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255 75r17 vs 265 70r17

255 75r17 vs 265 70r17: Which Tire Should You Choose?

Have you ever wondered what set of tires is of the best quality? To evaluate the quality of a set of car tires, you will need to rely on many different factors: tire structure, the material used to make rims. So, if you are having difficulty choosing a perfect set of car tires for yourself, 255 75r17 vs 265 70r17 is the best choice for you. The following article will give you an overview of these two types of tires.

About 255 75r17 And 265 70r17

As you know, both 255 and 265 tires are tires that provide excellent performance. Each set of tires has a perfect construction with the rim and rubber layer made from suitable materials. In particular, the tire rim of 255 and 265 is an alloy of steel with excellent bearing and impact resistance. You can use them for off-road vehicles, medium vehicles.

Besides, the tire cover is made of highly durable rubber and has grooves to help the car grip the road well, reducing friction effectively. You can use them for a long time without worrying too much about tire wear. 

However, although the 225 and 265 tires are both thick, they can still be punctured if you grind sharp materials. At that time, you will need to spend a large fee to patch a tire. With large punctures, you will need a new tire replacement. The replacement cost is relatively high if you do not have a spare tire.

So, why are you comparing tires 255 75r17 and 265 70r17?

Similar to the comparison between 215 vs 225 tires, the comparison between 255 and 265 will help you find out the difference between these two tires. You won’t be able to compare the quality of the 255 vs 265 as they both offer excellent performance.

255 75r17 vs 265 70r17

Comparison Between 255 75r17 Vs 265 70r17

Tire parameters

A typical tire will include three parameters: width, aspect ratio, and diameter. Example: With tire 255 75r17, it will have width 255, aspect ratio 70, and diameter 17. And with 265 70r17, it will be half 265 widths, aspect ratio 70, and width is 17. 

This difference will affect the number of revolutions/miles and the load that the tire can withstand during operation. However, with these two types of tires, you can notice that the difference between them is quite small. As a result, speed and revolutions per mile will not be affected much.

Baffle height inches

  • 255-inch baffle height: 7.53mm
  • 265-inch baffle height: 7.3 mm

Number of revolutions/mile

Because the size of the tire 255 vs. 265 is different, the number of revolutions/miles of these two types of tires also changes. Specifically, the number of revolutions/miles of 255 is 629.09. 

With 265, this number is 638.1. From these numbers, you can see that the tire head symbols will scale proportional to rpm. So with 225 vs 245 tires it gives the same result.

Load capacity

As you know, load capacity is one of the essential metrics for car tire problems. Specifically, the larger the load capacity, the more proof that the tire can operate effectively on both medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

With 255 tires, it has a load capacity of 2405 pounds. As for the 265 tires, it has a load capacity of 2679 pounds. These numbers indicate the maximum load capacity a 255 vs 265 can handle. 

Besides, the load capacity of these two tires is quite large, and it is within the ideal range for the standard of the tire set. Therefore, you can use both 255 vs 265 for vehicles that require tire parts of sufficient quality and large load capacity, such as off-road vehicles, sports cars.

Some Notes To Use

You also need to save some points during use with any type of tire.

  • Regularly check the hardness of the tires to avoid running out of air
  • Tires need to be rotated when the average distance is 8000-10000 km.
  • Check and maintain the tire periodically to make sure it is not corroded
  • Limit vehicle movement in hot weather conditions
  • Do not let tires contact chemical agents directly because it can cause oxidation.
  • When replacing tires, you will need to learn about detailed dimensions
  • Do not move the vehicle beyond the allowed speed limit because it will reduce the quality and performance of the tires

Some Frequently Asked Questions

In 255 vs 265, which tire has better quality?

You will be hard-pressed to compare the quality of these two tires. Because both 255 vs 265 are 2 sets of good quality tires. Therefore, you will only reach the points and differences between the 2 sets of tires. It can be that, with 255 and 265, there will be no complaints about their quality.

When should I change the tire 255?

You should replace tire 255 when wheel rotation occurs due to tire size changes. In addition, you also need to replace the 255 when its service life exceeds the allowable level. 

Because when the tire is too old, the phenomenon of corrosion and reduced friction will appear. Therefore, using a set of tires that are too old can put you in danger, prone to slippage when operating in rainy, wet weather.

Does tire size affect revolutions/miles?

The answer is yes. With 255 vs 265, these 2 tires have different sizes. Specifically, 265 is more significant than 255. Therefore, the number of revolutions/miles of these two tires will be different. With 255, the number of revolutions/miles is 629.09. As for the 265, the number of revolutions/miles is 638.1.


Hopefully, the article will help you with an overview of 2 types of tires. In terms of quality, both of these tires are of excellent quality as they provide strong performance. 

In addition, the tire design with grooves will help create good traction and keep the driver safe during travel. Besides, in terms of operating life, it will be difficult for any set of tires to beat 255 75r17 and 265 70r17.

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