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How To Bypass Asd Relay

How To Bypass Asd Relay: Guides & Tips For Newbies

An ASD relay is responsible for controlling some power modules, preventing your electric motor from stalling. For those who work or study in the automotive field or professional auto mechanics, it is not too strange when it comes to this term.

However, it plays an important role, but you need to ignore the ASD relay in some cases. Find out in this article:

About ASD

First, you need to understand what ASD is. ASD stands for Automatic Shutdown. However, with this term, the acronym is more commonly used and known by many people.

In particular, ASD plays an essential role in the fuel and ignition system of every modern engine. It is responsible for supplying 12 volts of electricity (after switching) to the vehicle’s sensor heaters, injectors, and ignition coils, which eventually inject fuel and create an electric spark.

How Does The Asd Relay Work?

How Does The Asd Relay Work
Have you ever learned about how an ASD relay works while using your car? It is enjoyable and relatively simple, so you will understand it easily.

As mentioned just before, the ASD relay is responsible for providing 12 volts of power to the ignition system and injectors when your car is up and running. As a result, your vehicle will operate and run smoother.

Conversely, when the vehicle stops and shuts down, the ASD relay will also turn off all the parts that transmit power and prevent your car from stalling or having unexpected problems.

So basically, the ASD relay works through the Module’s control that transmits power to the ASD like an electrical switch so that it can be On or Off every time you turn off or start the car.

Of course, many times this part doesn’t really work and you need to find a way to bleed them. Don’t worry, read how to bleed abs module without scan tool for full instructions.

When To Remove ASD?

ASD relay plays an important role, but sometimes, your relay fails to make it difficult for you to start the machine, and you need to remove it. So when should you get rid of ASD, and why should it be removed? Continue learning with us right here:

The first and most obvious is that your engine cannot or takes a long time to start. The reason usually comes from problems with transmitting power to the ignition coils or relay injectors.

Next is that your ASD relay may be malfunctioning. Therefore, it cannot transmit power to other parts of the engine, leading to problems when starting or shutting down the engine. At that time, you need to remove the ASD relay.

The last and you may see it often is the signal from the “check engine” light. Usually, when the check engine light comes on, you understand that your car needs to be checked. However, this sign is not 100% sure, so you need to check carefully before replacing the ASD relay.

How To Bypass Asd Relay

What Tools Does The Removal Process Need?

Unfortunately, if your car has a broken ADS and you want to get rid of it. Of course, you need to know a few tools before you want to remove them.

But you usually need to prepare tools such as a 4-pin 40/30 AMP 12 VDC harness, bosch switch, 80/60AMP waterproof relay, etc…

These tools are easy to find on e-commerce sites or specialized electrical stores. Of course, you need to choose the device that is compatible with your vehicle. Especially, choose a good tool and have a big brand.

Steps On How To Bypass ASD Relay

Once you’ve prepared yourself with the right tools, you’re ready to go through the steps to remove an ASD relay:

Step 1: First, find and open the Relay where the power module transmits power to the circuit containing the ASD relay. Then check the spring part. If the coil does not receive power for a while, the spring at the motor’s contact will close.

Step 2: At this step, you need to understand the electrical structure diagram of the ASD relay. It would help if you supplied power to the coils so that the contacts are flexible together.

Step 3: You need to replace the damaged ADS with a fan with the following steps: find the path’s location where the current flows; look at the circuit diagram and see the power pins 30 and 87. Finally, use those pins and wear a jacket over it to bypass the Relay.

With three simple steps, you will quickly get rid of your ASD but in the long run choose a switch for convenience when powering off/on

Is Asd Relay Bypass Good?

Perhaps many users will have trouble ignoring the ASD relay because they worry that it will not suit their car. When you omit the Relay, the power still flows through the wires that the Relay typically runs through, so your car will still work without it.

However, some experts say that you shouldn’t get rid of it for too long as it can reduce the life of your car, although ASD is not a significant factor.

Especially when you need to bypass the Relay, it is also when you should take care of your car because sometimes your engine wiring is worn, and you should replace it.


Here are a few frequently asked questions when it comes to ADS Relays. Let’s find out more information through the following questions:

Signs of a bad ASD relay?

Some signs of a bad ASD relay are when you start your engine, but it suddenly stops shortly after, or the check engine light comes on. At this point, you should check them immediately, or if possible, you can remove the Relay to avoid further unexpected problems.

What is an ASD relay in a Dodge Ram?

The ASD relay in the Dodge is a power supply to the ignition coil, injector, or fuel pump to prevent fire or stall when you turn off your engine.

Is it OK to bypass the fuel pump relay?

Basically, when your engine is off, voltage still flows through the battery to the fuel pump. So using a jumper to turn it on in the traditional way is also a good idea.


I hope this article will help you know more information about ASD Relay and how to get rid of it. We do not strongly recommend that you remove the ASD Relay from your motor. However, removing it is the right thing to do to avoid problems that often occur if it is too problematic.

Thanks for reading!

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