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1MZ FE Supercharger : Should You Equip It To Your Car’s Engine?

1MZ FE Supercharger

If you are looking to improve and increase the power delivery of a vehicle’s engine, a supercharger will be beneficial for your demand. One of the most common ones for Toyota is the 1MZ FE Supercharger.

We will introduce to you information about it. In case you are wondering about buying a 1MZ FE Supercharger or not, this article will help you make the ultimate decision.

Let’s read on!

1MZ FE Supercharger: Overview

At first, what is 1MZ FE Supercharger? Basically, it is an excellent air pump that goes together with the engine. Its main functions are to push the density or pressure of air into the generator, allowing it to give more oxygen to burn more gasoline, make a louder bang, and produce more power.

For those who are curious about the name of this supercharger, 1 stands for the first generation, MZ for engine family, F for DOHC narrow-angle economy block, and E for multi-point fuel injection. This is the typical Toyota naming process.


To help you have a thorough look, here are the specs of the 1MZ FE Supercharger for you to refer to.
– Cylinder solid compound: aluminum
– Valvetrain: Dual Overhead Cam
– Compression ratio: 10.5
– Configuration: V6
– Cylinder bore (mm (inch)): 87.5 (3.44)
– Piston stroke (mm (inch)): 83 (3.27)
– Displacement: 2995cc
– Torque output: 275 Nm (203 lb·ft) at 4,400RPM; 328 Nm (222 lb·ft) at 4,400RPM.
– Power output: 140kW (190HP) at 5,400RPM/156kW (210HP) at 5,800RPM.
– Turbocharger: naturally-aspirated
– Tuning, HP: Max HP: 400+
– Fuel sort: Gasoline
– HP per liter: 63.4/70.1
– Weight (kg (lbs)): 158 (350)
– Fuel consumption (L/100 km (mpg)): city: 15.7 (15); highway: 8.3 (28); combined: 11.0 (21).
– Oil consumption (L/1000 km)): up to 1.0 (1 qt. per 750 miles)
– Engine oil capacity: 4.7 (5.0) (L (qt.))
– Oil change interval: 5,000-10,000/(3,000-6,000) (km(miles))
– Engine lifespan (km(miles)): official information: 300,000+ (180,000); real: 300,000+ (180,000)

Cars with 1MZ FE Supercharger

Although Toyota manufactures the 1MZ FE supercharger, it can also be compatible with other car models like non-VVT-i models and VVT-i types.

Some non-VVT-i models can go with this kind of supercharger, such as Toyota Camry, Toyota Windom, Toyota Avalon, Toyota Pronard, Toyota Solara, Toyota Harrier, and Lexus ES 300.

Besides, VVT-i models like Lexus RX 300, Toyota Sienna (2001-2003), Toyota Alphard, Lexus ES 300 (1999-2003), Toyota Camry (2003-2006), or Toyota Highlander (2000-2003) can also be equipped with 1MZ FE Supercharger.

Common Issues

In the operation period, 1MZ FE Supercharger can cause some common problems in almost any kind of vehicle using this kind of supercharger. Below are typical issues you should know to improve your supercharger’s productivity.
When 1MZ FE Supercharger runs for a long time, it can consume a higher oil amount than usual.

It can reduce engine power because the engine is worn out, and the percussion sensor is faulty after the engine goes with the supercharger.

Sometimes, rough idle phenomena can occur when you do not check and clean the throttle body, the VVTi valve, and injectors regularly.

1mz Fe Supercharger: Modification and Tuning

Typically, the modification and tuning process often includes three levels. In the first stage, you can increase more power up to 7 percent compared to the original capacity via modifications in panel air filter, sports exhaust, intake manifold, piggyback ECU, and lighter flywheel.

You can improve 12 percent of power by modifying fuel pump upgrades, fast road cam, power/sport clutch, ported and polished head, high flow fuel injector, and piggyback ECU.

Your vehicle’s engine can expand from 20 to 30 percent in the third stage through modifications and tuning in internal engine upgrades, engine balancing, adding/upgrading forced induction sports gearbox, competition cam, and piggyback ECU.

Wrapping Up

We have just introduced you to 1MZ FE Supercharger – one of the most common supercharger. We hope that this information will be useful for you before deciding to purchase a supercharger for your vehicle.

On one side, the 1MZ FE Supercharger helps you to improve and increase the power delivery of your engine and burn more fuel. However, some drawbacks exist in this supercharger type, like high oil consumption, reduced engine power, or rough idle.

Consider its pros and cons carefully before buying!

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