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3157 vs 4157

3157 vs 4157: Which One Worth Your Money?

Automotive headlight bulb technology has been strongly developed with excellent lighting ability. It is capable of illuminating distances for several miles with high power. 

Therefore, the driver can be active during his night journey. Two of the many bulbs that provide strong performance for cars today are 3157 vs 4157. The following article will give you an overview of these two types of bulbs.

About 3157 bulb

The 3157 is now known for its excellent ability to shine a light on you. It has a sleek design, easy compatibility with standard sockets, and the entire housing is of aluminum. 

The highlight of the 3157 is its effective vibration resistance. With bad roads, you often have to move through bumpy roads with many dangerous pits. The 3157 bulbs will help you detect wormholes early and provide stable light throughout the journey.

However, cars with poor quality struts may affect the performance of the bulbs. Bumpy roads can cause your bulbs to fall out of place if the struts are not up to standard. Therefore, you will need to use a combination of FCS vs Monroe struts to ensure the safety of car headlights.

Besides, 3157 led bulbs also have the tremendous power-saving ability. They are capable of converting 95% of energy. Therefore, when using 3157 bulbs, you will have the opportunity to extend the battery system’s life when the lamp’s power consumption is significantly reduced.

About 4157 bulb

Like the 3157, the 4157 bulb also has excellent quality and light output. Proof that manufacturer 4157 has made a considerable profit from this LED bulb type. 

The 4157 bulb features a compact, non-polarized design capable of illuminating vehicles for up to several miles.

In addition, this type of incandescent lamp is 300% more luminous than halogen bulbs. Its outer material made of aluminum contributes to excellent heat dissipation, minimizing overheating.

Some outstanding features of the 4157 bulb:

  • Lighting with stable power from 1 to 3W, the ability to light up quickly
  • The operating voltage of the bulb is 12V.
  • Can be used flexibly with many different functions: headlights, tail lights, turn lights.
  • Capable of 360 degrees of light

Comparison Between 3157 Vs 4157

The comparison between 3157 and 4157 will make it more difficult for you because these bulbs have excellent performance.

Similarly, the comparison between 4114 and 3157  will make many drivers find it difficult. To compare two bulbs of similar quality, you must consider many different factors. Here are some critical criteria you can use to compare 3157 and 4157.


  • Headlight bulb 4157: 4157 LED.BP2
  • Headlight bulb 3157: 3157 LED.BP2

Weight and size

The weight of the 4157 bulbs is heavier than the 3157. Precisely, the 4157 will weigh in at 1.12 ounces. As for the 3157, they will weigh 0.32 ounces.

Besides, the size of these two types of bulbs is also different. The dimensions of the 4157 are 2.94x1x4.75 inches, and the 3157’s are 2.94x1x4.75 inches. 

This difference will not have much effect on the operating wattage of the bulb. Both 4157 and 3157 have the same active power, stable brightness, and 360-degree illumination.

Vibration resistance

Both the 3157 and 4157 bulbs are resistant to extreme road vibrations. 

With bumpy roads, many deep holes appear, early detection will help drivers minimize the danger. In addition, the lighting angle of both 3157 and 4157 bulbs is 360 degrees. Therefore, you can thoroughly observe the obstacles ahead and on both sides of the road quickly.   


The structure of the headlight bulb 3157 and 4157 is quite similar. It all has the following components: LED, HID, Halogen, closed beam, and incandescent. Many drivers think that: “Incandescent headlights will cause electricity consumption.” 

However, the 3157 and 4157 ball completely goes against that opinion. Specifically, both these bulbs can save energy effectively when they are capable of converting 95% of energy.

Light color

Currently, both 3157 and 4157 bulbs have a variety of light color systems. Shadow 3157 includes 3 colors: Amber, white, and red. As for the shade, 4157 will consist of Amber, blue, white, and red. 

The variety of colors of these two types of balls contributes to the richness of usability. You can use them for many different purposes: headlights, turn lights.


The voltage used for the 2 types is 12V, along with the voltage of the battery source.


The capacity of the two will differ, but it is relatively small. Specifically, the power of 4157 is 26.88W. The power of the 3157 is 28.54W.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 4157 lamp capable of 360-degree illumination?

The answer is yes. Lamp 4157 can illuminate with a 360-degree projection angle. This flexibility helps the driver to observe all surrounding obstacles during the movement. In addition, the 4157 is also capable of shining for miles. From there, the driver will be more active in observing and avoiding deep holes and bumpy roads.

What vehicles can I replace the 3157 bulb with?

You can use 3157 bulbs for most vehicles. This light bulb has a flexible structure, and you can easily replace the damaged bulbs. 

However, when returning, you will need to follow the instructions and requirements from the manufacturer. You can use the Chilton vs Haynes manual to understand the 3157 bulb replacement process better.

What colors are 4157 and 3157 bulbs?

Currently, both are available in different colors. Specifically, with 4157, it will have amber, red, white, and blue colors. The 3157 will be available in red, white, and amber hues. This variety of colors will help customers choose the right color for their car. At the same time, they can use 3157 and 4157 bulbs for various purposes other than headlights.


Hopefully, the article will help you with an overview of 2 types of versatile light bulbs, 3157 and 4157. It can be that both of these bulbs have the best quality available today because they can work effectively in most cars. Besides, you can install and replace the light bulb system easily with 4157 and 3157.

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