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3057 Vs 3157

3057 Vs 3157: Which Is More Sustainable?

Car lights are one of the parts that play an essential role in the vehicle’s operation and ensuring the driver’s safety during the process. Because in addition to illuminating the road ahead when it is dark, this part also can signal to other vehicles.

Because of this necessity, many models of lamps are born to serve many different purposes. However, the most famous are 3057 and 3157. Although there are many similarities, these two products also possess many additional details.

Features of 3057

Bulb 3057 is one of the bulb models that many manufacturers and word correction units choose to use. Although it has a lower efficiency than the 3157, in return, this model has impressive energy savings.

Basically, the 3057 is a typical incandescent lamp with a round bulb with a filament and inert gas inside. At the bottom, there will be a DF base made of plastic to connect to the power source. Besides, this type of bulb applies halogen technology to reduce heat and increase the life of internal components.

With the low-energy lamp characteristics, the 3057 possesses a 12.8A voltage parameter and 14 voltage. That is why the brightness of 3057 is only temporarily acceptable with a candle power index of 32/2.

Because of its low power and limited brightness, the 3057 lamps are often located behind the vehicle’s rear to act as an emergency or auxiliary light. Of course, the lights can still provide us with enough light to signal the car behind, even in dark or foggy conditions.

Features of 3157

With the same popularity as 3057, 3157 lights also appear in many models from many different manufacturers.

However, with its high brightness and impressive power, this product often appears as the primary lighting device at the car’s front.

Like 3057, 3157 is also an incandescent model with full glass, filament, and inert gas inside. Along with that is the DF base made from plastic to fix and power the lamp. But unlike the 3057, the 3157 has no halogen gas inside.

The bulb with number 3157 operates at a capacity of 26.9W with a voltage of 12V. From there the output power is up to 32/3 candle power. But also because of this lamp will consume more energy.

This lamp model is a suitable choice for the front light cluster of the vehicle. Typical are positioned such as brake lights, parking lights, rear lights, and turn signals. Not only that, 3157 is also suitable for the role of a morning light thanks to its impressive luminous ability.

3057 And 3157: Size Comparison

3057 Vs. 3157

In fact, 3057 and 3157 are the same small ball and share the same S-8 design, but the two products still have a difference in size. The main reason for this correlation lies in the length of the two lamp models when the 3157 is only 1.25 inches long while the 3057 has a size of 2.09 inches.

Except for the length, most of the other parameters of the two models are similar. The most typical is the diameter when all have the same 1 inch and the same DF shank size. Even the 3057 and 3157 have the same shank shape.

Main Difference Between 3057 And 3157

In addition to similarities in size, both 3057 and 3157 possess specific differences in structure, power consumption, and use.

# Brightness

The 3157 will certainly be brighter than the 3057 model with a higher power level and power consumption. Do not stop the indirect judgments on the available data, Candle power also shows the superiority of 3157 vs 3057. If 3057 is only 32/2 while 3157 goes up to 32/3.

# Energy consumption

Brighter usually means more power consumption, and this statement is correct when talking about the 3157 model. To create a light with a candle power index of 32/3, this product has to consume about 26.9W of power. Compared to the consumption of the 3057 in particular and other models in general, the 3157 uses significantly more electricity.

Another difference that affects energy use in both products is the composition of the inert gases inside. While the 3057 has added Halogen to reduce energy consumption, the 3157 uses only common inert gases.

# Longevity

Even in terms of longevity, durability, and long-term performance, the 3157 is still far superior to the 3057.

Although both bulbs are on the models with the most extended shelf life, the 3157 is far superior to the 3057. The difference between products is still very high.

If the 3057 balls can perform well for 1200 to 5000 hours, the 3157 has a durability of up to 2000 to 10000 hours. In other words, the difference can be up to double each other. Therefore, we can compare the durability of the 3157 lamps with the impressive durability of BMWs models (how long do BMWs last).

# Uses

Thanks to its strong lighting ability and impressive durability, the bulb with code 3157 is used in the car’s front lights, such as brake lights, parking lights, and rear lights and turn signals. Because these positions often have to glow continuously with high intensity, and only 3157 can respond. Not only that, thanks to its good brightness, this lamp can shine even in bright sunlight. From there, we can realize that we have better control over the movement.

Meanwhile, the 3057 lamp with less illumination but more energy-saving is suitable for the rear light cluster. With the primary use of announcements, the taillights often turn on and off fast, so it would be a waste to use a too strong light bulb in these locations.

Are 3057 And 3157 Interchangeable?

Theoretically, replacing 3057 and 3157 is possible because both products are different in size, and the shank is the same. These features allow the flexible replacement of both types of lamps. In practical terms, there are some cases where 3057 can replace 3157, but this is not very common.


Both 3057 and 3157 have different advantages to serve a variety of purposes. Hopefully, today’s article has provided you with enough information to recognize and do appropriate reviews for both products.

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