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How Much To Patch A Tire

How Much To Patch A Tire And Best Methods

We can hardly know and avoid all incidents during our move. So, spending a lot of money to repair the damage is something every driver will have to go through.

And among the common problems, you will undoubtedly encounter tire punctures very often. So, how much to patch a tire? Fortunately, the cost to handle this problem is not high, only about 10 to 40 dollars.

Common Reasons For Punctured Tires

Common Reasons For Punctured Tires

Contrary to what people think, the causes come from the outside and originate from other vehicle parts. However, most of the holes of tires mostly come from impacts from the outside environment mainly.

Environmental factors

Sharp or sharp objects such as screws, mirrors, or metal shards are common causes of punctures in tires.
Although smaller than the car, sharp objects will often create quite serious holes that make repairing and patching tires more difficult.

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Because when the contact area is smaller, the force acting on a surface will be more significant. So the smaller the debris, the deeper it will get into the wheel, causing an imbalance in pressure or, worse, a tire explosion.

Errors from the vehicle

Faulty air valves or over-inflated tires can affect the balance of air inside the tires, creating unwanted punctures. In addition, the impact from the frame or bent rim is also the cause of tire-related problems.

What To Do When A Tire Is Punctured On The Road?

What To Do When A Tire Is Punctured On The Road

Depending on the vehicle’s speed, we will need to have different handling methods if the tire is suddenly punctured.

On normal roads with a speed limit of only about 40-50 km/h, improvisation will not be too difficult, and almost any driver can do it.

First, if you suspect a tire has been punctured for some reason, you need to slow down and turn on the hazard lights and then slowly pull over to the side of the road.

Next, we will have to check to see if the tire is the problem or just a guess. For accurate test operations, gauges will be an essential tool, but we can temporarily use our hands if not.

In case you are traveling at high speed on highways, you will likely have an accident if you do not know how to handle it.

Instead of slamming on the brake, it’s best to step on the brake lightly and reduce the gas to slow down the car. After controlling the speed, we will continue to change lanes to pull over to the curb and check the vehicle as usual.

How Much To Patch A Tire?

How Much To Patch A Tire

The cost to repair holes in the car’s gut is usually not too high, but depending on the size of the tear and the durability of the patch, the price can vary.

In addition, you will have two options when patching your car: bring it to the shop and do it yourself at home; each way will have a different price and quality.

Sewing at the shop

If you choose to have a tire patched at the store, it will cost you about $25 to repair a hole in the tire. In the case of many small-sized holes, the cost to fix the entire thing can be up to about $ 40 or $ 45 because the store will have to use unique solutions.

Although the price of tire patching at the store is higher, the patch will be more stable due to the skilled workers and specialized products. In addition, the shops also support tire-balancing for the patched part.

Do-it-yourself at home

Preparing your tire repair tools at home instead of taking them to a shop will save you a significant amount of money, especially for those who often travel through roads with lots of debris.

Usually, we will have a lot of tools to fix holes in tires ourselves. So whether we have only 5$ or 50$ or even 100$, we can equip ourselves with the most suitable equipment to patch tires.

Self-Patching Methods

Use tire patch

Using tire patches is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to patch your car at home today. With a small patch that costs less than $ 2, we can handle small diameter holes.

More specifically, we can patch any vulnerabilities in this way simultaneously without worrying about the cost of the team being too high.

However, car patches also have some disadvantages, such as not repairing too large holes or holes in the shoulder or side of the tire.

Use plugs

Although they cannot maintain the durability of seals as high as conventional tire patches, plugs have the advantage of being easy to manipulate, and the time it takes to patch holes.

So plugs will be the right tool for us to prepare for our trip.

When Should The Tires Be Changed?

If the tire has had too many punctures, it is best to replace it with a new one to ensure safety during vehicle operation.

In addition, if holes appear in the shoulder or sidewall of the tire, we can only replace the whole but cannot temporarily fix it with patches or chemicals.

In most cases, once you have replaced one wheel, you will have to replace the wheel on the opposite side.

The main reason for doing this is to keep the balance between the grip between both wheels and avoid the vehicle being unbalanced.

Cost To Change Tires

The average price of a tire will range from $80 to over $200. The average SUV tire is the most expensive at about $170-$180, while for sedans or hatchbacks, the tires will be about $130 or cheaper.

Of course, in addition to the popular segment, you can also choose high-end tires with prices from $ 250 to more than $ 500.

You should also note that besides tire price, we will also have to bear an additional replacement cost of about $ 15 to $ 50.


Here’s everything you need to know on how much to patch a tire. Hopefully, the amount of information in the article can help you plan better in the repair and maintenance of your vehicle.

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