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Best tonneau cover 2022 on the market

Best tonneau cover 2022

Do you have a pickup truck?

If you do, it may be necessary to buy the best tonneau cover 2022 for your pickup truck’s backside. Because of a pickup truck’s open back, the things there can be lost, damaged, and exposed to different risks. A cover can solve this problem immediately.

Specifically speaking, tonneau covers are what you need. They are made particularly for the purpose of covering the truck beds.

In this post we will discuss what a tonneau cover is and compare the top 5 tonneau covers you can buy in the market today.

What is a Tonneau Cover?

At first glance, you may not recognize the term ‘tonneau cover’. This term actually represents the cover that car owners use to protect an open area of their car from weather conditions. These include the back of pickup trucks and the bodies of convertibles.

Naturally, due to the nature of tonneau covers, pickup truck owners and convertible owners are the most common ones that can benefit the most by using these.

The purpose of a tonneau cover is definitely very simple. However, what you may not know is that there are actually different types of tonneau covers.

Top 5 Best Tonneau Covers 2021 for the money

Here is a list of some of the best rolling cover tonneau covers in the market. They are not as good as hinged covers but they are more accessible and a lot cheaper. Without further ado, here are the best tonneau covers of 2021.

#1:Tonno Pro LR-1050 Roll-up Cover

To start off our list, we have the Tonno Pro LR-1050 tonneau cover.

First, this tonneau cover is great due to its material. The type of material is very important especially for rolling covers. Low-class materials will offer limited protection and they also tear fast.

The LR-1050 is a tonneau cover made up of black vinyl which is naturally tear-resistant. It can offer adequate amount of protection for your truck bed, keeping it warm against rain.

The black color of the material looks very clean and consistent. Furthermore, it is very light and will not require a large amount of effort to install.

There are some additional features for the LR-1050. The Tonno Torch detachable bed light, for example, is a nice and convenient feature to help you sort out things when in dark places. The product can also come with a Vinyl Cleaner to help your cover stay cool and clean.

Best for:

One thing to note about this cover is the price. It is relatively cheap, in contrast to its durable materials. This is its best advantage. The cover does its job well in keeping any weather variables outside the truck bed while not costing much. Additionally, the LR-1050 retains the best characteristics of rolling covers. It is easy to install and use, and it is very convenient for everyday use.

• Made of durable black vinyl
• Has add-ons and features
• Extremely cheap
• Basic design
• The design may not work perfectly in some cases

#2:Lund Genesis Elite Tonneau Cover

The first thing to notice about the Lund Genesis tonneau cover is its patented latching system. Other roll-up covers like the Tonno Pro LR-1050 may have problems in attaching to make the cover perfectly flat. The Lund Genesis’ latching system helps avoid this problem.

In addition to the latching system, this model also has an internal tension control system. It is also important for rolling covers to be tight and secure to offer maximum protection. With these two systems in place, securing your items should be easy.

This product is also smooth and black, and it can look great in any pickup truck. This is due to the Matte black used in its exterior. You should have no problems with its appearance.

The bulk of the cover is made up of Twill Weave fabric. With this, the Lund Genesis tonneau cover can certainly adapt and resist various weather conditions.

Do you know what the good news is? It is also quite cheap, even for a rolling cover. This model is worth every penny that you put in it.

Best for:

Overall, the Lund Genesis Elite tonneau cover is just a very solid choice. User are mostly positive and there are very few things that you can fault this product with. It offers impenetrable protection and convenience at a remarkably low price.

• Durable materials
• Remarkably cheap
• Unique latching system
• Overall solid product
• Specific products can be flawed
• Some installation difficulties

#3:TruXedo TruXport Tonneau Cover

The Truxedo Truxport tonneau cover is also another solid choice for a rolling cover.

This model is designed to be quite easy to install. There is no need for you to drill or cut any part of the car and the installation should not take more than 20 minutes.

A great feature of this model is its simple clamping design. It’s due to this that, as already mentioned, the installation can remain drill-free.

The Velcro fastener that the Truxedo Truxport has means that the cover will be attached properly to the rails. Accompanying this feature is the dual-latching system which further makes the cover safe and tight.

Once again, the model looks smooth and clean. It is black in color and can look great in any pickup truck.Finally, the Truxedo Truxport is just an overall great product. If you are still worried, you can avail a 5-year warranty in case a defect is discovered.

Best for:

The Truxedo Truxport is yet another great yet cheap roll-up tonneau cover. It is durable and resistant to weather changes. Users have expressed their delight upon realizing that it can hold up well against rain and snow. Furthermore, the easy-to-install design is great. If you have trouble following complicated manuals, then this model might be good for you.

• Easy installation
• The clamping system is convenient
• Velcro fastener keeps everything tight
• Still cheap
• No tension control system
• A bit shorter than expected

#4:Gator ETX Tonneau Cover

Another great product is the Gator ETX tonneau cover.

There is actually not much to say about this particular model. But this is not because the product is bad, but because it is largely similar to the excellent products that were previously listed in this article.

Just like the TruXedo TruXport, the Gator ETX is easy to install and, with the easy clamping system, there is no need to drill and cut.

It can roll-up pretty nicely with a strap at the end of it. Upon opening the truck bed, you can use the strap to neatly arrange the rolled-up tonneau cover without hassle.

Best for:

Overall, the Gator ETX is another great choice for tonneau covers. This is best for when you want to just maximize the convenience. This is because, unlike the TruXedo TruXport, this model has no problems with length. You can easily secure your truck bed without much effort.

• Easy clamping design
• Secure and tight
• No problems with the size
• Durable materials
• Confusing installation manual
• Clamping problems

#5:ACCESS Tonneau Cover

The last, but not the worst, product in our list is the ACCESS roll-up tonneau cover.

ACCESS offers what the others could not, which is the tension system control. With this, you can adjust the tightness of the tonneau with more ease.

It has features similar

Lastly, this model has a unique ‘slantback’ design that will look better than your typical rolling cover.

Best for:

If you want a reliable choice for a tonneau cover, then ACCESS is a really great one. This is best for if you want the maximum control that a roll-up cover can give you. The design is also not bad. Thus, if you want a cheap tonneau cover with some style, then you should not look for anything else.

Users have experienced some discoloration of the cover after some time of use. For a cover that has should have an edge in the design, this can be bad. Meanwhile, others may simply not be satisfied with its overall features since it does not do things differently than other brands.

• Unique design
• Manual Controlling system
• Sealing system
• Has durable materials
• Discoloration may be observed after some time
• Not much special features

Tonneau Cover Guide & FAQ’s

There was already a brief introduction and summary of the different types of tonneau covers. In this section, we compare them and list their individual advantages and disadvantages. This is to guide you as to what tonneau cover is actually the best for you and your car.

Roll-up or Rolling Covers

As you may have noticed, the list of the best tonneau covers of 2021 is filled with roll-up covers. There are two reasons for this. First, they are the cheapest. Second, they are the easiest to access. Thus, they are also the easiest to recommend.

You can simply look up the internet for a good rolling cover, purchase them at a low price, and they will serve you adequately in most cases. Naturally, they have their own disadvantages.

• Soft
• Cheapest
• Easy to install
• Easily accessible

• May last shorter
• May tear
• Less secure than other types

Foldable Covers

Foldable covers are similar to roll-up tonneau covers in terms of convenience and ease of installation. Naturally, the materials used for foldable covers are much more durable to their nature. However, they can also be a lot bulkier.

• Hard
• Durable
• Easy to install
• Offers more protection than roll-ups

• Clunky
• Looks worse than other types
• Less secure than hinged and retractable ones

Retractable Covers

Retractable covers offer more protection than both roll-ups and foldable ones. Its biggest advantage when compared to the two is its safety against thieves since it can be locked. Also, the method of opening and closing can also be less tedious since you only need to slide the shutter.

• Offers protection from thieves
• Can be locked
• Easy to open and close
• Durable materials that look good

• A bit more expensive
• Harder to install

Hinged Covers

Hinged covers are the best ones in terms of quality. However, they are also the most expensive. They offer everything that others have and more. Hinged covers are the most customized, so they look the best. They also last the longest. Typically, they will last as long as the car itself.

• Quite versatile
• Lasts for a long time
• Customized and can match your car color
• Easy to open and close
• Looks the best
• Technically the best in quality

• Extremely expensive
• Hard to remove once installed
• You will need help in installing this

You can classify tonneau covers based on their type. These types are differentiated by their different characteristics such as materials used, convenience, nature of installation, hardness, and more.

The different tonneau cover types will be discussed in more detail later in the article.

History of Tonneau Covers

In current times, cars with open passenger seats are not actually as common as completely closed ones. In contrast, automobiles in the 1900s are the opposite. It is not uncommon for them to have passenger compartments without any roofs.

In those times, covers are even more of a necessity. This is largely due to the fact that automobiles from then are more easily prone to damage. Furthermore, they are more expensive. Hence, it is only natural that owners want to protect their car by using covers.

Due to these circumstances, tonneau covers were born.

According to Wikipedia, the term ‘tonneau’ means cask or barrel in French. Tonneau or cask is the term used to describe the automobile’s compartment. Hence, tonneau covers are used to protect a car’s open compartments.

Types of Tonneau Covers

As mentioned before, tonneau covers can be classified and separated into different types. Specifically, there are four types of tonneau covers.

Rolling or Roll-up Covers

As their name implies, rolling covers can be used by simply rolling them open. Obviously, you can also close them by rolling when not in use.

Naturally, the materials used for rolling covers are soft, like cloth. After all, you are not able to roll hard materials.

Installing this type of cover in your pickup truck or convertible should be very easy and short. It should take around a quarter of an hour to finish. It may take longer but not by much.

Best for:

Rolling covers are very convenient since they are easy to open and close. Hence, they are typically used in pickup trucks if the owner frequently moves around things in and out of the compartment. This is great if you want the cheapest type of cover that still remains reliable.

Foldable Covers

If rolling covers are made soft, foldable covers are the opposite. They are made up of hard materials and are built to withstand harsher weather conditions.

Since you only need to fold them to open and close, foldable covers are quite convenient as well. In fact, they do not lose out to rolling covers in this area.

Foldable covers are separated into two, bi-folds and tri-folds, with tri-folds being the more common one.

The only downside of foldable covers in comparison to the rolling covers is that the former requires more installation time. It may take at least three-quarters of an hour to install. Fortunately, this should likely be a one-time thing.

Best for:

The best part about foldable covers is that they offer both solid protection and convenience. Hence, if you have important things in your truck bed that require more care, foldable covers are a better choice for you. At the same time, you can still move them in and out easily.

Retractable Covers

You know those shutters that shops use to lock up when they close in the evening? Retractable covers are basically those, except they’re used for cars.

Just like window shutters, tonneau covers of this type are used to protect the things inside the truck bed. It offers protection not only from weather conditions but also from thieves. You can use a lock at the end of the retractable cover to completely secure the items inside.

Retractable covers are not exactly inconvenient either. You can simply retract them to open the compartment and slide them instead to close it.

Furthermore, not only are retractable covers convenient, but they are also more pleasing to the eye. They are mostly made of aluminum, and their consistent gray color can be quite stylish.

Lastly, some expensive covers can even be electric and be controlled to open and close by a remote.

Best for:

Retractable covers are best for owners that have important items to put in the compartment. Furthermore, you can also just buy them for style points. After all, retractable covers are certainly more dashing than the casual rolling covers.

Hinged Covers

Hinged covers are the most expensive type of tonneau covers. However, they contain almost anything that you can ever hope for from a tonneau cover. They can only be described as ‘totally worth the price’.

First, hinged covers can be opened in a way similar to a van’s back door. A single press of the handle can open the tonneau cover using a shock technology.

Next, they can offer protection, convenience, and style all at the same time. Installing a hinged cover in your pickup truck will really make your back compartment look like a ‘cask’, completely enclosing the truck bed away from thieves and weather conditions.

You can customize hinged covers to match your car. This makes the tonneau cover look completely natural. Even though retractable covers look nice, you will gain fewer style points with them compared to hinged covers.

As long as you can afford this type of tonneau cover, you can never go wrong by using it.

Best for:

Hinged covers should be used by basically everyone who can afford it. Once you buy hinged covers, it can follow your car until the end of its machine life.

How to Find the Right Tonneau Cover Size?

You can manually measure the dimension of your truck bed and simply pick the size of the tonneau cover accordingly.
A more reliable approach is to identify the model of your car and search for details of that particular model. You should be able to find something regarding the size of your truck bed.

Alternatively, you can even ask for information from your car dealer, the cover seller, or other owners who have the same car model as yours. This is easily overlooked but there is actually no harm in doing this.

If all else fails, you can sign up for a warranty, buy a tonneau cover, and return it if it does not work out. You should find a reliable company that will allow you to do that though.


In conclusion, the top 5 best tonneau covers of 2022 are those that you need the most. They can be cheap but they will still serve you well. The most important thing is quality. Hopefully, you learned many things about tonneau covers so you can buy the one that is most appropriate for you.

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