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Best Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets 2022 | Reviews & Guide

Best Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets 2022

With the Best Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets 2022, the thrill and fun just got even better knowing you are protected while on the go.

Traveling with your beloved motorcycle will never be complete without this protective gear. It would be hard to attain that sense of freedom and feeling of security if you refuse to wear a helmet. At the end of the day, getting hurt is never fun.

Shopping for your next helmet can be a bit daunting considering there are more than enough options in the market. But we’ve done the job for you.

Top 7 Best Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets for 2022 reviews

1: Torc T14B Full Face Helmet – best motorcycle helmet with bluetooth

Who would have thought that both safety and entertainment can be found in one protective gear? Forget your AirPods and immerse yourself with the Bluetooth integrated shell, playing your favorite playlist right through your helmet. Not only do you put yourself in safety, but you also gave yourself a form of entertainment while on the road.

You’ll also feel like Iron Man with the intercom feature of this helmet. Effective up to 400 meters, you can communicate with other riders while you are traveling – without having to remove your helmet or facing them. Now you can focus more on the road ahead without missing out on your company.

Talking about just a couple of these features will probably make anyone forget that this is actually a helmet. The Torc T14 is designed with an intermediate oval profile and dual-density EPS. It’s heavy, sturdy, and has tough structural support combined with the thermo polymer alloy shell that could save the rider’s life when something happens.

• Hi-tech
• Durable and tough
• washable
• Comes in gorgeous black
• Connectivity issues

2: Full Face Modular Bluetooth Helmet by FreedConn – Men and Women

This one doesn’t come from a big brand but it has a lot to boast. For starters, this model comes with a lot of features at a price that won’t hurt your pocket.

The engineering behind this helmet guarantees the rider’s safety. ABS lightweight shell is designed to make you comfortable and of course, safe, while on the road. You’ll also appreciate how the liner and cheek pads are removable, providing an easy way to clean them.

Impressive communication capabilities will greet you the moment you wear this helmet. The Bluetooth integration works with wonders and you can even navigate it even while wearing your gloves.

This helmet can offer a full system of communication and entertainment while you’re riding your motorcycle. Built-in speakers and a noise-canceling microphone allow you to make calls on the go. Traversing on unfamiliar roads? You can get help with the GPS voice instructions. Sunday road trip? Listen to your favorite music by connecting to your mobile phone. Impressively, you can also talk with your fellow riders with the intercom.

• Durable enough
• Slim design
• Easy Bluetooth navigation
• Tinny audio at high notes

3: ScorpionEXO Adventure Touring Motorcycle Helmet – best motorcycle helmet for women

If you’re a fan of matte black, then this might be the ideal helmet for you. Advanced LG Polycarbonate shell makes this one extra solid and durable. Designed with dual density EPS and Aero-Tuned ventilation system, the ScorpionEXO is set to give you both the comfort and safety you’re seeking.

An impressive thing about this model is how the face shield is designed to accumulate zero fog, giving you an ever clear sight no matter what the road condition is. Further, this protective gear comes with an oversized eye port that gives you wider visibility than any other competitors in the market. The rider will have an improved downward and peripheral vision, consequently giving you more comfort and safety in the process.

Another cool feature of the ScorpionEXO is the modular chin bar. With that, you no longer have to remove your helmet when you make a stop to ask for directions or get some gas. You only have to conveniently flip up the chin bar. Additionally, you’ll get the best lighting conditions with the internal drop-down speed view sun visor.

• Lightweight and strong
• Cool features
• Aerodynamic
• Oversized eye port
• A bit tight on the cheeks

4: Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet Solid Matte Back

While this helmet looks traditional, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The first thing that makes this model appealing is how it comes with lots of color options and a variety of sizes.

Safety is never compromised with the ABS composite shell and lightweight polycarbonate. Lightweight construction with a personalized fit also makes this option more appealing.

The Bell Qualifier doesn’t stop on sturdy construction. It also offers a range of useful features including UV-protected, anti-scratch, and anti-fog shield for optimum visibility. Standard features include integrated speaker pockets and a clear visor. A separate tinted visor is also available for a different price.

Another cool thing about this gear is how it’s designed with a velocity flow ventilation system that can keep your head cool even on the hottest times of the day.

While the Bell Qualifier makes itself an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers, it also means some features won’t be included in the package. The model comes with speaker pockets because you still have to purchase the Bluetooth system separately.

• Guaranteed durable
• Superb ventilation
• Anti-fog, anti-scratch
• Bluetooth system sold separately

5: Bell Qualifier SLK Blackout Matte Black

If you’re looking for something with a deeper matte, this Bell Qualifier could be a good deal. It’s basically similar to the model above but this one comes with a stunning blackout matte black color.

For a low-profile look, this one comes with 3 shells and 3 EPS. The previous model comes with a rather conventional shield system (Adaptive Click release and Transitions), while this Blackout Matte Black model comes with an additional dark smoke shield.

The interior is designed to be antibacterial, antimicrobial, and crafted with quality microfiber. There’s still room for improvement as a consequence of having a lower price than traditional competitors. In other words, you may still need to buy additional accessories to complete your gear or when the necessity strikes.

The beauty of this brand lies in MIPS technology – something that only a few, select brands have, including Bell. MIPS is short for a multi-directional impact protection system. A technology that offers an extra degree of safety to all rider. More importantly, this model is Snell-certified!

Overall, this Bell Qualifier SLK Blackout Matte Black is ideal for those who want a little upgrade from the Qualifier DLX. There’s not much of a difference but this one comes with a darker, smoked shield that makes it appealing to a specific market.

• Cool dark smoke shield
• Durable polycarbonate
• MIPS technology
• With Snell certificate
• No Bluetooth, sold separately

6: HJC 824-614 CL-17 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Designers used advanced CAD technology to craft this masterpiece of a helmet. The HJC full-face helmet is made with advanced Polycarbonate Composite Shell.

HJC knows what a rider needs for a perfect ride. An anti-fog system is present so you don’t have to make a stop to wipe that moisture away (Note: The pinlock insert is sold separately). U.V. protection design to protect your eyes from the brightest sun. Anti-scratch pinlock so your helmet will always look brand new.

You won’t have to worry about sweaty face anymore with its moisture-wicking interior. It even has anti-bacterial fabric to avoid a smelly shell. Further, you’ll appreciate how you can remove, wash, or change the cheek pads.

The beauty of this HJC lies in affordability and its useful features. While it doesn’t have all the fancy stuff you can get from the high-end competitors, you get to at least have the necessary features that make your ride safe.

• Superior fit designed with advanced CAD
• Tight and secure
• With Snell certification
• Matte can get scratched

7: ScorpionExo EXO-At950 Unisex-Adult Flip-Up-Style Battleflage Helmet

Now this one looks like a gorgeous, futuristic helmet straight from a sci-fi movie. Its eye-catching sand camo color makes it a unique helmet that can easily stand out on any road.

Designed exclusively by Scorpion, the Exo-At950 comes with a state-of-the-art polycarbonate shell that can dissolve impact at minimum weight. This Scorpion is also engineered with a sophisticated air-flow system. A large top intake port welcomes cool air inside the shell and navigates it through deep air flow channels ending in two large vents as the exhaust where the hot air is forced out. The result? A rider that feels cool throughout the travel.

The face shield comes with industry-leading fog-free technology. Now the rider won’t have to worry about moisture blocking his vision as the helmet keeps itself optically clear. While other brands boast 95% UV protection, this ScorpionExo comes with a full 100% UV protection with included clear shield.

• Extremely wide visibility
• Cool overall design
• Exclusive brand engineering
• Might be tight on cheeks

Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide and FAQs

How much is a good motorcycle helmet?

While the golden rule might state that you get what you pay for, it’s not the universal truth. There are good bargains at a relatively low price. For instance, a hundred-dollar helmet can be good enough if it has all the necessities for a safe ride.

You can forget about Bluetooth or speakers, what you importantly need is a tough, rigid outer shell that will protect you during the uncertain times. Remember, the original purpose of a helmet is to protect the rider’s head against hitting a hard surface. Additional features such as wireless connectivity are only for convenience purposes.

That said, a good helmet can start at $$ and can go up around $$$.

What are the safest motorcycle helmets?

All products featured in the list can be considered as safe. You would want something that’s made of polycarbonate shells or thermo polymer alloy as these are rigid substances.


Importantly, you should look out for ECE and DOT certification. DOT-certified means the helmet conforms to the safety standards of helmet performance. This includes penetration resistance, energy absorption, impact reduction, and effectiveness of the retention system.

ALL products listed in this post are DOT certified – we made sure of that. We want every rider to be safe by promoting quality products.


Some helmets have more certification other than DOT. The Snell Memorial Foundation M2010 popularized the Snell Helmet Standard. Snell goes way beyond the standards set by the government. That means a Snell-certified helmet is a lot safer and compliant.

Of all products in the list, only the Bell Qualifier DLX Blackout Matte Black and the HJC Cl-17 are Snell-certified. Quite surprising considering the two are the most affordable products on the list.

The Snell foundation conducts multiple tests in different areas to test the quality of a helmet. They also conduct random post-marketing testing to verify the Snell-labeled helmets in the market are still compliant.

Motorcycle helmet brands


As they say, you can’t spell “motorcycle” without Torc. A USA-based company, Torc’s factory is the second largest helmets manufacturer in the world. They have dealers all around the US and you can also purchase online (the easier way). The company claims they’re dedicated to promoting every motorcyclist’s safety.


This USA-based brand is known to provide high-performance protective motorcycle helmets that every motorist can rely on. ScorpionEXO not only manufactures helmets but also a range of apparel for every motorcycle enthusiast out there. They have jackets, gloves, and pants to name a few. Overall, the brand is said to produce premium quality products.


Bell is made up of legacy and years of expertise. Founded in the 1950s, Roy Richter paved the way for one of the first names in the helmets industry, though the brand originally was born in California’s hot rod era and auto racing. Now Bell continues the legacy of confidence and championship with their range of protective gear products.


Investing in a motorcycle helmet could save your life in the most unexpected times. Now it all boils down to choosing one from the Best Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets and you’re set to your next motorcycle adventure!

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