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Dl2032 Vs CR2032

Dl2032 Vs CR2032: What’s Their Main Differences?

Batteries are the most commonly used energy storage devices today. It is used for a lot of electronic devices: controls, electronic toys.

In particular, the coin battery is the new type of battery that you need to pay the most attention to. Because round batteries need accuracy about the voltage used. When you buy the wrong one, you will have to pay another cost to buy a new battery. The following article will give you an overview of 2 types of batteries in Dl2032 and CR2032.

The main difference between the DL2032 vs CR2032 is the manufacturer. These 2 types of batteries are manufactured by famous companies in batteries and accumulators, including Everstart batteries. Johnson Controls International manufactures these batteries.

Overview of Dl2032

The battery in the Dl2032 is the type of battery used to improve battery life on devices with a voltage of 3V. This type of battery has abundant energy sources, suitable for using small electronic devices: calculators, watches, medical equipment, etc…

In addition, DL2032 has a higher energy density and discharge rate power than CR2032. Accordingly, under intermittent or continuous discharge conditions, the Dl2032 always keeps a steady current beyond the limit of CR.

Some limitations of Dl2032:

  • Quality deterioration after replacement: According to reviews, the quality of Dl2032 batteries will decrease after replacement. It is no longer of the same quality as the previous battery. The usage time and voltage of the Dl2032 will drop.
  • Non-reusable: The DL2032 is not rechargeable; you cannot charge and reuse it.

Overview of CR2032

The CR2032 battery has a high energy density and is capable of stable operation. This type of battery discharges evenly and has excellent leak-proof properties. From there, the battery will save a lot of power during use.

In addition, CR2032 is known to have a stable power supply for a long time and is more prolonged than conventional dry batteries.

Some limitations of CR2032:

  • Non-reusable: Like the DL2032, the CR2032 cannot be reused. You will not be able to charge and use it the next time, which will be costly for users.
  • Low current draw capability.
  • Need a unique holder.
  • Extra Cost about 0.35 dollars (220mA)

Similarities Between Dl2032 And CR2032

Dl2032 And CR2032

  • Model: 2032
  • Voltage: 3V
  • Capacity: 225 mAh
  • Maximum operating temperature: 60 degrees Celsius
  • Continuous discharge current: 0.19mA
  • There is no possibility of reuse

Difference Between Dl2032 vs CR2032

In terms of the difference between DL2032 and CR2032, there will be about 5 main differences. In which, the manufacturer and the chemical composition are the two factors with the most significant difference.


The manufacturer of the Dl2032 battery is Duracell. Not only have round batteries, but Duracell company is now also famous for many other product lines: Cylindrical batteries, power banks, accumulators. The company’s products are good quality and are favored by many customers for reliable use for a long time.

The manufacturer of the CR2032 battery is Panasonic. As you know, Panasonic is a transnational company. This business is always at the forefront of electronics and technology. The company’s products must be mentioned such as TVs, air conditioners, washing machines, phones,…

In addition, many businesses manufacture round batteries that you may not be aware of. For example, Johnson Controls International Plc is one of the leading companies in producing automotive batteries. And all the products of this company are appreciated for their longevity.

Chemical composition

The chemical composition of Battery Dl2032 is Lithium/Manganese Dioxide. The chemical composition of CR2032 is Lithium Magan Dioxide.


The weight of Battery CR2032 is 3.1g. The importance of the Dl2032 battery is 4.5g.

Operating temperature

In terms of the lowest operating temperature, the Dl2032 battery has a higher temperature than the CR2032.

Specifically, Dl2032 is -20 degrees Celsius, and CR2032 is -30 degrees Celsius. Usually, few devices use round batteries that operate at such low temperatures. So this difference is not too crucial for users to care about.

Battery classification

The Dl2032 battery is a Coin Cell, while the CR2032 battery is a Lithium coin cell.
Some battery safety issues
Besides checking the difference between Dl2032 and CR2032, you also need to consider safety issues when using round batteries.

Although the CR2032 Battery does not contain cadmium, mercury, and other toxic metals, it must be safe before being released into the environment. You need to recycle, carefully classify when there is a need to dispose of them.

Because the CR2032 and D2032 batteries are pretty small in size and bright in silver color, they are easy to attract children and pets. It would help if you kept this battery out of the reach of children to prevent children from swallowing the battery. When eaten, it will cause chemical burns due to electrolysis, affecting the lives of children.

In the case of batteries that have been used for too long, rust and oxidation appear; you need to remove them to ensure the device’s safety.

In addition to the battery, the Valucraft Vs Duralast Battery also has a similar situation. At the end of the battery connection wire may appear yellow rust caused by the chemical reaction.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Are CR2032 and Dl2032 interchangeable?

In fact, both Dl and Cr batteries are interchangeable, provided the specifications are the same. You can completely use CR2032 instead of Dl2032 and vice versa. Their quality and efficiency are similar.

Can Duracell DL2032 be charged?

The answer is No. You cannot reuse the Dl2032 battery using a charger. This feature is also found in CR2032, which leads to costly resources for users. However, because this battery is relatively small in size and capacity, only from 225mAh, their price is relatively low. In particular, you can buy a set of 10 round batteries for $0.35 each.

What is a 3V Lithium battery used for?

As for the 3V Lithium battery series in general, they are used in many different fields:

Digital cameras: Almost all cameras use disposable or rechargeable round batteries.
Application for emergency lights due to their rather long service life.

Used in remote control devices: TVs, electronic toys,…


Hopefully, the article will help you distinguish the similarities and differences between Dl2032 and CR2032 batteries. The main difference between these two batteries is the manufacturer.

In addition, operating temperature or weight is another difference that you may be interested in. Because these points are not so important when classifying Dl and Cr batteries. Besides, you also need to pay attention to some safety issues of round batteries in particular and all other types of batteries in general.

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