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How Long Does An Alignment Take

How Long Does An Alignment Take? Guides For Beginners

Cars after a period of use will arise many problems. In which wheel deviation is a mechanical error that you can quickly encounter. Initially, this situation will not bring any trouble or difficulty. However, it will cause your tires to be badly damaged or potentially cause dangerous accidents in the long run.

Therefore, you should take your car to repair when there are signs or periodically visit to prevent wheel deviation.

Many busy people often worry, “how long does an alignment take?” It shouldn’t take too long for you to procrastinate. Precisely, how much time you will spend, follow along in this article.

How Long Does An Alignment Take?

How Long Does An Alignment Take
A wheel alignment will usually fluctuate in about 1 hour. Whether you’re aligning in pairs or as a whole, it takes a while. However, this time does not include waiting time because the store is crowded.

Besides, the adjustment time may have many variations. The repair will take longer than usual if the wheel is misaligned due to a damaged suspension, steering bush, ball joint, or control rod.

In addition, a car that has been for a long time and the owner does not maintain it well or is often exposed to bad weather and road conditions may be more severely deviated. It causes the house to align a lot of effort. Therefore, the adjustment time will be longer than expected.

When talking to technicians, the more detailed the condition or problems the vehicle has been exposed to or occurred, the faster they will work.

To further shorten the time frame, you should read the manufacturer’s instructions for use. This information helps you better understand wheel alignment time. At the same time, you will also know when is the right time to take your car in for repair.

How often should tires be adjusted?

How often should tires be adjusted
Technicians will recommend getting your wheels aligned two to three times a year. However, this number may vary depending on your vehicle type, usage, and maintenance habits. Better yet, follow the recommendations in your vehicle’s manual.

Besides, you often observe the car more often to notice unusual signs of the vehicle. From there, you can easily make decisions that are appropriate to the current vehicle condition. In particular, you should take the car to alignment more if constantly traveling on bad roads with many potholes.

In addition, you feel that the wheel’s grip is still good; the wheel is not deflected or worn evenly, so it is not necessary to re-calibrate. Careful people may not need to visit the tech shop every year.

When the vehicle is in good working order, wheel alignment is not required. However, if you want to stay in good shape, you can check in once a year.

What Are The Signs That You Need To Align Your Tires?

What Are The Signs That You Need To Align Your Tires
If the manual does not mention a specific time to adjust the tires, you can observe strange signs in the car and give the appropriate plan, specifically:

The vehicle pulls sharply in one direction: this may be a sign that your vehicle is flat. However, after the pump is inflated and you still see this situation, you need to immediately take the car to the auto shop.

Light pulling

You can determine this by riding in a flat, open field and observing the car’s movements. If the car is skewed to one side, then the wheel is correctly misaligned.

Steering wheel vibration

When the wheels are out of balance, the steering wheel can vibrate. So you should take the car to re-align.

Irregular tire wear

You look at the tires and check that they have the same wear pattern. A misaligned wheel will often cause uneven tire wear or different wear patterns. This condition indicates that your wheels are not correctly aligned.

Steering wheel misalignment

When the wheels wear out, you may end up driving with the handlebars off-center to compensate for the balance. Of course, you do this unconsciously and without knowing there’s a problem. However, after a while, you will notice the difference. At this point, you need to bring the car to the shop immediately.

How to align the wheel?

How to align the wheel

Wheel alignment is a re-adjustment of the suspension that connects the wheels. This adjustment has no direct impact on the wheel. The adjustment process goes as follows:

Step 1: Check the air pressure inside the layers. It would help if you made sure this pressure is equal to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

Step 2: Check for cracks and uneven shapes on the tires. To continue aligning, the tires must meet quality standards and not have an excessively long manufacturing date.

Step 3: Continue to check the suspension to make sure all components are in good working order; there is no excessive wear here. Worn parts should be replaced immediately.

Step 4: After completing the tests, you hook the car into a computerized wheel alignment machine. Next, lock the steering wheel in the center and use a unique tool to apply the brake.

Step 5: You hook the measuring instruments to the wheels and read the numbers on the screen. Based on this number, you will know how to adjust the appropriate angles.

Three Wheel Angles Need To Be Adjusted

Each cake will have 3 angles to note. You rely on the data displayed on the screen and adjust the following 3 angles to return the wheel to a state of balance.

Toe Angle: This angle is determined when you stand looking above the vehicle. If the two wheels are not in the same direction, you need to determine which wheel is correct to adjust the other wheel properly.

Camber Angle: You stand in front of the car, observe the wheels on the vertical line, and adjust them to align with each other. Vehicles with this corner fault are caused by a damaged bearing or ball joint.

Caster Angle: You determine this angle by looking at the side of the car. The standard wheel will be bent towards the driver. Faulty wheels will curve toward the front of the car. You observe and adjust it to the correct charge.


Wheel adjustment time will depend on the condition your wheel is in. If it makes more and more errors, the time can be more than 1 hour. So don’t ask, “how long does an alignment take?“.

Instead, quickly bring your car to an auto repair shop when you notice that the wheels show signs of misalignment. That way, you can shorten the repair time.

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