put it neatly on the magnetic tray so as not to lose it.

# Step 4

In this fourth step, you should use a small screwdriver to apply pressure on the old battery at the edge to knock it out. Be very gentle and careful not to damage the inside. Otherwise, it will cost you quite a bit to fix it and replace it.

Besides, you should also remember the positive and negative battery positions to avoid confusion when installing a new battery.

# Step 5

In this step, you need to insert a new battery and reverse the operations done above.

A small note for you is that when tightening the screws, you should not over-tighten because it can damage the inside and make it difficult to change the battery next time.

# Step 6

The final step is testing. To see if the battery is properly inserted and the Prius key is working correctly, press one of the lock buttons. If the LED lights work in parallel with the car performing the corresponding actions, congratulations, you have succeeded.


So, the above article has shown you the right way to change battery in Prius Key. The operations are elementary, so you can completely do it yourself instead of spending money on repairing or replacing a new key.

It would help if you also had spare batteries and tools in your car for convenient repairs when away.

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