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SOLVED! FCS Struts vs KYB struts: Which Is Best For Your Car?

Struts ensure the stability and performance of the suspension system, promising to keep your car glued to the road. According to their importance, people might spend a lot of time finding out the best brand for struts.

FCS and KYB are amongst the most popular strut brands in this industry, but what disadvantages and advantages do they have? Let’s check out this article for a brief review about “FCS Struts vs KYB.”

FCS Struts vs KYB Struts Review :

FCS Struts vs KYB struts

FCS Struts

FCS is no longer a new brand in the automotive industry. The manufacturer coats the struts with an excellent finish that ensures their performance for a long time, even daily exposed to hot temperatures.

FCS has always been amongst the leaders in bold designs.
The manufacturers also promise any models of FCS struts to meet the OEM Quality (Original Equipment Manufacturer Quality), which means FCS products are not only good quality but also durable.

FCS struts can stand the consistent heat and pressure exposure due to the high-quality build and hard chrome piston rod.

Therefore, even when you force your monster to ride at an incredible speed, FCS struts can still do their best. They both attach your vehicle firmly to the street and improve the steering and braking ability as well.

Quick Rundown of FCS Struts

• Awesome design
• Ability to perform with heat and pressure
• Ability to minimize tire wear

• A little bit noisy

KYB Struts

KYB Struts

KYB struts initially built their reputation for longevity and the origin – made in Japan. The manufacturers believe that any model that can fit all vehicles cannot last long, so KYB Struts fit certain vehicle models.

The brand can provide any car with the best KYB solutions for simple driving or street racing.

Besides, the company invests a lot to give struts with stronger body outer parts and brackets, keeping the wheel alignment correct. The installation of all KYB models is simple and requires little effort.

The installation of KYB struts requires little effort.
KYB struts perform very well while the vehicle changes its lane. Moreover, it can even boost stability and ensure safety, making you feel in control of the ride.

Quick Rundown of KYB Struts

• Quick and simple installation
• Longevity and excellent outlook
• Strong body cell and firm grip
• Stability and control improvement in lane changing

• Small squeaking sounds sometimes.

Which Brand is Suitable?

To deliver the conclusion as to whether FCS or KYB is better, we still need to consider more. The most important factor depends on yourself – the drivers.

One key point to remember is that FCS struts are OEM quality products, which means they follow the fixed factory alignment of automotive specifications.

Meanwhile, KYB focuses more on fixing and improving issues that vehicle factories might encounter. To put it simply, KYB models improve vehicle performances while FCS ones act as OEM products.

Some people claim that price is the last factor to consider when purchasing an automotive part. However, the price gap between FCS and KYB is not small when KYB struts are more expensive than FCS ones. Hence, make sure about the amount of money you are willing to pay before purchasing any vehicle part.

Accordingly, our subject opinion still falls for the KYB struts due to its performance in improving vehicle control, longevity, and driver experience.

In Sum

Both FCS and KYB are doing very well on their own. If you are on a tight budget, FCS items are a good choice for you. But we are sure that a bold investment for the KYB struts will never let you down in the future ride.

We hope this article of FCS Struts vs KYB Struts comparison will provide you with information to make your final decision.

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