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Can I Use My Old License Plate On My New Car

Can I Use My Old License Plate On My New Car?

Currently, we often tend to use old license plates for our new cars. Because it is simply a memory and sticks with you during the past journey. So can I use my old license plate on my new car? Yes, of courses, you can use the package service at the DMV office or an authorized car dealer.

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Can I Use My Old License Plate On My New Car?

Can I Use My Old License Plate On My New Car

Get help at the DMV office

To convert your old license plate to a new one used at the DMV office, you will need to perform the following 2 main steps:

Step 1: Register with correct information
At this step, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary information for your vehicle, including:

  • Information on old and new cars
  • Proof and current vehicle registration that you own
  • Certificate of vehicle ownership
  • Papers for personal information

If the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office already has your information, you will not need to declare most of the above information. In addition, everyone using the DMV’s service will need to pay a small fee to switch gears to a new vehicle.

Step 2: Go to your local DMV office
At this stage, you need to bring the above information to the DMV office to confirm and complete the license plate conversion procedure. Here, the humanities will perform the check and verification.

Once this job is done, you will be able to transfer license plates quickly and easily. If any information is incorrect, you will be required to correct it immediately to ensure transparency and accuracy.

Transfer number plate at the dealer

In this way, you also need to take 2 steps to be able to transfer the number plate to a new car:

  • Step 1: Find reputable establishments
    You go to reputable car dealerships to buy a car. Because this place will have the authority and capacity to solve all your needs and provide the best service for you. After you have purchased the vehicle, you will contact the agents at the dealership directly and ask them to transfer the license plate to you. Note that only authorized dealers are capable of doing this.
  • Step 2: Declare information
    At this step, the agent staff will ask you to declare complete information to confirm the information. Next, they will check the information and prevent the data on the system.

After completing all legal procedures, the staff will proceed to convert the license plate for you. If the license plate of the version is too old or damaged, you can ask the staff to replace it. This process may take several days to complete.

In which areas can I transfer my old license plate to a new car?

In which areas can I transfer my old license plate to a new car


You can transfer the old license plate to the new car. Most states in the US allow you to make this exchange as long as the owner has fully registered the papers of the old and new vehicle.

With sublease cars, you won’t be able to do a car conversion. Because you do not have enough legal documents on personal ownership.

Each state in the United States has different rules for transferring license plates. Your best bet is to visit that state’s DMV website for information.


Kenya is the next place where you can convert your old license plate to a new car. Here, if you want to use this service, you need to apply to the relevant authority. In addition, when liquidating old cars, you need to ask the competent authority to issue a retention certificate.

Some of the vehicles in Kenya for which you cannot convert license plates are:

  • Diplomatic vehicle
  • Official vehicle
  • Cargo vehicles (private cars, rental cars, …)
  • Service vehicle (ambulance, hearse,…)
  • Tractor
  • Tanzania

In Tanzania, you won’t be able to convert your old license plate to a new car. Because here, license plates are like registration papers of vehicles.

It will follow your vehicle from the time of registration until your car is no longer usable. The way to tell whether a vehicle is registered is by the license displayed on the car window.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you don’t return plates?

What happens if you don't return plates

In fact, DMV will not duplicate your driver’s license or vehicle registration if you do not hand over the license plate to the center.

However, DMW recommends that users hand over license plates when not in use. Because that’s the way to ensure that your old license plate has been destroyed and not used by bad guys for destructive purposes.

How long do you have to turn in plates after Cancellation insurance?

You will have 30 to 60 days to use the license plate on another vehicle. Of which, 30 days are for specialized license plates and 60 days are for ordinary license plates. If you exceed the allowed time without registering a new vehicle, you may be fined and hand over the license plate to the DMV.

How do I get my license plate back surrendered?

To apply for a license plate reissue, you must bring the disc to the DMV office to use the license plate re-issuance service. You will not be charged a license plate renewal fee.

What happens to the license plates when a car is totaled?

If your car is totaled and you don’t keep the car, there will be some action after that happens next. You may have to remove your license plate and other personal items from the vehicle.

At the same time, you will have to leave the key with the insurance adjuster. From there, the insurance company will take care of and maintain your car.

What states require you to return your license plates?

Most US states will allow the conversion of license plates from old cars to new cars. In addition, some states have a new policy: “If the user does not use the old number plate, he will have to return it to the DMV.”

Because some states consider license plates as a way for them to strictly control the whole city’s vehicles. They force users to return license plates when not in use. The names of those states are:

  • Maryland
  • Alaska
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • New York
  • South Carolina
  • Vermont
  • Wyoming
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand how to convert the variable from an old car to a new car. You can use 2 ways: go to the DMV office or use direct service at authorized car dealers.

However, you need to carefully read the necessary information where you register to convert your license plate. Because each location will have its own rules, you will have to follow if you do not want to get into trouble.

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