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Berryman B12 Vs Seafoam

Berryman B12 Vs Seafoam: Perfect Answer!

After a period of use, your car will need to maintain and clean all the engine parts inside. Some factors such as engine and fuel transmission systems require you to use specialized tools to clean. The cleaners that can be used for the machine are Seafoam and Berryman B12.

Both of these cleaners are used quite commonly today. The following article will give you an overview of Berryman B12 vs Seafoam.

Seafoam Overview

Seafoam is a powerful car cleaner. It comes in a spray form that cleans the fuel injectors and carburetor lines.

The material used to create Seafoam is refined oil. Therefore, you can be assured of the safety of this detergent.

It will help your car remove dirt in the oil tank and fuel lines. From there, the engine system will operate smoothly and without stalling when in use.

Some features of Seafoam cleaners:

  • Seafoam is capable of cleaning injectors, transmission systems, intake valves, and oil reservoirs
    Capable of removing oil deposits in the crankcase.
  • Minimizing the situation where the car makes noise when moving.
  • The manufacturing material is pure oil, so it is safe for the engine.
  • Capable of dissolving varnish and some dirt inside the engine.
  • Clean and lubricate the engine, piston, and cylinder.
  • Using additives that add lubricity and moisture control to fuel.

Currently, there are many different brands of detergents. After using the product, many people have questions about Gumout vs Seafoam, which cleaner is more effective.

According to reviews, Seafoam will have better quality than Gumout. This comparison is only relative, so you should not worry too much about the quality of Gumout.

Berryman B12 Overview

Berryman B12 Cleaner is an engine treatment that helps dissolve dirt, varnish, and some other harmful impurities from your vehicle.

At that time, the vehicle’s fuel transmission system will always be clean, ensuring the engine’s smooth operation.

In addition, Berryman B12 is a powerful cleaner, and it can easily clean the carburetor, choke and throttle the body.

Therefore, you can use Berryman B12 for motorcycles, cars, and snowmobiles. At the same time, the ingredients that make up this cleaner are very safe, ensuring the engine’s safety. In addition, you can pour Berryman B12 directly into the oil tank to serve the job of cleaning the fuel and the tank walls.

Some features of Berryman B12 detergent:

  • Berryman B12 features 100% high energy solvent technology
  • Capable of cleaning many different parts of the fuel system, such as chokes, PCV valves, throttle bodies, etc…
  • Help improve vehicle performance and save fuel.
  • Cleans up to 99%, leaving no residue after the bleaching process.
  • Quickly dissolves fuel deposits, carbon build-up, varnishes,…
  • Has the ability to dry quickly.
  • When it comes to Berryman b12 and Seafoam, if you have experienced these two cleaners, you can distinguish them based on their performance. Here are the differences between Berryman B12 and Seafoam.

Difference Between Berryman B12 Vs Seafoam

Berryman B12 Vs Seafoam

Main ingredient

Composition is the first difference when it comes to these two detergents. The main chemical components of Berryman B12 are toluene, methanol, acetone, …. As for Seafoam, they are compounds of naphtha.

Cleaning ability

In terms of cleaning ability, Berryman B12 is higher than Seafoam. Because B12 is a powerful detergent.

Therefore, this type of cleaner can remove the paint on your car. Not all detergents are as powerful as B12. Many people have also tested the power of Seafoam vs Lucas through the use of car paint. The results showed that both of these cleaners were not able to remove the color altogether.

Engine matching ability

For B12 and Seafoam, each cleaner is suitable for certain types of engines. Berryman B12 is ideal for diesel engines and used with gasoline engines. As for Seafoam, it is different, and this cleaner is capable of working effectively on gas and diesel engines.

Possibility of use with oil

With Berryman B12, you can pour directly into the oil tank without worrying too much about thinning the oil.

Seafoam is different, and you should not run it directly into the oil tank. Because some compounds inside Seafoam can cause oil thinning. From there, the engine will hardly be able to guarantee the efficiency of use.

Main use

The main use of Berryman B12 is to clean the carb beam, fuel lines, and injectors. As for Seafoam, this type of cleaner can clean clamp injectors, valve ports, and intake.

Fuel economy

Because Berryman B12 uses high-energy solvent technology, it has better fuel economy than Seafoam. In contrast, Seafoam has an excellent ability to clean and remove harmful deposits. From there, the fuel load will increase and improve the engine’s lubrication ability.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Berryman B12 or Seafoam more effective?

You will be hard-pressed to compare the quality of these two cleaners. Because each product will be suitable for different uses.

In addition, if you want to choose a detergent with a strong cleaning ability and can dissolve in oil, then Berryman B12 is the best choice for you. When you want to increase the ability to remove dirt and increase engine lubrication, Seafoam brings better efficiency.

Many people have also brought other comparisons between Techron vs Seafoam. Similar to Berryman B12 and Seafoam, you will hardly be able to compare the difference between these two cleaners if only from the outside.

Is it safe to use too much detergent?

The answer is NO. You should only use the amount recommended by the manufacturer. If you use it too much, your engine can suddenly stall while moving. It is because your fuel oil has been diluted.

Is direct contact with fuel additives toxic?

Experts recommend that you use protective gear when using cleaners. In particular, keep out of reach of children. Any negligence will put children in danger.


Hopefully, the article will help you better understand the two famous cleansers today, Berryman B12 and Seafoam.

Each type of detergent will have different advantages and uses. For a diesel engine, Berryman B12 is the best choice for you. As for Seafoam, this cleaner will work well in both gas and diesel engines.

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