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Bilstein 5100 vs Fox 2.0

Bilstein 5100 vs Fox 2.0: Perfect Answer!

Should you use Bilstein 5100 vs fox 2.0 shock absorbers for your car?

Like 5000k vs 6000k, this is a topic that is always discussed and interested in many automotive forums. However, you still do not know what type of shock absorber will be suitable for your vehicle.

Don’t worry, and our article right below will answer this for you. Let’s follow along!

Bilstein 5100

The Bilstein 5100 is an efficient shock absorber that allows you to replace and adjust it as needed.

Why is the Bilstein 5100 so talked about? All due to some of its unique features.

  • The Bilstein 5100 has a piston and connecting rod of 46 mm and 14 mm, respectively.
  • The shocks are manufactured from galvanized steel.
  • Promises to give you solid rides due to its 200 PSI nitrogen gas.
  • Help you stay stable on bumpy roads but is more suitable for moderately rough roads.
  • Has pretty good heat dissipation.
  • Perfect choice for daily trips.

Fox 2.0 shocks

Fox 2.0 shocks with a piston size of 48mm and a connecting rod size of 16mm; this is a shock absorber that promises to give you a great experience.

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Not only that but Fox 2.0 is also known as one of the rare shocks with outstanding off-road performance.
In addition, this version is also famous for several features:

  • 2 inches in size.
  • Fox 2.0 shocks with aluminum body and anodized finish.
  • Single-tube gas charged.
  • Easily reduce heat load.
  • Can adjust shocks when pricing.
  • Keeps your car stable on rough roads/races.

Comparison Between Bilstein 5100 vs Fox 2.0

Bilstein 5100 vs Fox 2.0

In fact, just like Dl2032 vs Cr2032, both Bilstein 5100 vs. fox 2.0 have their pros and cons. All you need to do is consider and choose which type of shock absorber will suit you.


Both the Bilstein 5100 and fox 2.0 shock absorbers have a single gas-charged design. Specifically, there is a floating piston inside, which attaches to the piston rod and pushes the shock fluid through the valves on the piston. So, the damping can be adjusted.

In fact, not a single manufacturing company discloses an exact PSI figure for how much nitrogen they have. However, according to research and understanding, we predict that Bilstein 5100 will have close to 200 PSI while fox 2.0 is closer to 300 PSI.

It means fox 2.0 will give you a firmer ride as internal pressure affects damping properties and values.

Heat dissipation capacity

It can be that Fox 2.0 shocks have several outstanding benefits compared to Bilstein 5100. Specifically, besides being lighter weight, Fox 2.0 shocks also have better heat dissipation.

The longer the ability to keep calm and dissipate heat, the higher the performance will be because the shock liquid inside the shocks is less affected.

These Fox 2.0 will stay cool even in the most extreme situations. So this is one of the most loved shocks as heat can significantly reduce the life of the shock and even lead to total cracking.

However, heat dissipation will only be essential if you plan to drive off-road on rough terrain. It won’t be too much of a problem if you want a light ride on roads that aren’t too bumpy.

Targeting such a target group of customers, the Bilstein 5100 will be a perfect choice if you love not too tricky trips. In addition, the Bilstein 510 will also help you handle some light trails and offroad in between.


Another factor that helps you make the right choice to use Bilstein 5100 and fox 2.0 is its reusability.

It can be said that, once again, fox 2.0 is a shock that can be manufactured and recharged when the nitrogen runs out. Thanks to that, if you choose fox 2.0, you will be able to use it for the rest of your life with your car.


Other than the above factors, the origin is the rare similarity of these two types of shock absorbers.

Both the Bilstein 5100 and Fox 2.0 are in the USA, and the Bilstein 5100 can be made in Germany instead of being cheaply machined at some random factory in China. So, this confirms the quality and preference of the American and German people for these two types of shocks.


Because of possessing different special features for other target groups like Silverstar vs Silverstar ultra, Bilstein 5100 has a lower price than fox 2.0.

While the Bilstein 5100 costs around $300-400, the Foxx 2.0 costs between $500-600 a set. It is a criterion to help you determine which type of shock is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Fox 2.0 shock usually last?

Typically, Fox shock types will last for 50,000 miles. However, the actual time will depend on the area you drive, how you use and maintain…

A basic example shown here is that if you drive in bumpy terrain, your Shocks will wear out faster in extreme conditions. Conversely, if your rides are lighter, the life of the shocks will be longer.

However, you don’t need to worry too much because these Fox shocks are specially made for off-road vehicles, so their longevity will not let you down.

Do Bilstein 5100 shocks lift the truck?

The Bilstein 5100, though, has an extended length allowing you to accommodate more lift. However, if you want long-term and regular use with the Bilstein 5100, you should buy the Bilstein 5100 strut.

Because they are made in the US and Germany, you can buy them on any E-com website such as Amazon, eBay,…

Are Fox 2.0 shocks worth the money?

Because it is not cheap to pay the price if you want to own Fox 2.0, this will undoubtedly be an issue you are very interested in.

If you are a racer, love off-road driving, or have to wait heavily, this is the perfect shock for you. The outstanding features it brings you will be hard to find in other wonders.

However, if you only drive in the city and still want to use fox 2.0, you should adjust the shock absorber to be more suitable. Otherwise, we recommend using the Bilstein 5100 in this case.


Thus, in the above article, we have helped you make the right decision to choose between Bilstein 5100 and fox 2.0.

Overall, Fox 2.0 will be the best choice if you can afford it financially. However, if you are still struggling, the Bilstein 5100 will be the right choice for you because now the Bilstein can also work well off-road.

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