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Car Feels Sluggish When Accelerating

Car Feels Sluggish When Accelerating: Causes & How To Fix

Cars are the most commonly used personal vehicle today. You can move anywhere you want and be proactive about the time. The conveniences that this vehicle brings will help you save time when traveling on the road.

However, encountering some problems when using a car is inevitable. During the move, you will experience some issues related to the internal motors.

So, what is the cause, and is there a way to fix it? Let’s find out the common reasons why a car feels sluggish when hastened and how to fix it effectively.

The Harm Of Car Feels Sluggish When Hastened

The Harm Of Car Feels Sluggish When Hastened
A car feels sluggish when accelerating can be understood as when you press the accelerator to accelerate, but the vehicle cannot reach the speed you want. The fact that the car cannot go fast despite pressing the accelerator pedal is hazardous and can affect people.

Specifically, when traveling on the road, you cannot accelerate even though there are many cars behind. Not being able to go fast will cause you to obstruct traffic. Worse yet, you could end up being hit by a car behind you when you move too slowly.

Not only that, when not being able to accelerate will endanger yourself. You won’t be able to ride on steep slopes. If you try to accelerate to climb a hill, your vehicle may skid and cause an accident.

Common Reasons For Car Feels Sluggish When Hastened

There are many reasons why a car feels sluggish when hastened. We have compiled the most common causes below:

Filter is not working properly

The fuel filter has the effect of removing objects inside the fuel before it is transferred to the vehicle engine.

This part is often dirt outside the environment. Therefore, the filter will often clog and operate unstable.

However, when this part has problems, it will limit the fuel flowing into the engine. Therefore, your car will not receive enough energy to operate. The lack of power will lead to the car feeling sluggish when hastened.

If you do not repair or replace this part in time, your vehicle will not function correctly in the long run.

Improper ignition

After the fuel has passed into the vehicle, spark plugs are responsible for igniting and creating sparks. That energy will be transferred to the engine to help the car operate. When receiving enough fuel, each part will start the machine, and you can use your car.

Therefore, the ignition system has a significant role in helping your car operate properly. However, this part is often subjected to high temperatures, so it is easy to corrode. If spark plugs are rusty due to an extended period, this part will not generate sparks. The fuel, when transferred, will not be able to burn and convert to the engine.

Faulty fuel injector

The injector will control the amount of fuel entering the vehicle before entering the combustion chamber to ignite. This part needs to accurately regulate the input energy so that the car can operate normally.

But if the fuel injectors are dirty or stuck with foreign objects, those containers will interfere with transmitting energy to the ignition system. Failure of this part will reduce the vehicle’s ability to operate, making the car unable to accelerate even when you have pressed the accelerator.

In the long run, if you do not detect and repair it in time, the car will not receive the necessary energy and power. You will not be able to control your vehicle at will.

The sensor system has a problem.

Inside the car, there will be a system to control all external influences. Parts such as oxygen sensor, gas flow sensor, …. will all receive control from this set of procedures.

Specifically, the system will recognize the volume of air received from the outside entering the fuel injector.

Then, this part will transmit the necessary amount of oxygen to the car so that the vehicle can operate normally.

However, if this part has a problem, it will lead to too much or too little fuel being injected. Therefore, the vehicle’s speed will not go up, and the car will not be able to start immediately. This system needs to be checked periodically, or it will affect the quality of your vehicle.

Fuel leak

Cars often use gasoline or diesel as fuel to help the car operate. These two types of energy are very flammable, so you have to use them often.

Therefore, fuel leakage is a severe problem. It will drain the vehicle’s energy leading to the injector not receiving enough fuel. The lack will give the car enough power to start, and you will feel sluggish when hastened.

Do not stop there. If fuel leaks into the environment, it may cause an explosion. You have to be very careful when you see a puddle of gas near your car. Otherwise, you and those around you will be in danger.

What To Do When The Car Feels Sluggish When Accelerating?

Car Feels Sluggish When Accelerating

If you experience a car that feels sluggish when accelerating, you need to repair and replace parts in time. Here are 2 effective fixes for you:

Replace problem parts

When you detect that the car shows sluggishness when accelerating, you need to stop and check the problem. If you already know the parts of your car, you can repair or replace the engines that are having problems. You can find faulty parts at a car dealership or search the internet.

In addition, you can replace the spark plugs or repair fuel leaks at home. The steps to do it are very simple and easy to do. You can search for articles about car engines and follow those steps.

Find professional car repairmen

If you do not know how to repair a car, the best way to fix it is to find a reputable car repair center. They have experience in repairing and replacing necessary parts. They will tell you the problem and give you some advice like “how often should you start your car”, or “how to take better care of your car”,….

Therefore, look for local facilities for timely vehicle maintenance.


It is hazardous to continue using the vehicle when the vehicle is in trouble. You will affect the people around you and have unnecessary accidents. Therefore, regularly check and maintain your car to have the best experience when using a car.

I hope the above article has helped you understand more about the causes of the car feeling sluggish when hastened and how to fix the problem most effectively.

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