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Autolite vs NGK Spark Plugs

3 Main Difference Between Autolite vs NGK Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs have the main task of igniting the gas and fuel mixture in the internal combustion chamber, helping to start the vehicle. In addition to the above direct influence, spark plugs also affect some other essential functions of the car.

With such importance, equipping cars with good spark plugs become many people’s top concern.

Fortunately, you have quite a few options in this area, and the two most worth considering are products from Autolite and NGK.

Your choice is only one, so Autolite vs NGK Spark Plugs is the product worth considering the most. Find the answer with the information contained in this article.

Overview Of Autolite And NGK

Both Autolite and NGK are well-known brands in spark plug research and production. Each brand has a history of development, design characteristics, and a different target audience.

Before diving into the detailed comparison, let’s take a look at the exciting differences above:


Autolite is no longer a strange brand to the American people. The company was founded in 1911. By 1935, the company brought its first spark plugs and quickly became famous.

After making a big splash with its high-quality spark plugs, Auto-Lite has expanded its business, launching new products such as starter motors, cables, and wires.


NGK stands for Nihon Gaishi Kabushikigaisha. This brand first appeared in Japan in 1936, providing spark plugs and other accessories related to the vehicle’s internal combustion engine.

Japan and Asian countries are the main markets of the company. But in recent years NGK has expanded its influence and gradually become one of the auto parts suppliers with a significant market share in the United States and some other Western countries.

Therefore, products are often put on the balance sheet with other famous brands such as Autolite and Champion, ..

Autolite vs NGK Spark Plugs

Autolite vs NGK Spark Plugs

There are many criteria to evaluate a spark plug. However, in the framework of comparing two spark plug models from the two famous brands above, you only need to pay attention to some different basic characteristics below:

Gap Erosion

Electrode wear is a sign of a bad spark plug. Understanding the troubles that a product prone to corrosion brings, manufacturers have always sought to improve to minimize the product’s rust. And Autolite, NGK is no exception.

Autolite: The product uses Autolite’s advanced tip, so you can make sure there aren’t any erosion gaps.

NGK: The trademark of this brand is the coating of trivalent metal on the spark plug. In addition, the manufacturer also provides spark plugs with a dustproof surface. Thanks to the above equipment, it can be said that the durability of Autolite is quite good, but NGK is the superior product.


With that said, spark plugs are of particular importance to an internal combustion engine.

A suitable spark plug can save a large amount of fuel while optimizing the performance and life of the engine. With the above task, once again, you see the difference between Autolite and NGK:

Autolite: provides a concentrated spark, which gives a flame that can be 21% larger. The above figure is proof that the product has good ignition ability and high performance.

NGK: compared to Autolite, NGK spark plugs reveal their weakness when low combustion quality. The above disadvantage comes from the principle of operation using fewer fuel emissions.

But users also benefit from the above limitation: your car will use less fuel, saving a lot of money. At the same time, you can also go quite a distance with spark plugs that use fewer fuel emissions like NGK.

Ground pole point

One of the most unsafe actions to take while driving is to expose your car to electricity. Usually, manufacturers will rely on the grounding point to limit this lousy case.

Autolite is designed with less voltage in mind, minimizing the chance of electrifying the vehicle.

NGK has a unique grounding point: a nickel alloy to help disperse the power to the ground and ensure that the vehicle is not electrified. And just based on what the manufacturer equips is enough to evaluate the superiority of NGK in this respect.

Autolite vs NGK: Pros and Cons

Suppose the above comparisons are not enough for you to make a decision. In that case, the advantages and disadvantages of each type of spark plug will be the basis for your consideration:

There is no denying the popularity of Autolite in automotive equipment in general and spark plugs in particular. However, the product still has certain disadvantages.


  • Continuous current.
  • Optimize engine performance.
  • Can deliver 21% larger flame.
  • Prevent rust and erosion.
  • Good ignition in many different environments.


  • Not as durable as NGK.

It is no coincidence that NGK has a significant market share in Asian countries and is becoming more and more famous on other continents. The reason lies in the product’s high technology, quality, and durability.


  • Durable.
  • Dustproof surface.
  • High-quality nickel alloy coating.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Management of combustion and thermal transformation is quite good.


  • Accuracy when firing sparks is not as high as Autolite.

Autolite or NGK Spark Plugs?

In the above sections, you have had specific comparison information to determine which product is the most suitable for your needs.

And to add certainty to the decision, you should refer to the audience and target that each product is aimed at. Specifically:


Autolite, America’s best-selling spark plugs, doesn’t disappoint in terms of product offerings. Whether you own a small-engined vehicle or a larger-engined vehicle, you can start with a Great selection of Autolite brands.

In addition, the product is also a great choice if you have one of the following needs:

  • Looking for a spark plug that can make starting and accelerating the engine easy.
  • Need a spark plug with high overall performance.
  • You appreciate the product’s ability to avoid fire and explosion.
  • Want to find a spark plug model that guarantees erosion and crevice resistance.
  • You own at least one Ford vehicle, or you have a water vehicle that requires spark plugs.


The primary market of NGK at this time is still the Asian market. However, this does not mean that you are not recommended to use the product in other continents.

NGK Spark Plugs will be your favorite accessory if you appreciate one of the following factors:

  • High durability, long time to use.
  • Outstanding anti-dust and anti-corrosion.
  • Excellent torque and horsepower.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Can be used well in harsh weather conditions.


Basically, there is not too much difference between Autolite and NGK Spark Plugs. Both give good ignition, and both can improve performance significantly.

Although there are still disadvantages, whatever you choose, you will be satisfied with what two products from the two most famous spark plug brands above bring.

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