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Atlas Car Lift vs Bendpak

Atlas Car Lift vs Bendpak: Which One Is Better?

Nowadays, you can easily see a car moving on the street. It appears densely in the neighborhoods. At peak times, crowded inner-city areas may experience a shortage of car parking spaces due to the high volume of vehicles. To overcome this situation, people invented the car elevator. 

Today two of the many types of elevators in everyday use are Atlas car lift vs Bendpak. The following article will give you an overview of these two types of car elevators.

Why Should You Use A Car Lift?

We all know that car elevators play an essential role in saving car parking spaces. It contributes to the lack of adequate parking when the elevators can raise your car high to make room for other vehicles.

In addition, many auto repair garages currently use Atlas and Bendpak elevators to serve car maintenance activities. Lifting the car up will help staff quickly repair the equipment underneath the vehicle. 

With car tires, for example, technicians can quickly disassemble and patch a tire  from the use of a car lift. They will not need to spend too much effort to remove each damaged tire from the car.

Where Offers Atlas Car Lift And Bendpak?

Atlas Car Lift vs Bendpak

Both Atlas and Bendpak car lifts are manufactured in the same region of the world. The production units are located mainly in the Americas. Atlas is the product of businesses from Canada and the United States, and Bendpak comes primarily from the US. 

These three areas are all critical places for famous car manufacturers and auto accessories in the world today. Therefore, products from the US and Canada are always exciting and trusted by customers.

Comparison Between Atlas car lift vs Bendpak


When you want to buy any car elevator, you must consider its cost. Because the price to buy an elevator is not cheap. The cost of each elevator will vary depending on the model and supplier. 

However, the Atlas and Bandpak elevator does not have too much of a price difference. Specifically, the Atlas 9KOH lift will cost about $2000. As for the Bandpak lift, it will cost between $2000 and $3000.

Lifting Weight Capacity

One of the main tasks of a car lift is that it can effectively lift a wide variety of vehicles. The lift will operate virtually if your car is within the allowable weight range. Also, it will always be stable in all situations by design and super-hard steel structure.

With Atlas and Pendpak, the lifting capacity is the most significant difference between the two. With Bendpak, it can lift cars weighing up to 10000 lbs. As for the Atlas, this lift is capable of withstanding 9000 lbs.

It can be that both Atlas and Bendpak lifts possess excellent working capabilities. Now, you won’t need to worry too much about the weight of your cars when you have to repair the crankshaft position sensor. The lift kit will help you lift the car effectively and help find the cause of the sensor system failure.

Oil Requirement

Car lifts will require hydraulic oil or lubricating fluid. Because it will help support the ability to work effectively for the details inside the ladder. At the same time, the use of lubricants will help protect the lift from wear and damage when working for a long time.

Currently, 2 types will require 2 separate hydraulic oils for each ladder. Specifically, Atlas will use AW-32 oil, and it is suitable for areas with severe cold weather conditions. As for Pendpak, this ladder-type uses hydraulic oil AW-46 – popular oil in temperate and tropical regions. Alternatively, you can use the AW-32 for Pendpak lifts.

Hydraulic Power Unit

The hydraulic power unit is the critical component contributing to the efficient power supply to drive any motor, machine, or car lift. Typically, a hydraulic power pack will consist of 3 prominent members: The motor, the fluid reservoir, and the pump.

The Atlas hydraulic power pack has a motor of 200V and a power of 2 HP. As a result, this type of lift will lift loads between 8000 and 10000 lbs. Besides, Atlas also owns a 2.64-gallon hydraulic oil tank.

Bendpak hydraulic power pack has a higher power supply capacity than Atlas. Specifically, the energy level that Bendpak can achieve is 3HP. It operates at a voltage of 208-230V. In addition, the hydraulic oil tank of this power supply has a capacity of 3.6 gallons of oil.

Therefore, you can easily see the working ability of 2 lifts, Bendpak and Atlas. In terms of lifting capacity, Bendpak will do better than Atlas. At the same time, this device also provides flexibility when it can be for a variety of vehicles.


  • Atlas lift: 142×141 inches (Height x width)
  • Bendpak lift: 145×137 inches (height x width)


With the Atlas lift, this equipment is ALI certified. As for Pendpak, besides owning ALI certification, it also has another certification, ANSI. These are all valid certifications for any lift. 

Owning a certificate has contributed to increasing the prestige and quality level of Atlas and Pendpak many times. Not all lifts qualify for ALI and ANSI certification.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Hydraulic Oil Used In Car Elevators?

Hydraulic oil appears in car elevators because it creates smooth operation for the details inside the elevator. The components will be lubricated by oil, creating an ideal working environment. Besides, the use of hydraulic oil also minimizes corrosion and damage to the joints and elevator parts. When the ladder is under significant pressure from the car’s weight, it is easy to work for a long time and very easy to damage.

Finally, unlike motor oil, hydraulic oil is quite difficult to ignite. Therefore, it is safer than in most cases.

Are Atlas car lifts made in China?

Currently, Altas are produced mainly in the United States and Canada. In the future, enterprises can expand their production scale to meet the needs of everyone in the world. And China is no exception. This country could be the production site of Altas in the future.

Are BendPak lifts Made in the USA?

It’s correct. Bendpak lifts are made in the USA. However, you can buy this type of lift anywhere in the world. In addition to direct sales, businesses also choose to sell online through e-commerce platforms and websites. Therefore, you can order the product whenever you need it.


Hopefully, the article will help you overview the two types of Bendpak and Atlas lifts. It can be that both of these devices are the best quality products available today. It serves 2 user needs at the same time. It is to save parking space and serve the purpose of car repair. With the excellent performance of both Bendpak and Atlas, you will have no reason to leave these 2 types of lifts off your list.

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